Blood runs forever

I have no idea if this was a dream or not.. last night I remember rubbing my eyes ALOT. And when I went to the toilet to look in the mirror, my eyes were bleeding! -__-“~~~~~~~ (lol)

This morning when I woke up, I checked my eyes in the mirror and they looked fine. I hope it was just a dream then. It seemed so real!

Last night I had a crazy dream- I was at the office, and I made a joke or did or said something disgusting, I can’t remember which, and one of my colleagues laughed so hard he spit water all over the floor! Everyone started laughing, including my boss. Then the other boss of the company came into the place with a client he wanted to show around. He came in the room with a client and saw the mess on the floor and was like ‘WTF?!’ and then I can’t remember what happened, but he puked as well, and so did the client. Hahahahha

If only I could recall what happened.. damn dreams! Why do you forget them so easily?!

And no this is not a joke- I’m really writing this at 7.33am- I just woke up a few minutes ago!

I clicked ‘write’ and came to this page.

It’s been awhile since I blogged, and figured that I should force myself to write something. Why?
Because I paid for this domain name and webspace! It would be a waste of money if I were to leave it stagnant. And so from today onwards, I will blog at least once every two days. Hell, on some days I’ll even blog twice in one day!

So kids, be sure to keep your fingers on the refresh button just in case I update out of nowhere. I’d update so fast it’ll be like a punch to your face (from my fist through your monitor.. yeah, its true, look closely at that faint circle in the center of your screen.. WHAM!)

Anyways, its merdeka eve tomorrow! I hope everybody gets wasted and pukes on themselves. Cos that’s something everyone ought to experience once in their life, and what better time to do it than on a day when you can wake up on not worry about looking shit faced at work or at school the next day? Exactly. And I want to plug Su Ann’s ( awesome post on Merdeka. Go read it!

So the other day I got a message on friendster about one person’s mission to bring Dashboard Confessional to Malaysia. I got linked to this website, and on it was some sort of petition. I thought, ‘hey, that’s a pretty neat idea!’ I would so kill for Dashboard to come here. And I hope it happens before I’m forty. I can’t imagine turning up at a dashboard concert in 20 years time with all these teen girls around me, and I’d be yelling to them ‘play Saints & Sailors!’ and the kids would look up to me and give me a look as if I was at a wrong concert. And someone would tell me ‘dude, that was so ’01! get with the program!’ and Chris Carrabba calls security to get the old geezer out of his concert. But anyways, if you’re a fan of dashboard, and believe in fairy tales, go to the Bring Dashboard Confessional To Malaysia Campaign website, and sign up! It wouldn’t hurt, and it wouldn’t hurt to try. Advertise it on your blog! Tell your friends about it!

And to conclude this post, I shall leave you with a drawing of some sort.

I call it ‘Tauren-style!’ Anyways, I don’t know how this sketch came about. I was just thinking, and all of a sudden I thought of a blood elf fucking a tauren. I don’t know if its male or female, but its funny as hell! Well almost as funny as the picture I drew of a teddy bear blowing himself:

Post your ugliest pic.

Well I was tagged by June a long long time ago to post the ugliest picture of myself. Since I couldn’t go through my old ass photos of me in high school I found this photo taken a few months ago when I was in Singapore. It’s pretty ugly and funny at the same time.

So I’m gonna tag everybody who has ever commented on my blog before :p Nobody’s gonna end up doing it anyway, but if you do, let me know! I’m gonna add something to it- post the ugliest picture of yourself, and post the best picture you have of yourself.

Update on the shirts: 100% of the profits will be given to charity, so its like donating rm30 and getting a free shirt or buy a shirt for rm30 and helping charity at the same time. lol

Yet another offering of random messages saved on my phone..and something to do with Kiwanis

It’s that time of the year again! When my phone keeps reminding me that I’m low on memory (maybe it is time to get a new phone), and so I have to delete all these random messages I keep saved in my phone.

Why do bikers check their wheels while moving?? Not like its gonna fall out!

Seriously, I have been driving behind way too many bikers who pull off these stunts. I mean, what the fuck are they trying to achieve? If it was something so important, couldn’t they have stopped on the emergency lane to check their wheels? These bikers have come close to causing accidents numerous times, and this trend doesn’t seem to be dying out either. One day a biker is gonna check his wheels and fly headfirst into a lorry. Then he will learn his lesson.

I hate fucking spiderwebs. Why must they spin them in places where I walk through? Don’t they know they can’t possible trap me with their puny webs?

How many of you have walked face first into spiderwebs? How many of you have actually enjoyed it? Please raise your hands. No don’t raise your hands, I can’t see you, I haven’t installed a hidden cam in your room..yet.. And for the majority of you who didn’t raise your hands (yes, I don’t know how I know you didn’t raise your hands but I know you didn’t), you understand how I feel. The feeling of something you can’t see, touching your face is just.. disturbing. (No it’s nothing like the ass of a ghost on your face, but that’s a different story for another day) I was supposed to draw a picture to accompany this message, but I forgot what I was supposed to draw, and therefore I have no picture!

You know what the best part of a song is? The chorus. Why? Because it happens at least 3 times during one song, most of the time, so it has to be catchy or something people would like listening to. That’s why good choruses are so hard to write. It can save a song with shitty verses

Don’t think that needs any additional explanation. Besides the fact that choruses are really hard to write. Good ones anyway. And I don’t think I’ve written a good chorus before.

And to end this post, I would like to advertise something that the company I work for is doing (in case you didn’t know; Inspidea)- they are organizing a fund raising event to support Kiwanis (a foundation for kids with Down Syndrome). Since I have a readership of about a thousand hits a day (I’m just kidding, I barely hit 90 haha), I’m helping to promote and advertise this event. It’s going to be held sometime in September I think, I forgot the details, I will update more when I confirm them. In conjunction with the fund raising event (there will be games, music, activities for kids), we are also selling cool T-shirts. They go for RM30 a piece and if I’m not mistaken all proceeds will go towards charity (again, I’ll need to get my facts straight :P) but anyhow they are really well designed. In fact I got myself 2 of them. Here are some product shots of the shirts for sale:

Each one has an interesting science fact except for the last one which has the names of the people involved.

Do you know? Eating banana makes people happy

Do you know? 70% of your body weight is made of water

Do you know? Just like thumb print, all of us have different tongue prints

So if you guys are interested in purchasing these shirts for a good cause, let me know! Leave a comment, SMS, or send me and email/add me on msn:

I will post more updates about the shirts and upcoming events. Stay tuned!

Slogans (and the next Harry Potter book)

A few days ago, I entered a contest at the Shell petrol station. Pump thirty bucks and you get to win something. I don’t even know the prize. Petronas had something similar too, and even better prizes- you could win cars! But you know why I didn’t enter that one? Because it required a slogan. Fucking slogans.

You know what puts people off entering contests? Slogans. I would have entered like a thousand contests in my lifetime if it wasn’t for their slogans.

Maybe its to stop people like me from entering. Maybe. But I just hate slogans! And they always limit you! To twenty words or less! That makes you feel like such an idiot when you can’t even come up with enough words to cut down! You’d wish it was a limit of 6 words!

And when the limit is 6 words, somehow you come up with the next Harry Potter book that doesn’t suck- but then you have to shorten it, and it becomes a piece of shit!

(The next Harry Potter book, Harry Potter X)

I don’t care if it looks more like a softcore porn book than a book about magic and wizardry.
Oh, it’s also going to be the first Harry Potter book where the ‘children’s version’ get the boring cover instead.

(No colors because my monitor is busted at the moment- it’s not showing any reds, so I’m partially color blind on the pc)

Of horror shows.

You know what’s the problem with our country?
Mirrors. Yes, mirrors. We have mirrors everywhere!
And what’s the last thing you wanna look at after watching a horror movie? A mirror!
Especially when you are washing your face.

When you close your eyes, and lower your face to the sink to rinse off the soap, when you pop back up, you expect to see some ghost standing next to you, ready to eat your soul!

Damn I fell off my stool after typing that last sentence. Must be the poltergeists in my room. (No really, I fell off my stool, don’t think I have any ghosts in my room though.)