50798 #2 – Almost Date

#2 – Amost Date

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So back in school, only the bravest kids had the guts to ask girls out on dates.
But guys like me? We had almost dates. A whole lesson of admiring your crush from afar was good enough. 40 minutes of elation 😀

50798 #1 – Daylight Ninja

Remember awhile ago when I posted this announcing this?

What happened to it you might have asked (or not). Well here’s the story-

Initially I had planned to do a series of comic strips revolving around my life in high school. But it turns out, I didn’t too many ideas for comic strips concerning my life back then. So I put the project on hold, and eventually forgot about it.

Fast forward to about a few days ago, I observed an incident on the LRT which gave me the inspiration to finish up the first strip I had planned for the series way back. Anyways, since I don’t have enough material for a website of its own, I have decided to make 50798 a category for my blog posts instead. Comic strips and whatever stuff related to my life in school will be posted under it.

And finally, why 50798? That was the postal code for my school, Garden International School KL, which I thought was a fitting title for the strip 🙂

#1 – Daylight Ninja

So a few days ago in the LRT, I wrote this down in my journal:

I think I used to be that kind of guy. Always getting the slightest feeling of elation whenever a girl talked to me- hot or not. Happy that any girl would even give me the slightest bit of her attention.
Just the very thought of speaking to a girl would send shivers up my spine and make me smile at the same time.

Now that’s not the case anymore- a girl is just another person. Attractive or not, I’ve learned to not “put them on a pedestal”, instead treat them like how I would treat anyone else. That way you don’t end up getting stepped on or taken advantage of. Everyone learns that lesson someday. The backfire of such a mentality is that with your guard up all the time, it’s kinda hard to tell when a girl is genuinely being nice to you or she is being nice to use you- you usually assume the worse.

Anyway, I take the train and so I observe all sorts of people on my journeys. I noticed this one guy, he was kinda big sized, looked real shy, and like the sort of guy who had issues with his confidence. So he was just standing on the train minding his own business when he saw a girl he recognized. He stood staring at her until the girl turned around and saw him as well. She waved to him, walked over and stood next to him. She wasn’t hot, but the dude’s face lit up and he had the widest grin on his face. Kinda like a nomad who had been traveling for days in the desert without water was given a 1.5L bottle of water.

So anyway, they had a chat until they both got off (at the same stop) and I jotted this down in my journal. I miss that feeling I used to get.. sometimes I miss being that kind of guy.

Which brings me to my comic- Daylight Ninja.
One day after school, I went to see this pretty girl, named Christin, for a drink at Starbucks after class. I was young and shy back then, and I didn’t want my friends to know that I was going out for a drink with her (to avoid all the unwanted teasing :P) so I put on a black shirt and a black cap to disguise myself as I walked out from school. It was a pretty successful disguise, I think only one dude noticed me walking out of school and he wasn’t a close friend so he never bothered asking where I was going. Until now I don’t think many of my close friends even knew it happened. Haha.

Anyone with similar stories, don’t hesitate to share them here 😛