Gig #105

Been a while since I’ve headlined a show, so I’m pretty psyched to announce I’ll be one of the main acts for tomorrow’s Feedback Open Mic at Jaya One. I’m also going to be away from Malaysia for almost a month, so this will be my last one for some time (doubt I’ll be playing any open mics in the US/UK haha). I haven’t prepared a set list yet, but I believe it should be a mix of some old tunes and newer ones. Hope to see you guys there!

Feedback Open Mic Jaya One ft. Yi Fen & 2storeyheart
Event Page

9th May 2017, Wednesday
The Bee
Jaya One

Hey folks! Feedback is happening at The Bee Jaya One again, bringing to you one of the busiest open mics in town!

Featured acts for this show include:

Tan Yi Fen

Here, have some easy-to-digest bite-sized info:
– Signs ups are at 7pm and are first-come-first-serve basis
– Show starts at 8pm
– It’s a 2 song slot
– Bring your own cables
– The Jaya One edition is ACOUSTIC only
– Because you are awesome, best open mic-er gets to open for one of our Lot 36 slots and the chance to win recording time with iseekmusic!

Remember to tag us in your pictures with our #FeedbackOpenMic hashtag =)

Entry is free. See you there!

Feedback is a collaboration between Moonshine & The Bee. It happens every 2nd Tuesday (Jaya One, acoustic only) and 4th Tuesday (Publika) of the month and has been running since December 2011.

Linux One Week Report

So far, Linux has been great to me. No crashes, all the programs I need run well. Whenever I’m stuck I can pretty much Google all the answers. I still haven’t memorized all the sudo commands, and I can’t do jack shit like uninstall from the terminal via commands but hey – I can do everything else I need to do.

I tried a few Desktop Environments, and while Unity is probably the best looking one, it’s a bit heavy for my shitbox. So recently I switched to Lubuntu, which is lighter/faster and said to be less power-hungry than the alternatives. It’s super customizable so I’ve been having fun tweaking it to my heart’s content. For reference, this is what my desktop environment currently looks like.
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GIG #82: A not so triumphant return/dust off that guitar

It’s been awhile. I’ll admit it. I actually wanted to get back into performing much earlier this year, but due to me being lazy and/or tied up with work/life/Dota – it’s taken quite some time. Anyway, enough excuses. So check it – I’ll be playing my first show in a long time tomorrow. And yes, I’ll be unveiling new songs. Hopefully they are worth the wait. So, do make your way over to Barlai tomorrow. I’ll try to make it worth your while.
I promise.
If not, there are tons more other acts you can listen to.
Spread the word! Bring your friends! I hope you see you guys tomorrow.

The Barlai Open Mic is a brand spankin’ new biweekly open mic night which happens on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Sign up by dropping us a message on the wall below or emailing us at

2030 Sia Nicholas
2045 Up Yours
2100 Jes Ebrahim Izaidin
2115 Ruben Kelvin
2130 Mohamed Muhaimin Che Din
2145 Ian Tai
2200 George Susej Wong
2215 Skies Are Red

The Barlai Open Mic is geared towards solo/duo/trio acts with the limitation of one microphone input and one instrument input. Think intimate evenin’. 🙂

Facebook page
Date: 11/6/15
Venue: BarLai
Time: 8.30pm – 10.30pm