Photoshop abuse.

I know people have the right to do whatever they want with their pictures and photographs, but if there’s one thing that irks me more than auto playing (of shitty) songs on their blogs, especially when they don’t put a fucking ‘stop (this shitty music)’ button, it is the abuse of (probably the best program ever) Adobe Photoshop. Now, if you think I’m talking about you, don’t worry- I won’t be using any real examples here, but if you’ve been browsing the internet enough you should know what I mean. Photographs horribly photoshopped on blogs and friendster.

I think there should be licenses for people to use Photoshop. You’d need to pass some quiz before you can use the program. You’d have to go through a color test, a layout test..oh who am I kidding, people would find some way to circumvent the test anyway- like how people crack their pirated versions of Photoshop. Because anyone willing to fork out $999 (USD mind you) on a program should be a genius at his or her craft or an idiot with a lot of money to spend.

Here are the most common photoshopping atrocities which annoy me-
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Testing God, an experiment

NOTE: before you click that X button on the top right corner of your browser, this isn’t an evangelizing/preaching/ post, read on (Seng Yip, and all you other people who don’t like reading ‘Christian’ posts :P)

As a Christian, one of the things that we’re not supposed to do is test God. We’re not supposed to go around inviting trouble, risking our lives, and doing things just to see if there will be any divine intervention or some sort of sign to God’s presence.

For the past few weeks I’ve been doing just that. Not to the extent of running across highways and expecting not to get hit by a car (that’s for Win Yew to do), but I’ve been varying the amount of money that I’ve been putting in the offering bag.

Now you’re gonna say “what?!”. Well, it’s been awhile, but there was one point where the pastors would just talk for months about giving money to church. They say that the more you give, the more blessings you will receive. I’m too lazy to search my bible for the quote about it..something about if you give something, you will get it back tenfold. So the pastors were all saying that giving money to church will improve your life.

After the countless sermons about giving, I got curious and wondered how much difference I would make if I gave different amounts of cash each week.

At the end of each week, I made some notes of how the week went, and after 5 weeks, I have come to a conclusion, but I’ll come to that later (conclusions usually come at the end)

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