Single Female Parking

(Image taken without permission from here. I found it using google search :P)

So awhile back I was in the cineleisure parking lot when I saw the special parking lots for ‘female single drivers’. Then I thought to myself- female single drivers only? What a great place to pick up single women! I mean think of it this way- girls with boyfriends don’t usually drive to movies or club (I assume that’s what people usually do at cineleisure) alone- they go in their boyfriends’ cars or drive their boyfriends and in that case they wouldn’t be at that spot.

So, I parked my car at one corner of the car park and waited..

Just kidding, I didn’t do that. But then I started to think to myself again- was this really a good place to pick up chicks? or did I just discover where all the ugly chicks park?
HAHA. I kid.

What about having lots for the single driving guys? Its not like robbers care about who they choose to rob. Guy or girl, as long as they look rob-able.

72 DPI isn’t enough

So I thought of a DPI related joke. How nerdy is that?

(click for full size)

In other news, I thought I was over it. I guess I was wrong. I don’t know why, but for the past few weeks, I’ve just been feeling really bad about the break up. And seeing some pictures and reading some words haven’t really helped at all. Yeah, I know it’s beyond saving, and it’s been quite awhile ago. But why does it hurt so bad?

At least I can still poke fun at myself.
Three cheers for two and a half years.

The LRT fascinates me.

(an obvious photshop lol)

After taking the LRT for the past few months, I made some notes about my daily commute.

– People never seem to move to the back of the trains. Yes I know there’s no back since technically there are 2 heads, it just depends on which way they are going- what I’m referring to are the sections of the carriages that aren’t right in front of the doors i.e. the area where the carriages are connected, or the place in front of the seats. All they ever do is crowd around the door. Seriously, I find this real annoying. You wait 20 mins for a train to arrive at the station (cos there’s a long line in front of you). When the train arrives, you see tonnes of space in the ‘back’, but you can’t get to it because of every fucking idiot standing right in front of the fucking door.

It is understandable if you were going to get off at the next stop, then by all means wait in front of the door. But no! These fuckers don’t get off at the next stop. They just stand in front of and stop people from coming into the train when there is obviously so much space for them to go to at the back. These people are fucking inconveniences. I mean come fucking on, what is wrong with these people? Do they own the train? Do they lose anything if, god forbid, the train utilizes its maximum passenger capacity? Whenever I get on the train, I always move to the ‘back’ and most of the time I get surprised at how empty it is.

– I wonder which is dirtier- the hanging strap or the railing? Which part of the train is the cleanest part to hold? If there was some way to measure, I would. But as of now, from personal observations, the cleanest part of the train to hold while you are travelling is the roof. Nobody seems to touch it, and therefore it is the least contaminated area of the train. But most of the time I’m just leaning against a wall and or railing, not holding anything with my hands (they are used for air-guitar or air-keyboard).

Which is the safest part of the train to be in? The strongest part of the train? I would say the middle of the train would be the best part- in the event the head or tail collides with another train or gets sandwiched from the front and back, I think the people in the middle would survive :p

The coolest part of the train would be the section where the trains connect (for the Putra LRT, I don’t take the Star line so I can’t help you guys with that). There is an air vent in the middle of the train that blows cool air in. The best place to cool off after a long trek to the LRT station.

The best view? I would say somewhere near the doors. Cos I’ve noticed that hot girls either sit down or stand somewhere near the doors. They hardly (if ever) come to the ‘back’ of the train.

– The other day I thought of a cool idea- if you want to break up with a girl, do it on a moving train! In the event it turns out ugly, you can just get off at the next stop just before the doors close! HAHA! I am a genius.

Fevered dances (2 days to Panic!)

It’s moth season again, and god knows how much I hate those flying fuckers. Every fucking corner I turn, every crevice I look at, I find a bloody moth just staring at me with its evil eyes. Oh how their wings with their hideous patterns send the shivers down my spine. Why the hell do we need unnecessary insects in the world? (I’m looking at you too cockroaches). Winged beauties my ass.

In other news, I got my tickets to PATD! Can’t wait til Tuesday night!

And here’s another PATD related comic (there’s gonna be a few more of these if I find the time to make them :P)

(Click for full-size)

When distance doesn’t matter.

So you know how some people tilt their phone sideways when they talk into it? Like some sort of walkie-talkie.

Why do people do that? I mean seriously, how much difference does that miniscule reduction in distance between mouth to mircrophone make? None! If they can’t hear you when you speak in the first place, then just speak up, or move to a place that gets bettere reception, change your phone or ask them to do the same.

No difference! You know why? Because phones were designed to be held to the side of your face!