I’m a wreck when I’m alone, I’m the boy who lost his home

I don’t have much to say except this band except that they rock.

The Dangerous Summer are one of my favorite bands of all time. I was surprised to learn today that they had released a new album this year. I thought the band was done when they lost one of their members a while ago. Turns out they’re still alive and kicking and making kick-ass music. Having listened to their latest release, the self-titled ‘The Dangerous Summer’, it’s safe to say that they still have it in them. All the trappings of a standard TDS song are present: layered guitars, emotional lyrics and raw vocals – everything a TDS fan would be looking for in an album from the band.

I can’t recall how I got into the band – it was probably a recommendation from a list or article I read. However, I remember when I first heard – Permanent Rain. It made me a fan of the band instantly. I immediately proceeded to consume all their music, and even learned how to play the acoustic version of the song. With each new release, which were remarkable by the way, I found myself always returning to their debut album ‘Reach for the Sun’. Something about the music on that album which made them so magical to me. It’s not like they changed their sound or anything after the album – I guess it’s just hard to recreate the feeling of discovering something for the first time again.

I was immensely pleased when they released an acoustic version of the album. I guess they really liked it as well if they thought it should be rearranged and re-recorded! They should totally release an EDM version of the album, I don’t think they can do any wrong with the material.

Over the years I’ve been impressed with the consistency of their releases. I don’t think they’ve ever released a single bad song. Hopefully AJ and the boys can make it over to this side of the world before they breakup (again). As usual, here are a list of some of my favorite tracks from these guys.

The Dangerous Summer – Ghosts

The Dangerous Summer – Fire

The Dangerous Summer – Permanent Rain

The Dangerous Summer – Catholic Girls

The Dangerous Summer – Knives

Section cut short: for some reason, Hopeless has blocked a lot of their YouTube videos in Malaysia, which is a shame, but they’re on Spotify, so head there to check them out.

September Never Stays This Cold Where I Come From And You Know

So while going through bands I wanted to share about, I realized that I had yet to write a post about one of my favorite bands of all time. Taking Back Sunday – one of the first few bands that molded my music tastes to what it is right now. Without any hesitation, I can name my favorite song off each album and probably recite the lyrics to half of their discography. These guys have been monumental in influencing my music. Sure, I’m not as creative as Fred/John/Matt/Eddie when it comes to guitar but I try (haha). Their heart on sleeve lyrics were what sold me to this band, as well as their signature dual-vocals. Think Les Miserables with electric guitars. They’ve also inspired countless handles and blog titles worldwide. Teenage poetry for sure.

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I Loved The Way She Said ‘L.A.’

Spitalfield is another one of my favorite pop punk bands I have on rotation. I discovered these guys when I heard the song ‘I Loved The Way She Said “L.A.”’ on a Victory Records sampler that I got with my Taking Back Sunday – Where You Want To Be CD. Yeah there was a time when I still purchased CDs. The sampler was full of gems that I had never heard before and grew to love – Hawthorne Heights, Bayside and these guys.

Spitalfield – I Loved The Way She Said ‘L.A.’

The song had relatable title and lyrics, which drew me into them. You know the feeling you get when you listen to a song and you think that it was written just for you? Yeah, that was me listening to that song. Of course I had to check out the rest of their discography, and predictably I fell in love with the band. Positive lyrics, upbeat music, and just enough gruff that made them more punk than pop and one of the smoothest vocalists in the scene.

Mark Rose, the band’s vocalist, had a soft singing style that wasn’t aggressive in the slightest. But it somehow fit over the band’s pop punk guitars, creating a mellow, easy listening experience. It’s much more evident in his solo records that his voice was meant for pop/blues, but with the band the combination was a unique combination.

The band eventually split up after their last release and Rose went on to release music on his own, as well as creating a songwriting service. I’m still looking forward till the day the band reunites (if it ever happens) but for now, here are some of my favorite tracks from the band and Mark Rose:

Spitalfield – Five Days And Counting

Spitalfield – Make My Heart Attack

Spitalfield – What Were You Thinking?

Spitalfield – The Future is Now

Spitalfield – From The Desk Of B. Larsen

Spitalfield – The Only Thing That Matters

Spitalfield – Won’t Back Down

Spitalfield – Novocaine

Spitalfield – 16:49 Army Time

Spitalfield – Are We Still Here?

Mark Rose – I Can See You (With My Eyes Closed)

Mark Rose – Watch The Water Dry

Mark Rose – She Doesn’t

Let’s sail away, find our own country

Ever since I’ve been introduced to it, pop punk music has been my music staple for many years. Even now, as a grown ass man, when a good pop punk song comes on, I’m reminded of why I used to listen to it obsessively. So it’s no surprise that a lot of bands I’m writing about on my blog are from the genre. While I don’t listen to every pop punk band I used to listen to, there’s one band that has consistently rotated in and out of my playlist: The Starting Line.

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Sunshine Underground

This morning I woke up with Chickenrace – Heartbeat in my head which was a first for me. Generally I don’t listen to a lot of Japanese music, only a handful of bands due to my limited (none) knowledge of the language. This song was introduced to me by Jason who heard it in the opening of an animation discovered them on Youtube. It had everything we loved – catchy synths, chunky bass lines and head-bopping melodies. I didn’t understand a single word of it besides the “every night” and “anyway” in the chorus but it didn’t matter. It showed me that Japanese bands were capable of coming up with tunes that were just as catchy as their western counterparts.

It wasn’t long until we found their discography and listened to all their music. Since I can’t really talk about the content of the lyrics (I haven’t bothered looking up what their songs mean), I listen to them for their vocal melodies and funky guitar riffs – I’ve yet to come across a band that does pop punk funk as well as these guys. Then again, it’s probably quite a niche genre? I don’t know, I haven’t done any searching. I can’t seem to find a lot of information about them online besides a now defunct Purevolume page. Youtube also has a very limited selection of Chickenrace songs so I can’t link all my favorites, but here’s what I’ve managed to find:

Chickenrace – Farewell

Chickenrace – Heartbeat

Chickenrace – Story Of My Life

Chickenrace – ???

Chickenrace – I Want You Back (cover)

Chickenrace – Sunshine Underground