And you smile like a saint but you curse like a sailor

If there’s one thing a lot of people tell me after they listen to me perform is that it’s my music reminds them of Dashboard Confessional. I can’t disagree with them because Chris Carrabba is probably the main reason I even picked up guitar in the first place. But my songs are nowhere as near as good as his. Honestly, if my songs were to be placed side by side with Dashboard songs, nobody would disagree that they are miles apart – objectively speaking. Also, subjectively speaking – his songs are much more interesting and varied than mine. But today I’m not talking about my songs, instead I’ll be sharing about Dashboard Confessional (which I’m surprised I haven’t done yet for my Music Monday posts).

I was first introduced to Dashboard Confessional via the MTV Road Rules soundtrack alongside Thrice and Coheed and Cambria. I really enjoyed the respite of an acoustic track in a mostly energetic album, but I didn’t really listen to much of them until a friend (a huge Dashboard fan who frequently quoted their lyrics in her MSN statuses and blog posts) shared Hands Down with me and I was hooked.

Saints and Sailors

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Boy problems, who’s got ’em?

Just a short post to let you guys know that I’ll be heading to Malacca later this week for another Big Bad Wolf Sale, so I won’t have time to blog again. Should be back in a couple of weeks – feel free to go through my archives or check out the (non-dead) links on my blogroll kek.

Also, go listen to Carly Rae Jepsen’s Emotion album if you haven’t already. It’s been my jam of late. Boy problems is so damn catchy.

See you guys soon.

Driving Forty Five To See Fireworks On New Year’s Day

Isn’t it funny how music connects people? When two people enjoy music by the same band, they somehow forge a connection and have something new to talk about. For me, Ellegarden was one of those bands. Back then, I was dismissive of Japanese music – choosing not to listen to it because I didn’t understand Japanese lyrics. I couldn’t appreciate instrumental music or just melodies back then, the songs I listened to needed to have words in them. So I was surprised when I put on “New Year’s Day” after the recommendation of a friend.
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Sink or Swim

Ever since Taking Back Sunday stopped being Taking Back Sunday, I’ve always been looking out for a band to recreate music similar to the style of Taking Back Sunday I fell in love with. For a long time, nobody came close – until recently, when I discovered this band called Pentimento. I can’t remember how I stumbled across their music, but damn I was blown away when I put on their latest album, I, No Longer. From the Eleven-like opening Small Talk for Strangers, to the ‘Ballad of Sal Vilanueva’-ish riff in Sink or Swim; I, No Longer is reminiscent of the old school Taking Back Sunday I love. Bear in mind that this isn’t an insult (why would I write about them otherwise?) but a testament to how good I think their music is.

Listening to Pentimento for the first time invoked in me feelings that I had listening to TBS in the past. While they have similarities (guitar sound, call back vocals, and ’emo’ lyrics), Pentimento’s music is strong enough to stand out on its own and fans of the genre will easily find themselves at home. I haven’t had a chance to listen to their full discography yet, but their 2015 is definitely one of my favorite releases I’ve heard this year. Check out I, No Longer below:

A tiny spark to set it off, ignite the dark and live it up

Four Year Strong – when these guys appeared on my radar, they pretty much changed my whole pop punk listening experience. Before discovering this band, I didn’t know about ‘easycore’ (though these guys probably helped put it on the map) and was blown away. How can such heavy music have catchy lyrics and melodies? It was a match made in heaven. Let’s not forget the TBS dual-vocal style from the two vocalists which was icing on the cake.
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Around the track they drove/ Gig #92

You should listen to this song before you read this post:

Ray Peterson – Tell Laura I Love Her

In today’s installment of ‘Songs you didn’t know were sad’, we have the famous song from the 60s – Tell Laura I Love Her. If any of you were like me and never paid attention to the song when you first heard it, you probably brushed it off as just another a cheesy love song. I can’t remember when it was when I paid attention to the words Ray Peterson was singing but when I did I realized how sad and depressing it was.
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Cold Cash and Colder Hearts

I first discovered this band alongside Coheed and Cambria on the MTV Road Rules compilation. The Thrice song was “See You In The Shallows” and my god, was that song amazing. As usual, like with every band I have come to love, I went looking for more of their music. I discovered a handful of songs from the band through SoulSeek (or was it Kazaa? I don’t remember) and was hooked. I think it was around the time when they had just released their single “All That’s Left” which made me drop money without hesitation for their The Artist In The Ambulance album at a CD store.
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