Black cats

I’m back home!
Spent the last couple of days in Singapore and JB. It was a fun trip despite the small group this year. We even met the famous youtube star: ling86! That was pretty cool. I got to drive an M3 😀 Buy a shirt, get tooled at the same ice-cream shop, eat ramen ten and pepper lunch, look at pretty girls at starbucks (lol) and walk around alot. I didn’t take any photographs cos I didn’t bring my camera along so I’ll have to get them off Ferhan’s awesome camera.

Anyway, the point of my post is actually about an idea I had which I thought was pretty cool when I thought about it last Friday morning. But now after awhile it’s just so-so. I’ll just share it anyway– (the message saved on my phone:) black cats aren’t bad luck! Driving in the dark- see a brown cat on the road, swerve to avoid it, crash and die. Drive on the road, you don’t see a black cat, run over it, and you don’t swerve, crash and die. Basically I was thinking of how ‘bad luck omens’ could be reversed into good luck instead. Could be for a short 4 panel comic or animation clip under 1 minute. There’s so many superstitious ideas out there, you can’t run out of material!

Sometimes my dreams can continue! It’s like a tv-series in my head! Of recent I’ve been dreaming about staying in a house in some nice fancy place. I don’t know if it even exists, but it’s in this super nice high-class area, with flowers, peach colored walls and hot neighbours. I keep dreaming about that same place. I don’t know what it means. Maybe it’s a vision of where I’ll be living in the future. Or it could be interpreted as something else. Any dream analyzers here? Haha.

After watching Superbad I’m inspired to draw more dicks! That movie rocks. Seriously. One of the funniest ‘high school films’ since Napolean Dynamite and The Breakfast Club. A must watch!

Merry Christmas!

You know you’re getting old when your definition of a good day is reaching work on time.

The other day I had my job appraisal and it was pretty much full of shit. I haven’t been living up to my bosses’ expectations for the past couple of months and I guess it showed. Not being able to lead well, missing deadlines, proposing stupid ideas, slacking at work, and so on. My fault? Probably. The incompetent.. whatever. Since when did I start ranting about work anyway? haha.

I got the whole week to think of 3 goals which I want to set for myself next year. And one of them has to be related to work. It’s kinda important. I guess its gonna determine my future in the company. However bleak/promising it seems/sounds.

Anyways, onwards to less depressing stuff– it’s baby Jesus’ birthday today! (not according to some people though).

SmartTAG should be renamed to DumbTAG. Because the amount of jams it causes is appalling. I face the DumbTAG jam at least once a week. I don’t get how the shitty thing malfunctions once in awhile. Shouldn’t it be working all the time or not at all?! I, myself have caused such aforementioned jams and have nobody to blame but the little white box on my dashboard. Kinda embarrassing having to turn on your hazard lights, reverse and switch lanes. But it’s not uncommon and people expect these kinds of anomalies to happen.

Just like timing. Is there any other country in the world with Malaysian Time? Are we so backward that even our concept of time has warped with our brains? And the other day I heard about people getting arrested for downloading stuff off the internet? You know, if stuff was actually available for purchase here, people wouldn’t have to download so much shit. I for one would gladly buy CDs of the bands I listen to if I could actually find them in CD stores here. What about tv shows? Why can’t we get comedy central? or Fox? seriously, Astro doesn’t need so many channels. More than three-quarters of those channels are shitty. What’s with the mentality of quantity over quality?

Which brings me back to.. and we’ve come full-circle again.

Have yourselves a Merry Christmas and a fucking brand new year.

Here’s something that I think would make even Julius proud


Something is very wrong with the world

I was just going through my stats the other day, and here is the list of top 10 searches people use to get to my site:

And i’ll go through each of them one by one.

1. fucking girl
I guess it’s not an uncommon topic to search for in this age of internet pornology. But why people would come to my blog instead of a porn site for ‘fucking girl’ amazes me. I don’t even have anything remotely erotic in my blog! Maybe I should write something erotic one day. Test my sexual writing skills. *notes down in list of things to do for my blog to get more hits*

2. my car stories
What do people expect to find anyway? Car stories? Man, never in my life have I ever loaded google, and typed in ‘my car stories’. What did these people expect to find? Stories of me getting blown in the car? (lol) Maybe its time I change my domain name to something less sexual 😀

3. sometimes i feel like ontime
I searched my own blog for this and found nothing! I don’t even know how my site came up in the search results for this. I don’t even know what ontime means for goodness sake!

4. why it wouldn’t be nighttime without the moon
This has probably got to be the most intelligent query ever. Too bad the person who came to my blog searching for info to writeup his thesis probably thought my post was a load of shit. haha

5. summoning a succubus
I don’t recall ever writing about such a topic. But if something like that, head over to this site which teaches you “How To Summon A Succubus
In 10 Easy Steps”
. I kid you not.

6. prawn noodle
I blogged about it awhile ago, so I guess its no big deal. Interesting that people would search for prawn noodles in the first place.

7. fuck girl picture
Shows what kind of people search for these kinds of pictures- people with bad grammar. And again, I have NO idea how people even find my site using that string. I mean I enter it and get a shitload of porn sites! is nowhere near the top.

8. build in shower
Again, the absurdity of the search scares me. I have no idea what it means, and I’ve only written one post about showers and it has nothing to do with ‘build in shower’.

9. opposite of smart
my blog appears in the top 2 result, I guess cos I have a post titled ‘the opposite of smart’. makes me wonder why people didn’t just type in ‘dumb’. lol

10. naked motorbike
Even Su Ann was stunned by this. I too was rendered speechless. WTF is a naked motorbike?!?! Do motorbikes even have clothes? haha.

The internet is full of strange people. And so is comic fiesta.

Gayest moment of my life- when me (seng yip and james as well) thought this girl was pretty hot. From far. And then discovering she was a HE.

CF really inspired me. I’m gonna start my own comics and sell them next year. YEAH!. (right)

Morning Sketch

So I went to Comic Fiesta.. it was a pretty interesting experience. Will upload some pics once I get them from James. I bought a few books. Supporting the local art scene. Maybe one day I’ll even open up my own booth and sell my own stuff there.

Just now while chatting, I just took my stylus out and started drawing circles on the screen. Next thing I knew, I felt like drawing something. So I did a quick 10 minute self-portrait. No lights on in my room, just this monitor and a mirror next to my monitor to look at.

Feel free to comment/criticize/wank to this picture ^.^ (damn I have buck teeth! and i couldn’t do the floral print on my pj’s. too hard :p)

Photography is my passion. (bullshit)

Been awhile since I uploaded some photographs taken with my camera phone. Well my phone doesn’t have blue tooth, and the infra red cable i have doesn’t seem to work the phone, so I’ve been sending photos from one phone to another phone with blue tooth, and from that phone to my pc. Nice.

The other day I went for TJ’s performance with his church band 1am at Bangkok Jazz. I took this photograph and happened to notice the tagline for Bangkok Jazz above the stage ‘Sinfully Yours’. I thought that was pretty ironic. Haha

This was at the airport in Phuket.. look closely and you can see signs to gate 66, and 6. Weird cos the numbers were from like 1-10, and then all of a sudden there was 66..evil shit

This is how you sleep at work. HAHA. (Pictures taken and posted without permission, sue me Jason!)

Been awhile since we’ve had some rice on the site. This one is bad!

Score thief

You know what I like to do at arcades?
I watch people who play games, finish off the boss, and leave right after that. I stay till the credits are over, and when it says ‘enter your initials’ I put mine in.

Are rapper names getting more ridiculous each day? The other day I was flipping through the newspaper and there was a new rapper called ‘Soulja Boy’. That wasn’t the worst part, throughout the whole interview, he kept talking about money- making it and spending it. That’s it! Every question he just answered with something about money.

Is it just me or does Michael Jackson have a problem saying ‘thriller’ in his own song, Thriller?
It sounds like he’s saying ‘D love!’ or ‘Three love!’ or ‘Tree Lor!’. It sounds like everything except Thriller! How can someone sing a song when they can’t even pronounce its title?!

Someone recommend this movie to me and now I’ve been recommending this movie to everybody: Zeitgeist. It’s an online indie movie about conspiracies. If you like conspiracies, you have to watch this. It’s like the Da Vinci Code on steroids. Insane shit. It’s about 2hours long, so grab a nice chair and enjoy the ride.