Animal Bus Launch

It’s December, George! Have you abandoned this blog? Nope, just that I’ve spent the whole of last month drawing a couple of pages a day for Animal Bus. I’m happy to report that sticking to targets gets you results! (who would’ve thunk?) If you’ve been waiting to read Animal Bus, it’s here.

First up, I’d like to put a disclaimer that should put all your questions to rest:

The art style for this comic is going to be highly inconsistent. It will depend on my mood, what I use to draw, and the weather. Really. I haven’t locked down any of the designs for my characters, so expect them to change over time if I think of a cooler way to draw someone. Just think of it as multiple terrible artists working on the same comic, except that they’re all me.

I decided that if I don’t go ahead and push the comic out to hold myself accountable for keeping it updated, it would never see the light of day. I’m really good at procrastinating. So, instead of releasing something that’s completely polished, you’re going to see a mess of a comic. Sure, you can call me lazy or just full of excuses, or unskilled – I’m okay with that because it’s the truth. This comic is an outlet for me to fuck around with painting software and my Wacom Intuos.

I used a story I’ve written in the past just so I can output something cohesive instead of just putting out random sketches. Also, people have been wanting to read Animal Bus for a while, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

The art will be shitty, though hopefully (don’t hold your breath) it will improve over time. I’ll be drawing my comics on my PC, on my tablet, phone, and paper. It will be colored and uncolored. The only thing I can guarantee is text that is typed out since I have illegible handwriting.

Also, the story was written many years ago, and even though the meat of it has been determined, I’m working with the first draft of Nanowrimo script, so expect some plotholes, corrections, changes, and some things that don’t make a whole lot of sense because I may have overlooked them. My aim is to learn from this ‘project’, and if things go well, I can use the lessons to put out better comics in the future.

So yeah, head over to Line Webtoon to check out Animal Bus. Make sure to subscribe to be notified of future chapters. Enjoy!

Coming Soon

Announcing your projects is a good way to hold yourself accountable, right? At least that’s what I thought. I announced Animal Bus a while ago and I haven’t made any significant progress since then. Chalk it down to laziness. I’ve got no excuses and I’ve only got myself to blame. Then again, nobody has seen what I’ve done so far, so it’s not like people are asking for me to publish it.

Nanowrimo is just around the corner and I’ve decided that instead of participating this year, I’ll be working on Animal Bus instead. Yes. For the month of November, I’ll be committing myself to draw at least a page a day (according to NaGraNoWriMo – National Graphic Novel Writing Month, which was supposed to be in October, the goal is to write a 48-page comic script in a month). While I probably won’t be able to finish the comic within a month, at least I’ll have sufficient content for people to read. And if people are actually enjoying it, that will hopefully push me to finish the comic in the following months. If people don’t – I’ll still finish it anyway, it’s just something I want to get out there. So, look out for Animal Bus this December. I’ll update my blog when it goes live!

If you’ve been following my Instagram, I’ve been having fun participating in Inktober, so the momentum should carry through. Perfect timing.

Gig #59: An Honest Mistake album launch and upcoming comic!

This Friday I’ll be performing at An Honest Mistake’s album launch 😀 I’ll be one of the acts on the chill out stage, so come show your love and sing along! I’ve known AHM since they were still doing open mic gigs with Doppelganger, and it’s been an exciting journey to watch them grow into the scene superstars they are right now. So this Friday (22nd) of October, come and support them at their album launch. They’ll be filming a live DVD as well, so scream loud, take off your clothes, you can probably find yourself digitally preserved.

Make sure you head to the event website to sign up for a free pass.

The album launch will be held at:
Multipurpose Hall (CHC Premise) – Opposite Monash University
No. 8, SS 13/6, Subang Jaya, 47500.
Selangor, Malaysia

From the Facebook Event Page:

AN HONEST MISTAKE will be officially launching their Debut Album this October.

Register and Get Your Passes here.

Stay Tuned to find out more on what’s gonna be happening at the event !

Guest Artistes & Bands:

*Main Stage
Free To Fall
Ash Nair & Band
Dennis Lau

*Acoustic/Chillout Stage
Never Early
Fragments & Frictions
Ariff AB

Celebrity & VIP Guest Appearance:
*coming soon*

For More Info, you can also log on to or follow us on

And to all those waiting for my EP’s album art, I’m really sorry for the delay, I still haven’t gotten it finished. Blame my busy life + procrastination. Anyway, I recently started drawing again, and I’m going to start publishing my comic online next week. So look out for it. 😀 Here’s a teaser from the first panel of the first page.