The yellow and green packet

You don’t even need a high resolution picture to know what I’m talking about

You know, I just don’t get how some people only use half a packet of seasoning to cook their Maggi mee. I mean really, what’s the point? Don’t waste ingredients! Experience how Maggi is supposed to taste like!

Sometimes when I find two packets of seasoning in one, I practically jump for joy! I set up a shrine, run around it and dance like a mad man to honor the blessing!

The next time you cook some instant noodles, enjoy the full experience– use the whole packet of seasoning!

More stories from the driver’s seat

I was listening to this piano instrumental by this Korean dude called Yurima on the way to work the other morning, and I felt like I was going to end up in a car crash! It was like the part in a movie just before a car collides- you see everything in slow motion, all the expressions on everybody’s faces, flashbacks, children crying. So tragic.

The song’s called ‘Kiss the rain’.

Speaking of car crashes and rain, I don’t understand why rain causes jams. People just drive a little slower, that shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not like its that hard to see! Imagine if rain wasn’t colorless. Now that would be fucking annoying. Imagine if rain was blue, and it stuck to your windshield. Traffic jams? Understandable.

The other day as I was waiting for my turn at the toll booth, I thought of how funny it would be to give a RM50 note during rush hour. I thought it would make a pretty good dumbass stunt. Then the dude in front of me decided to read my mind and pull the stunt on me instead! If I was anybody else, I probably would’ve been pissed. But I was laughing to myself in the car.

* * * * *

The other day, as I was looking through my wallet for change to pay for the toll, the dude inside the booth said to me “Hey dude! are you listening to the new Circa Survive album? What do you think about it? You should check out this local band, they’re just like them! Hell, since we’re both Circa fans, I’ll let you pass for free!”(translated from Malay of course)

No of course that didn’t happen. But I was just thinking about the toll booth workers- do they listen to what you listen to when you wind your windows down? Do you think that when you play their favorite song, deep down inside, they actually want to sing along to it, but are afraid to do so? Do you think they get annoyed when you play your music too loud, and you’re taking your time to find your change? Do they want to tell you to turn that shit off?

I don’t know why, but toll booth people fascinate me. I must find the blog of a toll booth worker one day and read all about his/her life.

Maybe I’ll try working as one in the future. I’ll be blasting good music from my little booth. Be sure to pass through me then, I won’t report if you speed through the barrier or give me insufficient cash.

The other day, a cop who was driving next to me kept staring at me. All because I was scratching my head and driving. He must’ve thought I was talking on the phone. What a n00b. hahaha


Been awhile since I drew some ninjas

Have you ever noticed that in cartoons/shows/whatever, people always say shit like ‘Full speed ahead!’ or ‘Maximum power!’. Nobody ever says ‘Half throttle the power! We need to conserve fuel!’

If nobody ever says anything else besides ‘maximum power’, doesn’t ‘maximum power’ become redundant?

There’s some food for thought :p

EDIT : forgot to post this picture I drew:

There’s a first time for everything..

Remember the first time you stayed over night at your office cos you had work to do?

Neither have I.
Its 2.11 AM and here I am at the internet terminal in the office blogging about staying over night in the office.

Good thing I had some spare cushions in the car. Hope I won’t wake up with a back ache.

Boy, do deadlines suck or what?

Gau part Quiz

I got tagged by Isobel waaay back in March (I didn’t forget!) and I’m doing it now.


Name : George Wong
Date of birth : 17th December 85
Current status : unsingle haha
Eye colour : Brown
Hair Colour : Black (the way emos like it)
Righty or lefty : Righty
Zodiac sign : Saggititties


Your heritage : Forsaken
Your fear : people around me dying
Your weakness : good music
Your perfect pizza : an uneaten one? haha


Your thoughts first waking up : I should be sleeping
Tomorrow : is Tuesday
Your bedtime : when the wicked sleep
Your most missed memory : high school!


Pepsi or coke : Coke! Even though I like Pepsi just as much
McD or Burger King : McDs.. BK is nothing compared to the clown!
Single or group dates : Single dates
Adidas or Nike : Adidas I guess..I don’t own any Nikes
Lipton tea or nestea : Nestea!
Chocolate or vanilla : Chocolate!
Cappucino or coffee : Chocolate! or Mocha :p


Smoke : Nope. NEVER! RARRRRR
Curse : Unnecessarily 😉


Drank alcohol : Yes
Gone to the mall : Yes
Been on stage : Nope
Eaten sushi : Nope
Dyed your hair: Nope. Black hair is fine.


1 minute ago : Chatting, doing this survey
1 hour ago : DotA (got pwned btw)
4 1/2 hours ago : Fixing my computer
1 month ago : the day after my car got hit. Moping around I guess
1 year ago : Enjoying the LUCT mid year holiday!


i love : your grandfather
i feel : tired
i hate : alot of things
i hide : my porn
i miss : Singapore
i need : a time machine

PART 9: TAG 5 (Sorry guys/have fun)
Win Yew

And I’m done!

Early morning blues

So, one morning as I was exiting the condominium, I was greeted by a slimy friend on the card reader:

This morning I was bored at a traffic light, so I took a picture of my jeans

this is what a hardcore Saosin fan wears! (I think I got the jean-scribbling habit from my sister..she started it a long time ago!)

Anyways, I’ll be off to Singapore in a few hours time. Don’t think anything crazy will happen this time around.. but I’ve got my camera just in case. Take care kids!

I’ll be home soon.

Cheek Humor

Drawing stick men was harder than I thought!

Anyway, I did a comic for my friend’s comic site Cheek Humor. It’s a great stick man comic so I decided to draw a (horrible) stick man comic of my own as a tribute.