Farewell dad.

I’ll see you soon 🙂

I now have a chair in my room which spans about 1/3 of my room’s width (my room is that small). I can walk around less than half of my whole room.

The Red Packet.

So I just finished counting all my angpows. This year I managed to gain RM 250. If I included the RM150 I lost to gambling then I would have a whopping RM400 (not alot I know, but what do you expect from someone who went to less than 5 different houses during CNY haha)

Anyway, as I was opening the packets quite a few thoughts came into my head and I decided to blog about them.

Some angpows are hard to open. Especially when they glue the flaps. Seriously, why bother? It takes time to take out the precious money and time is money! Okay that was lame.

Angpows should have a picture of the giver’s faces on them– so you recognize the stingy bastards in your family (I kid, I kid, don’t learn from me and call your relatives bastards, unless of course they really are bastards, it should be alright), and who the generous relatives (people to run to in the future when you’re on the run from loan sharks).

Angpows should be transparent! So you won’t ever be surprised by what you get anymore! Like just now when I opened one angpow, it was a fancy looking AUSSINO one don’t know who gave it but I digress, I saw a rm1 note inside, and I was like ‘wow, who gave me rm1?’ then I reached in and pulled out a whole bunch of notes. There were actually two rm2 notes and an rm1 note! And I was thinking to myself, ‘rm2 notes? Can you even use them anymore?’ (of course you can haha) but imagine if they weren’t usable- it would’ve been an rm1 angpow instead! But if the packets were transparent, I would’ve been able to say ‘hey lady (I’m assuming a female gave it to me cos real men probably don’t use AUSSINO angpows)- these notes aren’t usable, why don’t you give me the other angpow with the real rm5 notes instead?’ Then she blushes and hands me over an angpow with real value.

Till the next CNY kids!


So I caught Jumper today. And it was an enjoyable flick. Like what my sister said it’s a ‘guy’s chick flick’- it has everything a guy would want in a movie- cars, girls and special effects. But besides Hayden Christensen’s emotionless acting, the rest of the film was pretty good. His sidekick Griffin stole most of the good lines from him (he deserved them anyway), and Samuel L. Jackson is bad ass as usual. Effects were top notch, and by the end of the film it made us (actually, mostly just me) ‘jump’ all over the shopping mall and car park. HAHA. I’d give it a 7/10.

The only thing that didn’t happen that would’ve made the movie a 10/10 (IMO)-


WARNING- this post contains some spoilers

So I just came back from the cinema an hour ago. I watched CJ7- Stephen Chow’s latest film. Halfway through the film when Dicky’s father dies, and they showed the scene in the hospital. Something hit me- the initials CJ stood for Christ Jesus! (okay if you are offended, you can close this page now)
By the end of the movie, it was pretty clear that CJ7 was a metaphor for JC-

He came to Earth by extraordinary means. So did the little alien.
He healed people. CJ7 fixed broken things, made rotten apples fresh.
He raised the dead. CJ7 raised the dead.
He died. CJ7 died.

You start to see the similarities? Anyways, the main thing was that they brought hope and love to people. And by the end of the movie, CJ7 was like practically worshiped by the little kid. The alien gave him so much hope. Maybe Stephen Chow is a Christian and is trying to spread the love of God through his movies.

Oh both CJ7 and Jesus had awesome facial hair. And the number 7 at the end of his name is such a give away! Why use a divine number if CJ wasn’t divine?

And Kitty Zhang is teh hawtness.

Nine in the afternoon

Everybody needs to listen to this song. NOW.

Panic At The Disco’s “Nine In The Afternoon” off their upcoming album, “Pretty. Odd.” (release date: March 25th)

Happy Chinese New Year a few days too late

Like what the title said- Happy Chinese New Year! I’ve been really busy, going out everyday, coming home beat and too tired to post anything. Once working life resumes next week, expect some updates. I haven’t opened my ang pows yet so I have no idea how much money I got this year, but I haven’t made any money from gambling. I lost RM30 to Alvin on New Year’s Eve but pwned him upside down in dota later, which wasn’t worth it. Haha

Other than being busy with CNY stuff I’ve actually been doing some art at home! *Gasp* sounds insane right? I might even get a DA account soon! And join the ranks of those self-proclaimed ‘camwhore artists’. Just kidding, I rarely point the camera at myself, but I do paint on my pc though. And I’ve been working on this comic with James (well he wrote the story, and designed the characters etc, all I’m doing is the drawing and painting). Here is a capture of work in progress-

Line art in MSPaint and painted in Photoshop

That’s all for now. No tentative release date (it was supposed to be 2 weeks ago lol), but I can say expect the first chapter in the near future. Now I’m off to get ready to go out again.

The return of the lamb.

I had a two dreams last night.

First dream-
I went to church. There was a cell group meeting going on and when I went into the room and sat down, all the people in my cell started whispering to one another. And then suddenly, one person started clapping, and then the whole room followed. It was like a miracle had happened or something. Then I woke up from my dream and thought, ‘hey! maybe it’s a sign to go to church’. I checked the time- it was 11. I was late. Then I went back to sleep.

Second dream-
This one was pretty stupid. It was so random. It started out at work, and I got a call from Alvin and the IMU bunch to go play DOTA at some cybercafe nearby. I tried to start my car and it wouldn’t start cos it was on all night playing music. Somehow in my dream I confused the music coming from my pc was coming from the car instead :p After that, when I reached the cafe and was looking for parking, my car somehow folded up into some pocket sized thing and I was carrying it in my hand looking for a cheap car park. And then I don’t remember what happened after that and I woke up.

“Dedication takes a life time, dreams only last for a night” – All Time Low

Movies worth watching.

So this is just a filler post, haven’t come up with anything substantial 😛
but anyway, recently I’ve been watching a few movies and here are my opinions on them:

Cloverfield : This movie should have been titled: NOKIA. Haha..anyways I thought it was over-hyped. Not a bad film by any means, but I really expected much more after hearing about so much about it. I loved the whole concept and idea, and thought it was shot really well at the beginning (Beth..mmmm), but towards the end it got a bit boring for me. 6.5/10

John Rambo : 2 words- fucking violent. Definitely not for people with weak stomachs. But if you can stand the gore (like me) then it is a truly enjoyable movie. Action packed, though quite short and the way the last battle ended seemed pretty weak. But definitely worth re-watching on DVD. 8/10

Meet the Spartans : funny from the beginning to end (literally– stay after the credits, LOADS of extra footage). Some semblance of a story line (the 300), and loads of modern pop culture references. So if you’re not up to date on what’s going on in Hollywood and the internet you probably won’t get quite alot of the jokes (like almost half of the screening room I was in- hardly anybody laughed at the youtube part for some reason!) loads of great gags, though I thought the dance-off was too long. 7/10 just cos it kept my sides splitting from start to finish.

Sweeny Todd : I’m a sucker for musicals. I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a movie musical that I’ve watched so far. Sweeny Todd is no exception. Right from the beginning all the way till the dramatic finale I enjoyed every bit. Great style, art direction and even vocal performances. I didn’t expect the twist at the end either. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp should just get married and keep making movies together. 9/10.

Okay that wasn’t too many movies..but may my post be somehow useful in someway to somebody!