Chicken Rice Balls (and more stories from my handphone)

So I haven’t posted in awhile. I haven’t been too free. But all that has changed! Muawahahahaha

I spent last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the office working my ass off (with my colleagues) to meet a deadline (we didn’t make it anyway lol). Reminded me of my final semester at Lim Kok Wing, where I wouldn’t sleep and just work all day and night. Eating like one meal a day, just working, working working..

Anyways..on to clearing out the saved messages on my handphone:

I don’t see what’s the point of chicken rice balls- they taste the same as normal chicken rice. You just have a harder time eating it. Someone decided they could make money by making balls out of rice and selling them at higher prices. Well I guess it worked!

Written when I was on a trip to Melaka awhile back..chicken rice balls FTL!

Cars should have a ‘go ahead’ light! You sometimes you encounter situations when you’re moving slowly and another car slows down for you, you don’t get it, but when you do and speed up, the other car speeds up and you can’t go anymore.. Sometimes they flash their lights, but you never know what they mean! Go? or don’t go!

Written when I was annoyed with cars.

Villains aren’t so cool anymore. I saw a snatch thief victim. Blood all on his hands. I felt pity for him.

Now I understand why people never glorify real villains.

My mom doesn’t like going back home before completing everything, its a waste of time i guess it rubbed off on me

A load of gibberish, but it basically means that nowadays, I don’t like going out of the house, coming back home and then going out again. If I’m going out, I want to get everything done before returning home. Something my mom does all the time. Last time whenever I came back home and went out again, she would scold me, ‘wah you think petrol so cheap ah?!’ so I guess I slowly conformed.

A mars a day helps you work, rest and play

I read if on the Mars chocolate bar wrapper.

Everytime someone jumps a red light, I like to shake my head in hopes that they would see me and feel guilty

Doesn’t everybody do that? They go ‘tsk tsk’ inside the car, when clearly the other person 10 meters away, behind at least 2 layers of glass can hear them. The things people do.

My cousin is twelve and I wear smaller shirts than him

Something is obviously wrong here.

Bringing sprouts to a cashier, express counter denies entry.

I always wondered if one day what if a cashier decides to play a prank and deny to serve a customer who brought a bag of sprouts to the express counter. ‘less than 10 items sir! that looks like a 100 beans!’

And to conclude, I shall leave you guys with a taste of an upcoming project :p
Click here
I’m not saying what it is.. yet 🙂

Turkish Rock for the win!

Damn Bodicea, you gotta stop hacking my blog! Haha just kidding 🙂

As some of you might have noticed that my blog was hacked. (Read the post below)
I thought that was pretty cool! Never happened to me before. Did you guys try going to that site? It’s some turkish rock site or something..didn’t understand a word of it. No I didn’t ‘hack’ myself for attention. I did a google on ‘Hacked by ult_raslan58 |’ and found a whole list of sites hacked by the same dude. Go ahead, and try it!

Anyways, the whole post about the car is gone, I don’t even remember what I wrote, but I’m leaving the post there as a trophy. The first ever internet attack!

Not too bad though. Raelene called me up in the afternoon to tell me about it. Win Yew called a few hours later.
I thought it was something serious- I expected a badly photoshopped picture of my face onto some gay shit, but nooo all I get was a link to some website. It’s not even a shock site. Sheesh!

If you guys notice anything else wrong with my blog, please let me know. I haven’t gotten around to inspecting the code yet to see if anything else was tampered with.

– your friendly neighborhood spider man

Random 2.25am announcement

Tomorrow will mark my return to the magic scene!
Ever since I started work, I never had the time to go play anymore, and so I decided that if I ever play, I’ll just join big tournaments and special events.

Tomorrow is the Nationals Qualifier (qualified people can’t play yay..) hopefully I won’t get pwned by n00bs.. haha

Will probably edit this post with a report later.

Beauty and the Beast rocks. I re-watched it this afternoon and it was frickin’ beautiful.

I am off to bed.

There’s a first time for everything..

Remember the first time you stayed over night at your office cos you had work to do?

Neither have I.
Its 2.11 AM and here I am at the internet terminal in the office blogging about staying over night in the office.

Good thing I had some spare cushions in the car. Hope I won’t wake up with a back ache.

Boy, do deadlines suck or what?

Early morning blues

So, one morning as I was exiting the condominium, I was greeted by a slimy friend on the card reader:

This morning I was bored at a traffic light, so I took a picture of my jeans

this is what a hardcore Saosin fan wears! (I think I got the jean-scribbling habit from my sister..she started it a long time ago!)

Anyways, I’ll be off to Singapore in a few hours time. Don’t think anything crazy will happen this time around.. but I’ve got my camera just in case. Take care kids!

I’ll be home soon.

KLue Words & Tunes

KLue Words & Tunes Featuring Jerome Kugan, Zedeck Siew & Ciplak

What is it?
KLue’s Words & Tunes returns to bring the arts and music performances to the masses. In this installment, Jerome Kugan, Zedeck Siew and Ciplak will entertain with a mix of readings and experimental music performances. There will also be an open mic session, so those interested can register for open mic 45 minutes before the performance.


MPH Bangsar Village II
Lot 2F-1 (2nd Floor), Bangsar Village II, No. 2 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact No : 03 – 2287 3600

12 May 3.00pm

Pricing Admission is free.

I’ll be there to support a friend, Rina, my talented friend who plays guitar and sings very well. Come come! And you might just catch 2storeyheart playing live! 😉

The second post should’ve been yesterday’s

Well since I wanted to start off my blog with a bang, the second post shall not be as ‘explosive’ as the first, so you kids can catch your breath.

Welcome to my brand new blog!

Let’s start with a FAQ-

Why ‘blorgy’?
Why not?! I got the term ‘blorgy’ doing my last internet quiz thingy, and since I couldn’t come up with a better name for a domain ( would be too boring) I decided to use it!

And that’s it! Since nobody has asked me anymore questions, there are no other questions. Simple as that. Well I’ll probably put up a FAQ in my about page if there are enough questions to be answered.
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