So I was supposed to write something below this..

It’s been ages since I last wrote something down here. I’ve been busy with work (as usual).
Only time I get to unwind is when I get home and during the weekends. Where I mostly do nothing productive, because it feels so good to not do anything productive when you’ve been spending the whole week being productive at work.

I bought a new sketchbook, so I should be drawing more. Been ages since I’ve drawn or painted anything. I use the mouse too much at home (playing dota lol). Going jamming tomorrow. Potential new band mate? I don’t know.

There’s so many things I want to do, but I haven’t. Yet.

I seem to have lost focus in life. I might be spiritually dead too. The body is as weak as its mind.

You don’t deserve to be called a lady, so I’ll call you a whore
(james write it down, new lyrics for S!TA)

RIP Oink

Back home I am!

So after a week, I have finally returned home!
My heart is mended.. I mean my car XD
I will post pictures of her beautiful ass up soon. She looks brand new! If only they applied the same treatment to the rest of the car!

I’m kinda tired to blog now, plus I gotta wake up in a few hours, so I’ll leave for now.

Welcome back George!

Alive and well,

I am.

Been spending the past few days as a traveler. Or a nomad as I like to call myself (it sounds way cooler).
The car should be ready in a few days. Then I can cruise around inviting more reckless people to drive into my vehicle 😀

No I’m just kidding. I like cars with symmetrical bumpers. Yes Andre, despite what you think, I do.

I facebook alot on my mobile phone now! It’s pretty entertaining if you have nothing better to do while taking a dump. So if you leave me messages or write on my wall- I can reply! Haha.

Ever wonder why it seems like everybody is born in October? I guess the new year really puts parents in the mood for lovemaking.

5.40am, and I’m still awake, rereading old entries on my old blog.

just the thought of her alone sends my heart beat racing..i wish this night could last forever/ her palm pressed against mine..fingers intertwined/ i could go on driving forever, just me and her..just me and her

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Dreams are fucking amazing.

The opposite of smart.

So today I was driving home, and there were two mat rempits racing on the same lane as my car– in the opposite direction. Now I’m no genius, but I do know that it is a fucking stupid thing to do. Seriously, how many deaths do they need to get it through their thick heads (thin helmets) that what they do is idiotic? It is like giving a bunch of chimps the abilities to ride a bike. No wait, I think even chimps would fare better than their more ‘evolved’ cousins.

Why are these people acting like menaces in the first place?! It’s not like they’re longing to belong to the world. They are not ‘goths’ or ’emos’. They are a subculture of morons. And not only are they doing it, their kids as well! Most of them starting from bicycles and soon after, motor bikes. If there’s one thing Malaysia needs, it is a ‘Hitler’ to eradicate this scum. Or maybe just a ban on 2 wheel bikes. (You never see tau foo fah sellers attempting these stunts!)

Good thing for those 2 bikers I don’t drive a Hummer. Or I would have gladly plowed into them headfirst. Nah I’m just kidding. If I was rich enough to own a Hummer, I would hire someone to do it for me so I wouldn’t get caught.

Riding your bike like superman doesn’t make you strong like superman. You ride headfirst into a lorry, you DIE.
And superman doesn’t need to ride a bike in the first place.