Linux One Week Report

So far, Linux has been great to me. No crashes, all the programs I need run well. Whenever I’m stuck I can pretty much Google all the answers. I still haven’t memorized all the sudo commands, and I can’t do jack shit like uninstall from the terminal via commands but hey – I can do everything else I need to do.

I tried a few Desktop Environments, and while Unity is probably the best looking one, it’s a bit heavy for my shitbox. So recently I switched to Lubuntu, which is lighter/faster and said to be less power-hungry than the alternatives. It’s super customizable so I’ve been having fun tweaking it to my heart’s content. For reference, this is what my desktop environment currently looks like.
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GIG #82: A not so triumphant return/dust off that guitar

It’s been awhile. I’ll admit it. I actually wanted to get back into performing much earlier this year, but due to me being lazy and/or tied up with work/life/Dota – it’s taken quite some time. Anyway, enough excuses. So check it – I’ll be playing my first show in a long time tomorrow. And yes, I’ll be unveiling new songs. Hopefully they are worth the wait. So, do make your way over to Barlai tomorrow. I’ll try to make it worth your while.
I promise.
If not, there are tons more other acts you can listen to.
Spread the word! Bring your friends! I hope you see you guys tomorrow.

The Barlai Open Mic is a brand spankin’ new biweekly open mic night which happens on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Sign up by dropping us a message on the wall below or emailing us at

2030 Sia Nicholas
2045 Up Yours
2100 Jes Ebrahim Izaidin
2115 Ruben Kelvin
2130 Mohamed Muhaimin Che Din
2145 Ian Tai
2200 George Susej Wong
2215 Skies Are Red

The Barlai Open Mic is geared towards solo/duo/trio acts with the limitation of one microphone input and one instrument input. Think intimate evenin’. 🙂

Facebook page
Date: 11/6/15
Venue: BarLai
Time: 8.30pm – 10.30pm

Gig #43, Gig #44, Mini-Movie reviews

EDIT: I’ll be playing tonight at Lepaq cafe, Kelana Jaya (27th). 9PM. If you have any problems getting there, just google it or shoot me a message. See you guys tonight!

I got a message from my friend Rina this morning asking me if I would like to open for her upcoming gig at Lepaq cafe. I agreed! And so I’ll be opening for her. The gig is scheduled to be on this Wednesday night, but she’s trying to push to the last week of February. So it’ll be in two days or the following week. When I’ve gotten the date confirmed, I’ll post it up here or on Twitter. If you haven’t heard Rina before, you haven’t heard music. Listen to her stuff online here. Hope to see you guys there!

My next confirmed gig will be on the following weekend.
Doppelganger Penang
Date: Sunday 21 Feb 2010
Time: 3pm-6pm
Venue: Bangkok Lane, Pulau Tikus (exact house tbc)
Refreshments will be served.

It’s gonna be my first gig ever in another state, so that’s a pretty big deal to me 😀 Let’s hope my music isn’t offensive to Penang ears. Haha. I really have no idea what to expect. Anyways, hope to see you guys there as well!

Universal Soldier : is a shit fest. Don’t bother. Seriously.
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief : now that is a movie worth watching. Fucking awesome. Plot is predictable, but stay for the ride cos it’s one hell of a fun movie from start to finish.
Avatar : good movie, but movie of the year? Nah. That one belongs to-
Sherlock Holmes : I’ve seen this movie twice and I still plan to watch it again. Brilliant script, direction and great acting from the whole cast. Side splitting jokes, and Rachel McAdam. Mmhmm. I’m already itching for a sequel. My favorite movie of 2009, followed closely behind by Inglorious Basterds.

Leaving the one oh eight.

A new 2storeyheart song! Listen to it on myspace! Or download it here. I spent a few hours this evening at home recording this song, the guitar was a bitch to play. Haha. Anyway have a listen and leave your feedback! 😀

Leaving the one oh eight

So I’ve made up my mind
I’m packing my stuff
I’m letting it go
I’ll leave it behind

I know that you know that
It wasn’t an easy
Decision to make yeah
But it’s for the best

It’s gonna be a long road
And I won’t have you
You won’t have me either
You’ll find someone new

And so must I..
At least I’ll try..

I’m starting to picture
All our memories
All the times shared
With you surrounding me

I’ll miss all these four walls
I’ll miss the TV
I’ll miss all the times
You were there for me

The hour long journeys
To get to your door
And all of the storms
That I had to brave

You never asked for more..
You never asked for more..

And I’m leaving the one oh eight in shambles
Empty like a shell
That’s been abandoned, left for something better
Four blank grey stained walls

As I put the last box in my car
I closed the door, I turned and looked
At the windows looking back at me
The lights are off like faded memories
Disappearing in the dark
Every single moment that we shared together
Will forever Be part of my life

And it’s just so hard to let go
When you’re heading down on that road
Leaving what you loved behind
In hopes that you will find
It’s just so hard to let go
When you’re heading down on that road
Leaving what you loved behind
In hopes that you will find another

Life reconnected/ virgin coconuts.

So, some of you might have noticed my blog was down. But it’s okay, cos it’s now back up, and I finally have internet at home! Wheee. Anyway, I’ve moved away from landslide hill to the area where I got mugged on Valentine’s day. Haha. Such fond memories of this place I have. I’m gonna miss the old home, but we all gotta move on. I even wrote a song about it, though it’s not complete yet. Expect some new rough recordings soon 😀

In other news, work on my EP has resumed, I have 2 tracks left for vocal recording and after that it’s mixing! I will have my EP out this year 🙂 Gigging has slowed down for me, due to the lack of open mics and invitations to perform. Haha. But my little sister showed me an ad for ‘Syok Shock Student night’ at Mardi Gras 1 Utama, and apparently there are weekly open mics. So I’ll try my luck playing there.

Been playing quite a lot of DotA lately (I still suck though). But it’s real good fun. And a great way to relieve some tension after work and it is cheaper than clubbing. Haha.

So the other time I was out someplace and they had coconuts which were labeled ‘virgin coconuts’. So I was thinking to myself ‘When is a coconut not ever a virgin? Do people fuck coconuts? Then why are there labels stating it?’ If it was possible to fuck a coconut, and I saw a coconut with a hole in it, I’m pretty sure I’d stay away from it. Whether it was fucked or not. I mean come on, I’m pretty sure there are better ways to market a coconut. I think someone could call a coconut ‘trendy’ and that would be a more suitable adjective than virgin. How about immaculate coconuts? Or perfect coconuts? Hell yeah, that sounds awesome. Next time I sell coconuts in stores, I’m gonna label them perfect coconuts. And they would sell like hot cakes. Not that I’ve seen hot cakes being sold really quickly. Maybe in cold countries, or Cameron Highlands.

Wow, it’s 7am and the sun is shining brightly through the windows. And I am wide awake. Now it is time for me to go to bed.

Gig #23

I’ll be performing next week at SOHO KL for Earth Week- Orang Utan awareness!

Loads of activities lined up, head here for details.

I’ll be playing on both days (18th and 19th) 5pm, and its all for a good cause, so do come and show some love!

And please spread the word around, I think there should be a facebook event invite floating around but I haven’t found it yet. When I do I’ll be sure to link it here and invite everyone to it.

Hope to see you guys there!

EDIT : Here’s the facebook link

This photograph is proof

The next time someone tells you to take down a picture of them from facebook or your blog cos they look ugly- fuck them! (no, not literally). Tell them “what do you mean? you always look like this!” And don’t take the pictures down- post more instead! I mean, think about it- there’s really no such thing as a bad picture. Sure there are badly taken pictures i.e.: a finger covering a part of the lens, an out of focus picture etc, but there are really no bad pictures. The only reason a person is ugly in a picture its because the person looked ugly in the first place!

Examples of badly taken photographs

Photographs are a direct representation of things we see! Sure you can crop photos (like what most fat girls tend to do in their online profiles and photos- you never get to see below their chests). But photographs are like reflections! Someone could take a photo of Jeon Ji Hyung or Ayon’s sister at any angle, and I can assure you they would look fantastic- because they look fantastic!

And we all know that people with accurate/fantastic memory have ‘photographic memory’.

The AFC Model

By Tyler

The Average Frustrated Chump (a term coined by Ross Jefferies), is defined in The Game as a guy who tends to engage in supplicative and wimpy behavior around women. In other words, our beloved AFC is the mythical Nice Guy that always finishes last and will forever buy into the frame of how the jerk always gets the girl.

Some guys with natural abilities to pickup women and be comfortable around them, and some just simply do not have any game whatsoever. I personally believe that this is all due to upbringing, where our AFC might have had such chivalrous notions like buying women flowers, dinner, gifts, opening doors for them, waiting on them hand and foot, grounded into them at an early age, by none other than their mom. It’s ironic because the values women like our mom teach us are the values they avoid, at least in part.

The mentality of “If I’m nice she’ll like me,” is very true. Women love nice guys, guys who can treat them right and such, but AFC’s will misinterpret sucker, for nice. Common misinterpretations include phrases such as:

Her: “Could you fetch me to my friend’s house? We’re supposed to have a study group today.”

Her: “Listen, I need someone to help me move house, I would be eternally grateful if you could lend me a hand.”

Her: “Could I borrow your notes for this lecture? I’ve been partying SO much this week I haven’t been able to make it for class.”

Her: “Hey you wanna follow me to the mall today? I got some stuff I need to do but I don’t want to go alone.”

Her: “I’m so hungry. Could you do me a favor and buy me lunch? I really don’t feel like going out into the hot sun today.”

If you have said YES to any such requests, or requests that are similar, I’m sorry to say that traces of AFC have been found in your system! Okay maybe I’m exaggerating and those might be perfectly innocent requests and that not all women are whores and liars, but there are some women who do know that they’re manipulating you and do it anyway. Of course this doesn’t mean that you should be a total jerk and refuse all requests, but try to be a little perceptive, gauge and calibrate for yourselves. AFC’s make the mistake of thinking that they’re earning brownie points with the women but instead are earning “haha sucker!” points.

Well God forbid that AFC’s remain single forever. Once in a while AFC’s get thrown a bone and some hook up and get girlfriends. This isn’t an excuse for you to sit on your ass and wait for that bone because it rarely comes, and usually when it does, most AFC’s are too…well…AFC to realize that and it’s only through sheer luck that they get a girlfriend.

At this point I would like to dispel the notion that AFC’s are just bumbling fools who turn red when talking to girls, and spend all day walking around, looking down at the floor and averting eye contact with everyone. It is true that some are like that, but those are a rare breed. In fact, some AFC’s have totally awesome personalities that they’re just unable to call up in front of beautiful women. Among close friends and family they might have the most wicked sense of humor, or be the coolest guy, possess male model looks (yes, even hot guys can be AFC too!), enjoy successful careers but the notion of engaging beautiful women in romantic pursuits reduces them to mere husks of their usual selves.

More than one occasion have I born witness to guys who you would never expect to have a girlfriend, get one, and on more than one occasion have I noticed that it started to grow more and more one-sided. I’m sure many of us have these types of friends; friends who write super mushy Friendster/Myspace comments for their girlfriend or blog about “Oh I missed my darling baby today, she is my one and only! I love you baby! *muacks*” but yet those comments and sentiments are rarely reciprocated, and you cringe and can’t help but feel bad for them. Will Smith’s character in Hitch would be the perfect example (the time when he got his first girlfriend).

Not all of us were born into this world with the natural ability to pickup girls, be charming, be quick witted, be out-going, possess an excellent sense of humor, or be ruggedly handsome or rakishly good-looking. That’s the sad truth but I beg to differ. We may never develop great looks short of plastic surgery but we can learn to be entertaining, we can become well-groomed, we can become knowledgeable and interesting. Discover the path and follow my journey – welcome to The Artist Realized.

* * * *

And so, my good friend Seng Yip wrote the above article.. as a prelude to his own blog? I don’t know, anyways stay tuned if you’re interested 🙂