I’m so controversial

If God was so powerful, how come he just doesn’t remove the evil from this world?
I am sure he could crush Satan with his fingertips.

Why do we have to ask for forgiveness when we all know He’s going to forgive us?
Why didn’t he rebuild the world when Adam and Eve sinned? He could have easily just wiped out everything and made everything again in seconds.

Why did he let us choose when he gets upset when we do not choose him?

Why do I ask all these questions?

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  1. James Tan says:

    james’ answer: coz He loves us and gives us the freedom to choose what we want. Lest we be mindless automatons.. then we wouldn’t really be living anymore.

  2. andre says:

    andre’s answer: because god was bored and wanted to see how the world would turn out without his involvment. Think of the fun you have whilst playing sim city (no fun at all). BUT! when u just let loose a couple of disasters and ignore all the cries for help.. pure joy!

    ps: >sigh

  3. daryl says:

    I choose Him but I choose to learn my mistakes by choosing to make them happen.

    I rather learn the hard way of dealing with choices. What’s life without a little bit of risk.

    Then, after dealing with that choice we make, we learn more to be wiser that the rest of the jerks on this planet.

    What was the question again?


  4. jsze says:

    I too think bout it..weird huh..guess in life we definitely get guidance but still its our choice and noone else to make the calls for us.

  5. Moy says:

    George, something happen to you?

    I’m always here to lend you my ear if you ever need a listener.

    Be a good boy k?

  6. Van1ty says:

    Why do I bother commenting?

  7. Silencers says:

    Because God is a globally accepted excuse to do things common sense doesn’t really permit. And because God is a vague concept in which everyone translates and sees Him in their own image.

    It’s almost like a business opportunity.

    You probably asked all those because you got bitter :p

  8. Jakk says:

    Hmmm, you know, I think GOD is looking for some fun and challenge, so he allows shit happens to watch unexpected outcome… hahaha

  9. george says:

    James Tan : then why does he get upset? if we don’t follow Him?

    andre : lol how come he doesn’t save and load games?

    daryl : the question is why doesn’t God use his power to do stuff that he can easily accomplish?

    jsze : we do think alike 🙂 haha

    Moy : I’m just wondering that’s all.. thanks

    Van1ty : cos it’s cool to comment here. \m/

    Silencers : God could do anything He wanted! But instead he doesn’t and leaves it up to us to try to accomplish.

    Jakk : maybe He’ll get rid of us all one day like what happened to the dinosaurs! and pokemon! (lol)

  10. andre says:

    If he saves the game, he doesnt have access to the super secret level. So he’s trying to finish sim earth in one try!

  11. Rachel says:

    Christianity in a nutshell to me:
    ‘Hi I’m God. I Love you. Love me back or you will burn in hell for all eternity!’