Interview with Rollerbuzz

So I was looking through a notebook which I started earlier this year and realized that there were some stuff I jotted down which I haven’t had the opportunity to blog about yet. And here is one of them- and interview with my little sister. This happened some time around Chinese New Year, in a car, if I can recall correctly.

How did you come up with the name ‘Rollerbuzz’? (that’s the handle my sister uses online)
I don’t know

Do you enjoy being my sister? Why?
No. Cos you bully me all the time. See what you did to my teeth!*

What do you plan to study after high school?

Do you plan to be a professional badminton player?

How do you intend to turn professional?
Train lah. Train harder. Train till I can beat George Wong

How much angpau do you expect to receive this year?

How will you spend your angpau money?
Travel to Europe

Why do you want to go there?
So I can enjoy myself. So I can see snow, real snow. Go and find Ballack. Go and find (illegible text :P)

Any last words before I end this? Anything to say to my readers?
To your readers? Who are they? Who actually reads this?

After typing this interview out, I realized its pretty bad. I should just get some internet quiz and question her next time. But if you noticed the asterisk (*), which means there’s a footnote, and another story for me to tell!
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