One month and counting

As most of you would already know by now, I’m no longer working for Ubergizmo. I decided to do something else with my life, and to cut the long story short I’m now working elsewhere. To be specific: Priority Communications Sdn Bhd. I’ve been here over a month now, and it’s been great.

Prior to Priority I had no experience in PR and I can say that it has changed my life. For better or for worse? I can’t say yet. All I know is that I have awesome colleagues who have made the whole learning process enjoyable and palatable. I learn something new almost every day, and while I may not be the best people person I know, I’m pretty sure I’m much better than who I was a month ago.

So George, you’re in PR now, what do you do? Well, the bulk of my job involves monitoring the media for what they say about my client, its competitors and the industry. Secondly, organizing events and inviting the media to them (which probably deserves a post of its own). I haven’t done a lot of writing yet, but I’m sure it won’t be that way for long.

Regardless, I’m enjoying myself in this strange new world that I have yet to conquer and I can’t wait to see what comes next. I know I’ve got a long way to go before I get where I want to be but until then, I’ll try to enjoy the journey.

business cards, say what?!

Gig #74: Feedback Open Mic

It’s been awhile since I’ve played at Reza’s Feedback Open Mic event and well, I’ve decided that I’m going to do it tonight. Anyway, the gig starts at 9pm, it’s going to be at The Bee in Jaya One. Main acts are: Natasha Ejaz and Ryota Katayama. I don’t know who else is playing but it’s going to be a short set (2 songs) for me. Facebook event page.

Hope to see some familiar faces tonight!

A slight update

So here I am again. At the same crossroads in life. This time a bit further than before, but still nowhere near where I thought I’d be. But it’s okay. Nothing goes according to plan, and me of all people should know that. Regardless, I’m just keen to see where life takes me next. I’m sure it’s going to be interesting.

This is just a post to say that I’m still alive. Haven’t been blogging a lot lately due to my inability to put down into words what I feel or think about. Hell, even writing lyrics are a challenge now. I’d like to blame writer’s block, but that’s just a silly excuse IMO.

In other news, Yellowcard is coming to Singapore next month, and I’m stoked. Got my tickets for the show, I can’t wait! Watching them play Awakening live is so going to make my year. Man I love that song. But for those of you who haven’t heard it, it’s one of my favorite songs by them and one of my most listened to songs on my playlist right now. It’s so damn good, check it out:

Oh, and this blog needs a redesign. I think five years with the same header and theme is a bit too much. Any suggestions?

Gig #73: 15 July OPEN MIC DAY (Doppelganger’s 10 Year anniversary)

My first gig since I returned from Phuket. Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve taken the stage. Anyway, it’s going to be Doppelganger’s 10 year anniversary and I’m honored to be performing for the event. In case you didn’t know, Doppelganger was crucial in my “career” (for lack of a better word) taking off. Without it and its open mic events, I probably wouldn’t have come along this far. Heck, I think more than half the gigs I’ve performed at are Doppelganger gigs.

Here are the details:
Time: 5.00pm-11.30pm
Venue: Doppel Kafe (the very same venue where we started in 2002 and the same place I hosted my Farewell, Farewell gig)
Address: Lot 2.04, M Floor, Central Market Annexe
Entry Free!! Snacks & drinks provided from 5pm-7pm.
[From the Facebook Event page]

I don’t know the exact time slot I’m playing just yet, but I’ll do my best to find out ASAP and update this blog post, as well as my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I’ll be playing Keep Looking Forward live for the first time ever, so be there if you want to listen to it! I hope to see some familiar faces and meet new ones there as well. Come show some love <3