It’s that time of the year again.

As I sit here in front of my computer, fresh out of the shower, clean shaven, smelling like Team Force, and I’ve just finished packing my bag. I realize it’s that time of the year again. The end of the year. Where you sit down, spend some time reflecting on the past year and think about what you’re going to do for the next one. The last time I did this was approximately 6 months ago. Where I said it was time for a new season in my life. And looks like I did.

First off I’d like to apologize for the lack of blog posts. When your current job requires you to write 30 blog posts a day, I’m sure you can understand what I mean when I tell you after I’m done with my daily quota, the last thing I wanna do is sit down in front of the computer and write another post. Especially when you finish at 10am in the morning. Yeah, I know, my work starts at 5pm and is supposed to end at 2am, but I’ve been struggling to hit the quota on time so I have spend a lot of time catching up. It’s been affecting me, but I’ve been dealing with it and I’m doing my best to improve. The day where I end on the dot will come soon. Next step would be finishing before 8 hours. But let’s take it a step at a time, baby steps.

Other than my job, and the fact that I resumed playing WoW (yes, goddamn it is fun), and I still gig occasionally. Throughout the whole year, I’ve managed to play a show at least once a month, sometimes even two or three! This month alone I’ve got two- one just passed last week, and I got one more on the 26th, which I will announce next week. I’ve got the band together, and we’re working on our third song. Being in a band is great, I love it. I love you guys. Jason, Andrew, Syefri, and yes you too Alvin. I know we haven’t done much, but I have a good feeling about The Wishing, let’s make it happen 😀

Oh I’ve been too busy with my job to catch up on my movie reviews, and since all the movies are already out, I’ll just give quick summaries of the movies I’ve seen lately:
Skyline – 6/10 – Not terrible, but not very good either. Feels like it could lead up to a video game at the end.
The Social Network – 7/10 – I kinda expected more after all the hype it got and it was a David Fincher movie (Fight Club, Se7en, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), but at the same time I didn’t know what to expect since I know nothing about Mark Zuckerberg’s life. Nevertheless it is entertaining, and you discover how Facebook was invented
Due Date – 9/10 – Seriously, if this movie doesn’t tickle your funny bone, you’re either paralyzed and unable to laugh or you’re dead/in a coma. This movie is fucking side-splitting. I guarantee it. One of the best movies I’ve seen all year.
Rapunzel – 9/10 – I don’t know about you guys, but I think Disney hit the nail on the head with this one. It looks like they haven’t lost their magic, and to me, they’ve managed to recreate the classic 2D animation in 3D. The story, the gags, the characters, oh the characters– Rapunzel is a goddess. I fell in love with her the moment she appeared on screen (not as a baby, haha gotcha) and the way she acted– alright I’ll stop here, go watch it for yourself. Again, one of the best movies I’ve seen all year.
Narnia – 5/10 – Meh. Better than the first one in my opinion, I didn’t watch the second one.
Scott Pilgrim vs the World – 6/10 – I didn’t catch this in the cinema (they didn’t show it here) but boy I was let down. After hearing a couple of my friends rave about how much better it was than Inception, I finally sat down to give it a shot. Nope. Nowhere close. I’m a fan of cartoony live-action movies, but Scott Pilgrim was just cheese to the max. Knives is cute as hell though. I think she’s gonna grow up beautifully.

And there must have been one more movie that I missed, but I’ll put it down when I remember. Oh and I still haven’t seen Harry Potter. I should catch it before they take it off the big screens. And my favorite movie this year: Inception – hands down. No other movie even comes close to touching it. Best movie in the world. Ever. I shall quote Ferhan on this, “Inception is better than real life.” Runner ups: Due Date, Rapunzel, The Other Guys.

In terms of music, album of the year so far: Kids In Glass Houses – Dirt. Every song is fantastic, this album is amazing. I can listen to it from start to finish nonstop, throughout the whole day. KIGH really outdone themselves with their latest release. I wonder how they’re gonna release a follow up to such a masterpiece. Worst news of the year – My Favorite Highway breaking up. They’re playing their final show this month, and it’s really sad to see them go. I wish I could’ve seen them live. Ah well, at least I still have their music to listen to. The beauty of recordings. And Four Year Strong are coming down to Singapore next year, hopefully it’s confirmed and there are no last minute cancellations. I’ll be there for sure.

What else has been happening in my life? Oh yeah, her. I had a girlfriend for a month, but things didn’t work out (Iwasn’ttherightguyforher) so we ended things before they got ugly. It was a great experience, we still talk, I still think she’s amazing, but it shall stop at there because I have a feeling that we’re gonna be the best of friends. I don’t know why, but I can just feel it. Thanks for the 6-month long rollercoaster ride that ended in a wave pool. It was one hell of a theme park, let’s not go there again. But it was all worth it. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself being the topic of future songs, I only write what I feel, and it’s bound to pop up somewhere, sometime. Thanks for everything, Jasmine. Here’s to the foundation of a great friendship.

I’m sitting in front of the computer, still clean shaven and smelling like Team Force, waiting for Hijjas to pick me up. My bags are packed and I’m ready to go. Mothers in Singapore, it’s time to hide your daughters.

My age.

Not that I give a shit about my age (maybe I will in 5 years time, or when they finally let me into 21/Velvet lol), but it annoys me when people try to correct me when I tell them my age. Let’s get some facts straight. A year is 365 days long (365 and 1/4 days if you want to be anal). You turn a year older 365 days after your birthday. It doesn’t matter what year you are born in, the same rule applies to all birthdays.

So when I tell people that I am 24 now, they all assume I was born in 1986. When I tell them I was born in 1985, they say ‘then you must be 25 now!’

Just because I am 25 this year (in December), it does not mean that I am 25 now. Yeah I will be 25 later this year, but as of now I am not! If my age increased just because the year changed, I would only be 24 for 14 days. Which is stupid.

Oh wow, I have indirectly written about my birthday. I’m expecting a shit load of presents now, considering I get 100 hits a day on this blog. LOL.

Plastic Bags/Girls.

Have you ever wondered why a lot of plastic bags are pink/red/orange? You know, those thin bags that can be easily poked through with a finger. They come in the most horrible colors. Especially those you get from most mini marts or when you take away food from mamaks or hawker stalls.

Do you ever wonder what goes through the plastic bag manufacturer’s mind when they make these bags? “Yes, these bags are gonna look awesome in shitty pink!” I mean what color are the bags naturally? (oh the irony) I’m assuming they are clear. So do they dye those bags? I mean how do they get those colors onto the bags?

Then what about clear bags? Are they cheaper or more expensive to make? And why do clear bags seem to be stronger than colored bags most of the time? Does coloring the bag weaken the plastic? Does it matter? No. But I’ve always thought about these sorts of things. Is there a reason to everything?

Why do girls move on so easily? Is it because they don’t care as much? Why do they find it easier to let go? Do they frame their minds to perceive that guys are assholes who deserve what they get no matter what happened? Because no matter how hard I try, I can call a girl a bitch, and try to mean it but I’ll never feel that way. Like I know that it’s a lie (even though it may be true) that I can’t believe. Are girls naturally designed to move on without a second thought?

Is forever just a seven letter word?

Blurry Bush and Mosaic Cocks.

So, I never really understood the concept of censoring porn. What is the point of it? Does it make it any less explicit than it already is? Do they get to sell porn at a G rating if it is censored? Why do they blur out the actor’s privates (or publics in this case) when we know what is really going on! They’re not erasing it (which would make a hell of a comedy if they did) so we still see the mosaic-fied penis or vagina. Just that it’s not as clear as the actor’s faces.

Come on, we all know she’s not gonna be mistaken for doing anything else other than sucking a dick when her head is in between the legs of a guy and her head is going in a back and forth motion, mouth open wide, one hand on her tit (which they surprisingly don’t bother censoring) and while all this is going on the dude is grunting or giving words of encouragement. What else could she be doing? Brushing her teeth? (I’m talking about the regular brushing of the teeth, not with that sort of toothpaste mind you).

Or how about when the girl is on the bed on her knees and the guy is pounding away at her from behind. And they show a close up shot. A frickin’ close up shot. With their privates censored. It’s like looking at tiles on the floor and listening to the sounds of people having sex. For chrissakes! We know he’s not telling her a bedtime story or helping her with her to tie her shoes.

If anything needs censoring– wait, nothing needs censoring. People choose to watch porn! It’s not like they’re forced into downloading a 750mb video and made to sit through the whole thing. In fact movies in our cinemas don’t need censoring either. Why the hell do we have ratings when everything is cut up anyway? If kids are watching movies they shouldn’t be watching, blame the parents! Why make the adults who are allowed to enjoy such things suffer the consequences?

Paperback observations.

Why do authors write books with pen names if they reveal their real names in the book itself? I really don’t get it! Sometimes you don’t even have to flip open the book to find out that it was written under a pen name- you can read it on the cover itself! I don’t know why, but it bothers me.

Why do women on trains wrap up their romance novels? Seriously, I’ve seen countless women on trains reading novels that have their covers wrapped with some fancy wrapping paper. They can’t fool me!

I just thought to myself- what do covers of romance novels look like? A half-naked man standing with their sculpted bodies glistening in the sunlight and a women (sometimes topless with her long hair draped over her nipples) all over him. Now I realize why women wrap up their novels.

But fantasy books have similar covers too- you get big breasted half naked women fighting dragons, but you don’t see them covering their books. I guess fantasy readers are proud to be caught reading such books. Haha.

I started (well, to be more accurate I tried) reading Shakespeare the other day, and man it was HARD! More than half the time I was referring to a dictionary to look up the meaning of some words, and most of the time I’m looking up the meaning of obsolete words which aren’t even used anymore in modern English. I thought it could help inspire me with my writing or something, but it feels like it’s more trouble than its worth. But I’m not giving up.. yet! Who knows? I might get the hang of it soon.

There are forces at work trying to kill me.. or at least ruin my life.

Blogs are for ranting eh?

Or at least bitching about life. Well here goes- today’s post is dedicated to my darling bitch of a car. Yeah that’s right. We broke up today. She’s let me down too many times, no matter how hard I tried to patch things up, she just keeps on fucking around.

This morning, I parked my car nearby the office, turned off my engine and started to get my things to get out of the car. All of a sudden I heard a loud popping sound. I turned around, expecting to see the cause of the noise. I didn’t see anything. I turned back to the front and saw smoke exhaling from my car’s bonnet. ‘Motherfuck!’

I got out of the car and saw water from my car flowing down the road. ‘Shit!’

At this point in time, I started to think to myself, what the fuck in the world did I do to deserve this? I had my car serviced recently (on Saturday) and everything seemed fine on the way to work. Anyway, to cut the story short, I called up the insurance road ranger, they sent a tow truck, towed my car to the workshop, and got it fixed- it was just a broken water hose. End of story.


Let’s fast forward to about 11.45pm (I managed to catch the clock at 11.34 tonight too)- I’m a few minutes away from home, going down a hill. I needed to decelerate because I was reaching a bump. I pumped the brakes. Nothing happened. My car continued going at the same speed (fortunately I am a slow driver- not that I suck in driving, I choose to drive slowly most of the time), and I went over the bump. I thought to myself ‘maybe it’s just my imagination, my car shouldn’t be failing, not now anyway’. And continued my journey. I reached another bump and tried hitting the brakes again. No response. ‘Fuck’.

Cut the short story short- I turned on my hazard lights and continued driving home with the aid of my emergency handbrake.

Fast forward about 20 minutes later. I’m back home, showered and sitting in front of the computer typing this. I know I should be fortunate, every time my car broke down, it wasn’t in the middle of nowhere. Middle of a busy traffic light? Check. At a petrol station? Check. In my carpark? Check. Nearby my office? Check. And I’m thankful for that. But then again, when you think about it- cars shouldn’t be breaking down so often right? I don’t know about you, but it never feels good to call home about the bad news. I guess that’s the problem with driving an ancient car. An ancient car that wasn’t well maintained when in its prime.

My boss told me today ‘how many more excuses can you give about your car?’
Not a good sign.

Even Raelene thought it was sign we shouldn’t see each other anymore, cos my car kept breaking down on the day I was supposed to go out with her.

Well, today is the day I officially give up on my car.

You’ve served me well, my dear machine. But there’s a line that’s been drawn and you’ve overstepped your boundaries. I’ll get your brakes fixed up and sell you to someone else. And if nobody wants you, I don’t want you anymore either. It’s time to move on.

A dent in the door.

So this morning I woke up to a dent in the passenger door of my car. Nothing much to say except I felt like this the whole day.

I kept thinking to myself, ‘if I ever catch the fucker who did this, I’d smash the car into his face’.

Seriously, what do people gain from vandalizing other people’s cars? Fine, maybe there’s some satisfaction if they did something like double park and blocked your exit. But I didn’t do anything to this guy, whoever he was. I was parked in the same spot I’ve been parking at for the past few years and never had any trouble with anybody before.. BAH. I can’t even bring myself to write about it. Anyways I gotta spend some money to get it fixed. I have no evidence to file a police report. I can’t claim insurance without losing my NCP, so guess I’ll have to fork out money to get it fixed.


In other news, I should be playing at cloth and clef this Saturday night (if it’s on..i’ll have to confirm it) Come check out the show if you’re free.

EDIT, I’ll be playing tonight 🙂

The LRT fascinates me.

(an obvious photshop lol)

After taking the LRT for the past few months, I made some notes about my daily commute.

– People never seem to move to the back of the trains. Yes I know there’s no back since technically there are 2 heads, it just depends on which way they are going- what I’m referring to are the sections of the carriages that aren’t right in front of the doors i.e. the area where the carriages are connected, or the place in front of the seats. All they ever do is crowd around the door. Seriously, I find this real annoying. You wait 20 mins for a train to arrive at the station (cos there’s a long line in front of you). When the train arrives, you see tonnes of space in the ‘back’, but you can’t get to it because of every fucking idiot standing right in front of the fucking door.

It is understandable if you were going to get off at the next stop, then by all means wait in front of the door. But no! These fuckers don’t get off at the next stop. They just stand in front of and stop people from coming into the train when there is obviously so much space for them to go to at the back. These people are fucking inconveniences. I mean come fucking on, what is wrong with these people? Do they own the train? Do they lose anything if, god forbid, the train utilizes its maximum passenger capacity? Whenever I get on the train, I always move to the ‘back’ and most of the time I get surprised at how empty it is.

– I wonder which is dirtier- the hanging strap or the railing? Which part of the train is the cleanest part to hold? If there was some way to measure, I would. But as of now, from personal observations, the cleanest part of the train to hold while you are travelling is the roof. Nobody seems to touch it, and therefore it is the least contaminated area of the train. But most of the time I’m just leaning against a wall and or railing, not holding anything with my hands (they are used for air-guitar or air-keyboard).

Which is the safest part of the train to be in? The strongest part of the train? I would say the middle of the train would be the best part- in the event the head or tail collides with another train or gets sandwiched from the front and back, I think the people in the middle would survive :p

The coolest part of the train would be the section where the trains connect (for the Putra LRT, I don’t take the Star line so I can’t help you guys with that). There is an air vent in the middle of the train that blows cool air in. The best place to cool off after a long trek to the LRT station.

The best view? I would say somewhere near the doors. Cos I’ve noticed that hot girls either sit down or stand somewhere near the doors. They hardly (if ever) come to the ‘back’ of the train.

– The other day I thought of a cool idea- if you want to break up with a girl, do it on a moving train! In the event it turns out ugly, you can just get off at the next stop just before the doors close! HAHA! I am a genius.

Fevered dances (2 days to Panic!)

It’s moth season again, and god knows how much I hate those flying fuckers. Every fucking corner I turn, every crevice I look at, I find a bloody moth just staring at me with its evil eyes. Oh how their wings with their hideous patterns send the shivers down my spine. Why the hell do we need unnecessary insects in the world? (I’m looking at you too cockroaches). Winged beauties my ass.

In other news, I got my tickets to PATD! Can’t wait til Tuesday night!

And here’s another PATD related comic (there’s gonna be a few more of these if I find the time to make them :P)

(Click for full-size)

And I’m suddenly aware of your unhappiness.

i am pissed. i am fucking angry. i’m probably gonna read this post a few weeks later and laugh about it. but as of this moment, i am seething with rage. i wanna scream, ‘FUCK YOU GOD!’ but its not gonna make any difference. and it’s probably not his fault. so here’s a big fuck you to my sorry excuse for a life.

I know life has its ups and downs. well today i had a shitfest of a day. I spent 700 bucks today, and its just to fucking survive. I’m barely getting by each day as it is, and today just had to shit on my face.

i long for the day where humans evolve to be impervious to diseases and any forms of illnesses. and our bodies will be indestrutible. the only way we would die would be from old age or suicide.

then doctors would be out of jobs. fuck them up their stupid asses. they deserve it. i’d rather die of cancer than give up my money to their filthy grubby hands.

I wrote that a few hours ago, but didn’t manage to finish the post. Now its a few hours later and I feel better. Not much better, but not as angry as I was. Today still sucked as much as it could though. Here’s a break down of my day:

I take half the day off to go to a hospital to check up and get my eczema treated.
– I get caught speeding- I was doing 95 on an 80 highway. Alright, I get off with a RM30 payment (yeah it was wrong, but I couldn’t afford to pay the 300) and continue to the hospital. But that wasn’t the worse part of the day. In fact it probably was the best of the worst.
– I reached the hospital, parked the car and went to the counter and asked where I should go to see a dermatologist. They told me that there were no dermatologists in at the moment. And the next one would be coming in at 6pm. I told them that I called them up yesterday and the person on the phone told me to come in from 1-5pm. It was 2pm. Needless to say I stormed off.
– 4 hours later, I’m back in the hospital, and waiting. The doctor comes in at 6.30. Despite being 2nd in line, when I lined up there was another patient before me, I got cut to like 5th place. I saw the doctor at almost 7.30.
– The doctor checks me out and says that I have a very serious case. I get a jab, and a prescription.
– I try to use my AIA insurance card to pay for my consultation, apparently the doctor wasn’t covered by the panel. But the hospital he works in is. How strange is that? Anyway I paid 150 for the consultation and jab.
– Next, I went to pay for my medication. RM250 worth. Apparently I can claim back about 100+ according to the admin in my office. So there goes another 100 bucks. If I can’t claim anything back, that’s 400 spent on the doctor alone.
– The other 300? I spent about 270 on bills earlier in the day. With the RM30 bribe, that’s 700. And people ask me how can I smile all the time?

I really don’t know.

EDIT : I’m glad people can feel better reading this. ‘I’m so happy my day didnt’ suck as much as yours George! Thanks!’

You’re welcome.