Back home I am!

So after a week, I have finally returned home!
My heart is mended.. I mean my car XD
I will post pictures of her beautiful ass up soon. She looks brand new! If only they applied the same treatment to the rest of the car!

I’m kinda tired to blog now, plus I gotta wake up in a few hours, so I’ll leave for now.

Welcome back George!

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  1. Van1ty says:

    Dude, where the hell have u been?

  2. poke poke poke poke AND a poke.. that’s what u get for disappearing for so long :p

  3. daryl says:

    I thought the world really ended when you stop posting your usual load of worthy ‘crap’.

    The prodigal son has return ~ horray….


  4. George says:

    Van1ty : travelling!

    I am so no Jacyln : *poke*

    daryl : the world is ending soon, trust me! haha