2019 Season Finale: Part Three

“The end of the year is here. What are you thankful for, George?”

That’s what I was asked earlier today. I replied, “I don’t have anything to be thankful for.”

It’s just another year. I’m still alive. Thank me for that?

After much consideration, I realized I do have things to be thankful for.

My family – for being the best family I could ever ask for. My little sister and her husband for hosting me earlier this year when I was in Austin, Texas for their wedding. My nephews for bringing extra noise and happiness into my life.

My bosses and colleagues for providing me with a wonderful environment to work in. I couldn’t have asked for better workmates.

Thanks to my friends, the year would have been dull without you. Thanks to my girlfriend for putting up with me. Thanks to Spotify, Netflix, Youtube for recommending me random shows and songs to check out (Dragon’s Den is my favorite new discovery). Thanks to Post Malone and Dance Gavin Dance for the wonderful music.

Thanks to Valve for Dota 2, I still haven’t grown sick of the game yet (Underlords on the other hand…). Thanks to Don, and the wonderful The Board Podcast community for elevating my hobby to the next level (more on that in a future post). Thanks to the couriers who ensured all my deliveries ended up in my hands and not lost (there’s still plenty of room for improvement).

Thanks to Doiffee for the countless cups of long black.

Thanks to internet-webhosting.com for another year of hosting this blog. Thanks to the folks at WordPress for working hard on updating the platform. Thanks to Reddit for all the entertaining posts.

Thanks to Touch n Go for advancing Malaysia (if you’re not on the cashless train right now, you’re holding the country back).

No thanks to ASUS for the terrible laptop repair service. No thanks to double parkers for ruining the Malaysian driving experience. No thanks to people who pray for change. No thanks to people who ask you to ‘pm for price’.

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