Want to sixty-nine?

So the other day I was chatting with James online and somehow he convinced me to buy a lottery ticket. So a few days later, I headed to the Sports Toto place nearby my office and bought a ticket. I spent RM5 on it. The number?

James’ reasoning behind the number – ‘Want to 69?’ That was enough for me to go out and buy it.

Now when I told one of my friends this, he said that there was no way in the world I would win. His reasoning? Cos it was a ‘stupid’ number. And it wasn’t a ‘winning’ number. To him, a ‘winning’ number would be one taken from a car accident or something auspicious.

James told me my next ticket number should be -2969. (To-night-sixty-nine)
A sure fire winner!

* * * * *

The other day my boss decided that watching Prison Break on a standard sized monitor wasn’t enough.. so he took away my dual monitor set up and gave me a wide screen monitor in place. So now I enjoy PB on widescreen!

(totally made up story about the Prison Break bit, but the rest is true :p)

White gloves, white helmet, white motorbike, white stripe.

Today every traffic cop was on my side.
It was crazy.

It reminded me of one of those days I had before where I thought I was going to die- every light was green, and everything was going according to plan. I thought it was my final day on Earth.

Usually traffic police annoy the fuck out of me. I really see no reason why they should override traffic lights. Unless the traffics lights are not working of course. They let cars go when it is red, and stop cars when it is green, letting whichever side they feel like letting go, go. Depending on the weather/their mood/or whether they are having their periods.

Anyways, I used to take this road where I would always be on the unfavored side of the evening traffic cop. I would wait at some 1km stretch of road for like 30 minutes cos he would let 3-4 cars go, and then stop us from proceeding any further. I had to resist the urge to get justice blood under my wheels.

But I’ve always wondered. Why place a cop there when the lights are doing their job? Don’t they trust a simple algorithm that was created specifically to change the color of lights after a certain interval? Must they risk the lives of policemen? How do you think they feel? Standing in the middle of a busy fucking road with cars coming from all directions. Practically naked besides a whistle and some white gloves (clothes won’t save you from getting run over). All these cops have are their own wits and their trust of Malaysian drivers to obey his (yes his because I have yet to see a female traffic cop) waving hands (but then George, why did you say period? because I felt like it).

Traffic lights work fine, but the PeRson In Charge (PRIC(k)) decides he needs some cops to do the job of something that’s already doing its job. Do you see the logic in that? All our money that is spent on roads- all wasted? Are they funding the cops and the lights? Isn’t that redundant? Why not just have one?

Can cops be bribed to let you go first? I’d like to think that if I slipped a cop a rm5 note he would blow the whistle and let my car go.

You know when your country is fucked up? When people who live in it consider bribery normal, and essential to survival.

The Girl Next Door/The Boy In Your Anus

astrovenom says:
i hate it when girls always call themselves ‘the girl next door’

astrovenom says:
they’re not the fucking girl next door

astrovenom says:
nobody stays next door to me!

Andre ? says:
what the fuck is the girl next door mean anyways

astrovenom says:
the girl who lives next door

astrovenom says:

astrovenom says:
i dont fucking know

Andre ? says:
who says it?

astrovenom says:
you never hear the phrase ‘boy next door’

Andre ? says:
what girl is online at this hour lol

astrovenom says:
like bloggers and in online profiles and stuff

Andre ? says:
and chatting

Andre ? says:

Andre ? says:

astrovenom says:
lol not chatting

astrovenom says:
just reading stuff

astrovenom says:

Andre ? says:
i dont even know what it fucking means

Andre ? says:
i dont think they do either

Andre ? says:
just some cool phrase to adopt lol

astrovenom says:
im gonna be a ‘the boy in your anus’

Andre ? says:

Andre ? says:

Andre ? says:

astrovenom says:

A series of unfortunate events.

Today was a pretty eventful day.

I took my car for servicing in the morning. Some of my speakers are busted.

I had to go to work (not for the whole day, but still!).

My atm card got stuck in the machine– and came out a few minutes later. (I panicked for a moment)

A friend of mine had his house ransacked. But the robbers were pretty stupid– they left 2 laptops, an iPod and a ps3 alone, while rummaging through the whole house and only taking some alcohol.

I heard another story from another friend: his uncle gave a robber a cash check. The robber tried to cash it in at a bank..and he got arrested on the spot. LOL

I watched Beowulf in the cinema and it was probably one of the worst movie experiences I’ve ever had. Some asshole sat next to me and throughout the whole show he kept talking out loud! To his friend! Who was seated a some couple of seats away! Behind him! Whenever some titties came on screen or something exciting happened, he would go ape shit and mutter some unintelligible sentences. I wonder what would happen if he ever saw a real girl naked in front of him. He would probably die or something. And he wasn’t even sitting in the right seat! And to top it off- he was one smelly fucker. People like him don’t deserve to watch movies in cinemas. In fact, they don’t even deserve to watch movies.

One more person to add to the list of people I hate.

But Beowulf was a pretty good movie. The graphics were amazing (though some parts reminded me of Shrek), and storyline just passable. But it could have done with more action sequences. But it was an enjoyable movie. Some parts were censored in the cinema though. Gotta get the dvd version to see what was cut out.

On the way home I encountered another bunch of mat rempits. Doing ‘superman’ and weaving in and out of traffic.

Its been awhile since I’ve had any awesome dreams. Work is stressful like a motherfucker. It’s still the same, it hasn’t changed, but I don’t know why it’s gotten harder. And is it so hard to learn from mistakes? Fuck! I thought humans learn that fire is hot by touching it. They never make the same mistake again. Maybe I should bring a fucking torch to work and burn some fingers each time someone sends me a half-assed done scene.

Prawn Mee/ Piracy (wow they rhyme!)

I used to love eating prawn mee when I was younger. Back when I used to live in Happy Garden, I would go to this prawn mee stall nearby Pearl Point Hotel every weekend. I haven’t been there in awhile, but it’s one of the best prawn mee places I’ve ever been to.

I haven’t had prawn mee in ages. I don’t particularly miss it. But it’s one of the better types of soup noodles you can get. It’s tastier than most fish ball soup noodles. There’s a really great fish ball noodle place in Jalan Loke Yew.

Everybody has their own preferences. Some of the food I like might taste like shit to you. Not literally I hope, cos not alot of things taste like shit.

But you know what rhymes with shit? Hypocrite.

There are alot of hypocrites in the world. But there are some that annoy me more than others. Today we’ll talk about the people who look down on people who use fake LV (or other similar branded) bags- yet use a pirated version of photoshop to modify pictures of themselves. Talk about hypocrisy!

If you’re dissing someone for using a fake bag cos they can’t afford it, and modifying pictures of your camwhoring photographs with a pirated version of Photoshop- you should be ashamed of yourself.

If you want to do that, stick with GIMP. or Paint.

“People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

(Adobe Photoshop CS3 – $999.00 (for the full extended version, standard/elements/upgrade versions are cheaper)
LV bag – $900+ (depending on design, some even cost less than that)
So you could say they cost roughly about the same. I think if you’re rolling with a LV bag, buying an original version photoshop should be no problem for you.)

R.I.P. Demonoid
“The CRIA threatened the company renting the servers to us, and because of this it is not possible to keep the site online. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.”

4.5 Pictures

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any pictures, so I figured I’d spice things up here. And I’m trying as hard as I can to do the one post every 2 days but it’s hard! Once I stop something, I find it hard to pick up again. So I’m trying to get into the habit of doing useful things: writing, and drawing.

I find it so easy to make empty promises as well. Especially when I’m making them to myself. Fuck!

Procrastination. Another bad habit to get rid off. Ever since college I’ve been trying to get rid of it. I do it for like one week, but then go back to my old self again. Late nights, 24 hour days, sleepless nights, whatever you wanna call it. Not fun at all.

Working life is reminding me of the last few weeks of college- working non-stop, deadlines just around the corner, and people who don’t make your life any easier.

My car came back beautiful:

Good job workshop!

I bought an mp3 modulator thingy the other day. Now I can listen to my mp3 player through my car radio! I’ve saved a few hundred on a new cd player. Awesome. If you look carefully, you can see that I’m listening to Four Year Strong, because that’s what real men listen to. They’re probably one of the fucking best bands out there right now, and if you disagree you’re probably deaf- or just not manly enough.

I’ve never listened to a band that pwned this much before.

Jason said in my new display pic I look like Rick Moranis


My name is HP

This is one of the funniest youtube videos I’ve seen in awhile. And I still re-watch it occasionally. I probably linked so of you guys to it before, but if I haven’t, check it out. Harry Potter in the hood:

(still wracking my brains trying to come up with something to write about. I guess not much has been happening in my life recently :/ And I’m still no closer to my new year’s resolution)