Don’t fuck around with this dude

So the other day I was walking to work and I came across this car:

I was trying to come up with something clever to say, but words just seem to fail me. So I let the pictures speak for themselves.

All I could think to myself was : wow, the FBI, Mafia and Bandaraya are all working together now!

Gig #9

My sister knew that I couldn’t afford my own SG yet, so she decided to be nice and bought one for me:

And it’s not just any SG, but a limited edition re-issue of The Fool!

Not. I wish though. Haha.

Anyway, I haven’t been updating recently due to my time being spent defending the guilty in Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney πŸ˜› if I knew being a lawyer was this fun, I would’ve considered a career change back in college!

I’ve also been busy working on the comic which I announced I was working on with James a long time ago. So I’ll be more free to blog when I’m done. Besides, nothing that interesting has been happening to me lately. Besides late night encounters with strange creatures in strange places. And the usual fun shit I do with my buddies, haven’t had much to say recently. Going through some sort of writer’s block.. I’m even having trouble penning lyrics for my newest song! Hopefully it’ll pass soon.

And last but not least, this upcoming Saturday night (taken from Reza’s myspace):

Come one, come all, and watch me perform for the open mic πŸ˜€
And catch Jerome (one of the main acts). That man is a siren! Haunting voice and poetic lyrics. Real good stuff.

50798 #2 – Almost Date

#2 – Amost Date

(Click for full-size)

So back in school, only the bravest kids had the guts to ask girls out on dates.
But guys like me? We had almost dates. A whole lesson of admiring your crush from afar was good enough. 40 minutes of elation πŸ˜€

Why I shouldn’t make my own sex tapes.

So I was debating over the title of this next strip. It was either gonna be Lim Kok Wing Sex Scandal (almost) or Why I shouldn’t make my own sex tapes. The latter won.

(Click for full size)

It’s kinda straight forward, no there’s no back story to it, it just popped into my head and I drew it out. Seriously, not based on a true story. :p Just poking fun at the fact that people seem to think I’m very hairy and how I seem to be only listening to ‘emo‘ music. Bah!

This weekend has cloth and clef AND doppelganger going on. I’ll do my best to play at both shows- it’s been awhile since I played at marketplace!

EDIT : I don’t think there’s a cloth and clef gig going on since rezza will be performing at no black tie, so catch me at marketplace on sunday instead πŸ™‚

Kinson’s stickmen

So I won’t be around for the weekend.. I’ll be heading down to the culture-rich state of Malacca for 2 days and a night, so I decided, what better way to fill the empty space in my blog than to feature one of my good friends– Kinson. I’ve featured his blog cheekhumor awhile ago, but recently he got himself a tablet so he’s been drawing better looking stickmen lol.

Anyway, he did this a few days ago, which I thought was kick ass cos it was funny and it features a very retarded looking me.

(click to go to his blog, and then show him some love :p)

There’s gonna be another cloth and clef gig next week, which I’ll be playing at again. This is a notice one week in advance (wow), so clear your schedules! Haha

Have a great weekend everybody πŸ™‚

October Angel

New 2storeyheart song ZOMG

October Angel

the best thing I could do
was to wake up next to you
when all I had with me
was a picture of you
by my bedside
oh your smile
i miss it so much
i wish you didn’t go

i memorize the sound of your footsteps as you walk away
the soft steps of your dance will never grace these ears again
and i know that i was wrong but too proud to admit it
and now you’re gone

you gave me more than enough chances but you never gave up
you were holding the line and i was holding the knife
and i cut and tore us apart
then i cut and tore us apart

oh god, everytime i think of those eyes
and how i’ll never fall into them again
i’ll only see them
in pictures or memories

I’ve been playing this new song at the past few open mic gigs I’ve played at but never recorded it. Since there was nobody home tonight, I decided to sing my heart out in my room studio (lol) which looks like this:

anyway, the song is streaming online on
Myspace or you can download it here.

Feel free to comment/flame me/whatever/give your feed back about the song πŸ™‚
“george stop singing go and die!!11!11!1”

EDIT: link fixed, was broken just now :p thanks Moy

EDIT: also I forgot to mention, this song was written before my ‘on letting go’ comic. Just some random trivia

50798 #1 – Daylight Ninja

Remember awhile ago when I posted this announcing this?

What happened to it you might have asked (or not). Well here’s the story-

Initially I had planned to do a series of comic strips revolving around my life in high school. But it turns out, I didn’t too many ideas for comic strips concerning my life back then. So I put the project on hold, and eventually forgot about it.

Fast forward to about a few days ago, I observed an incident on the LRT which gave me the inspiration to finish up the first strip I had planned for the series way back. Anyways, since I don’t have enough material for a website of its own, I have decided to make 50798 a category for my blog posts instead. Comic strips and whatever stuff related to my life in school will be posted under it.

And finally, why 50798? That was the postal code for my school, Garden International School KL, which I thought was a fitting title for the strip πŸ™‚

#1 – Daylight Ninja

So a few days ago in the LRT, I wrote this down in my journal:

I think I used to be that kind of guy. Always getting the slightest feeling of elation whenever a girl talked to me- hot or not. Happy that any girl would even give me the slightest bit of her attention.
Just the very thought of speaking to a girl would send shivers up my spine and make me smile at the same time.

Now that’s not the case anymore- a girl is just another person. Attractive or not, I’ve learned to not “put them on a pedestal”, instead treat them like how I would treat anyone else. That way you don’t end up getting stepped on or taken advantage of. Everyone learns that lesson someday. The backfire of such a mentality is that with your guard up all the time, it’s kinda hard to tell when a girl is genuinely being nice to you or she is being nice to use you- you usually assume the worse.

Anyway, I take the train and so I observe all sorts of people on my journeys. I noticed this one guy, he was kinda big sized, looked real shy, and like the sort of guy who had issues with his confidence. So he was just standing on the train minding his own business when he saw a girl he recognized. He stood staring at her until the girl turned around and saw him as well. She waved to him, walked over and stood next to him. She wasn’t hot, but the dude’s face lit up and he had the widest grin on his face. Kinda like a nomad who had been traveling for days in the desert without water was given a 1.5L bottle of water.

So anyway, they had a chat until they both got off (at the same stop) and I jotted this down in my journal. I miss that feeling I used to get.. sometimes I miss being that kind of guy.

Which brings me to my comic- Daylight Ninja.
One day after school, I went to see this pretty girl, named Christin, for a drink at Starbucks after class. I was young and shy back then, and I didn’t want my friends to know that I was going out for a drink with her (to avoid all the unwanted teasing :P) so I put on a black shirt and a black cap to disguise myself as I walked out from school. It was a pretty successful disguise, I think only one dude noticed me walking out of school and he wasn’t a close friend so he never bothered asking where I was going. Until now I don’t think many of my close friends even knew it happened. Haha.

Anyone with similar stories, don’t hesitate to share them here πŸ˜›

A dent in the door.

So this morning I woke up to a dent in the passenger door of my car. Nothing much to say except I felt like this the whole day.

I kept thinking to myself, ‘if I ever catch the fucker who did this, I’d smash the car into his face’.

Seriously, what do people gain from vandalizing other people’s cars? Fine, maybe there’s some satisfaction if they did something like double park and blocked your exit. But I didn’t do anything to this guy, whoever he was. I was parked in the same spot I’ve been parking at for the past few years and never had any trouble with anybody before.. BAH. I can’t even bring myself to write about it. Anyways I gotta spend some money to get it fixed. I have no evidence to file a police report. I can’t claim insurance without losing my NCP, so guess I’ll have to fork out money to get it fixed.


In other news, I should be playing at cloth and clef this Saturday night (if it’s on..i’ll have to confirm it) Come check out the show if you’re free.

EDIT, I’ll be playing tonight πŸ™‚

Train Tracks

While waiting for the train this morning, one dude just fainted (from the heat perhaps.. it was a scorching morning) and fell head first onto the train tracks. I think everyone gasped and once they realized that he wasn’t getting up, a whole group of guys (5-7 men? I didn’t count) jumped onto the track and put him back on the platform.

Good thing the train was still quite a distance away when the man fell down. The guy woke up a short while later, got up and looked clueless, as if he had no idea he fell. Awhile later some station staff came and took him away. They ‘unpaused’ the train, and I got onto it. Shocking and depressing shit first thing in the morning. The whole journey I kept thinking about ‘what if he died?’. The way his head hit the track, I was surprised he even survived it.

I was late for work again.

As I was discussing with Jacinth earlier (omg I name dropped you!) I learnt something new:
Despite all those signs around the train tracks- they will not electrocute you if you go on the tracks! Weird huh!? We’ve been brought up all our lives (well at least I know I was) to believe that going on a track would kill you. Either way, electrocuting or not, it’s not a wise idea to go on train tracks :p

I deserve a bad citizen award.
Instead of rushing over to help the man, I just stood there and watched the other people do it. I do feel guilty about it. Hopefully next time I’ll do something instead of just watching. Oh wait.. let’s just hope there’s no next time. I think seeing one man fall head first onto the track is enough for a life time.

I wonder if any other morning Setiawangsa LRT users read this blog. haha