Digging through your hard disk yields hidden treasures

So I was cleaning up my hard disk and came across this video. I had no idea I even had it, and well here it is:

Win Yew and George singing Saosin’s I Can Tell.. in the key of off-key major. lol

This was taken on the way to college about a year ago if I remember correctly.

Oh, and the trailer for the cartoon I’ve been working on in Inspidea is finally up! Check it out!
Goddamn I’m proud of it! Can’t wait till its out and hopefully there’s kick-ass merch for me to collect. Combo Ninos uniform, anybody? or Ninos plushies? 😛

Movies are based on life

It’s been awhile since I wrote about my life (who am I kidding?). It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything story-like. The following post is a poor excuse (lol).

The story started a few months ago after I had my car accident. I went to the workshop to claim insurance for the accident, and realized that my car’s registration card wasn’t updated with my current engine’s serial number. So we passed the card to a mechanic who gave it to his runner to do the job. But before the number was changed, our insurance guy told us that it wasn’t necessary because the engine was still the same cc etc, so it wasn’t a big deal. So we managed to get the insurance crap done without any hassle. We forgot all about our card.

Fast forward to last week. My car’s road tax and insurance were expiring in a week (26th of March to be exact) and the car’s registration card was nowhere to be found. After ransacking the whole house with no results, I finally decided to ask my dad (who wasn’t in the country) and he told me that the card was with the mechanic. I gave him a call and he said he had no idea where the card was and that he would look around.

In the mean time I contacted the insurance guy and he told me he couldn’t renew my insurance if I had no card to renew the road tax, plus it was pointless for him to do so anyway. So I began hassling the mechanic, calling him everyday, asking him about it. After a few days, the mechanic told me that the card was with his runner.. and his runner was dead.

And so what was the situation? The runner’s business was passed onto his son, and so now his son was in charge of everything- but he had no idea where everything was.

Yesterday I called up the mechanic, and still the card was nowhere to be found.

Today I called up the insurance guy and asked what were my options. He told me it was find the card, or I was pretty much fucked, cos filing a lost report required my dad to fly back from the states (which wasn’t going to happen) and there was no other way around it. My road tax would be expiring on Wednesday, and that would pretty much be the end of me driving that car unless some miracle happened.

1.40pm, I gave my mechanic a call. Hallelujah! His runner (now, dead runner’s son) found the card! It was in pieces in the rubbish bin under their paper shredder! Just kidding. It was intact, and everything was okay. To conclude the story- I took a half day emergency leave from work to settle everything, and managed to get stuck in a 2.5 hour jam on the way home in the evening (fucking SMART tunnel should be renamed DUMB instead). And that kinda concludes a short chapter in my boring day.

I like the part where the fate of my car (more like my life) was determined on one man’s ability to find the golden piece of paper in time. Just like how movies are played out- heroes saving victims just before they get shot or thrown off a cliff. I just hope this doesn’t happen to me again. Not a movie I’d like to star in twice.

Out come the claws

I have a confession to make.. I watch Malaysian Dreamgirl.
I bet that was abit unexpected. But then again, I’m always full of surprises- next thing you know, I’m gonna have some nuffnang ads on my site.

Just kidding. Haha.

But yeah I’ve been watching MDG and wow, those girls are vicious! I don’t know if it’s just me or whether they do it just cos they’re on camera, but most of their comments towards each other are pretty spiteful despite the show only being 4 episodes long (as of now I haven’t watched the 5th one). And its not like the show is scheduled to run 7 episodes long right? Spread the drama out! 2 girls have already quit. I found that pretty funny- it’s like they couldn’t even get the girls to stay on long enough to be voted off.

Other than those minor gripes, the show has been pretty interesting and there are some pretty hot girls on the show. And if it matters, my bet is on Cindy. HOT HOT HOT. *drooool* Full of love and care? Winner of winners? Bachelor in Contemporary Arts? Where do I sign up?? but why did they have to cut her hair?! I re-watch Episode 1 just to see her in that red dress. mmmmmm

So, the other day I was watching MDG and realized she had a tattoo of a bar code on her arm! How cool is that?! I wonder what her serial number is. Anyways this idea just popped into my head and I painted it-

Viola! Malaysian Dreamgirl fanart!

(will someone submit my blog entry into the dreamgirl blog contest? I really want the RM500 Wella Professionals hamper or Escada fragrances. I kid, I kid!)

Valentine Day Nightmare

(this was originally posted on Undeniablyso.com)

Valentine’s Day; I remember back in GIS you could pay a certain amount, and they’d send chocolates and/or flowers to whoever you wanted in school. I think this was one chump activity I never partook in.

George had this crush on the new girl in school and he had sent her chocolates, hoping to score some brownie points with her. His kind and generous gesture wasn’t appreciated as the chocolates were sent back. Ouch. He ended up eating them himself, eating his misery as he put it.

He also tried calling her, to which she answered, yelled at him along the lines of “I’m not interested in you!” before proceeding to hang up. Double ouch.

A couple of years later after high school we actually bumped into her at the food court, George and her chatted amicably, I’d like to think that she probably thought that it wasn’t one of her proudest moments either, but hey we were all young once.

I realize this would have made more sense to post on Valentine’s Day but I forgot I had this little gem saved, now’s a good time as any I suppose.

Politics Schmolitics

People say that I’m stupid not to vote. Or that I’m irresponsible and that people like me are the reason why our country is in such a sad state.

Then I started to think about it. Let’s say the battle is won/lost (depending on whether you support the government or not) by one vote. One vote. Technically it could have been my vote- but because I didn’t cast it, wait let me rephrase- exercise my rights because I live in a democratic country, one party lost/won. But then I thought some more- in a country that divided we’re pretty much fucked anyway. Nobody’s gonna make all their promises come true, and even if they do, it won’t necessarily make Malaysia a better country.

What if BN has been winning just because people believe in them? And that all the scandals and rumors you hear about were just stirred up by the opposition? Well until someone implements a voting system where you have to reveal to everybody who you’re voting for, nobody will truly know if the numbers have been tampered with or not.

Oops, strayed off topic there. Back to where I was- not voting. I’m not a fan of politics (makes me sound ignorant, I know) and don’t bother keeping up with any of that bullshit. Because I’m not blaming the current government for how our country is now, rather I would like to blame our ancestors. The ones who decided that ‘oh shit! Malaysia should be its own fucking country!’, ‘Yeah! Let’s get rid of the British!’, ‘I don’t think it’s a good idea, but we’ll have a country to call our own!’ and called for independence. Seriously.

What was so bad about being under British rule? Were they treating us badly? Were we slaves? Were they giving us a hard time? No, I don’t think so! I wasn’t alive back then, I wouldn’t know. But I’m pretty sure if they stayed on, we’d be a hell lot better than this sorry excuse of a country we have. The only thing good about being third world is that everything here is cheaper. And we have a lot of greenery (undeveloped areas lol).

But really, imagine if they didn’t set us free. Maybe we’d trading in Euros or Pounds. Maybe our government wouldn’t be so corrupt. Maybe we might have more cultured people. Maybe we wouldn’t have mat rempits. Maybe we would be buying Les Paul guitars real cheap. Maybe awesome bands would come down here. Maybe we might even be on the map.

The only things I ever hear people praise Malaysia about- the good food, the cheap (pirated) goods, and the nightlife. I guess all that makes Malaysia such a great country.

“The Federation of Malaya achieved independence from the United Kingdom on August 31, 1957.” Maybe the biggest mistake we ever made.

Some Youtube videos

Messed up, but funny shit :p

Awesome performance, and Mayday’s drummer looks like Ferhan lol

This video never fails to make me laugh

and lastly- Seng Yip interviewed me last weekend! Everything you ever wanted to know about 2StoreyHeart 😛

Bad things happen to good people. All the time.

So my car broke down on Saturday morning. To cut the long story short- my car’s timing belt broke and my car fucked up.

I thought it was pretty cool that I broke down next to a petrol station. My car seems to break down in convenient places. Anyways, the fate of my car is still unknown.

Incubus perform with SAOSIN opening for them this Wednesday in Singapore. Anybody with free tickets to give me? Thought so.

Life’s been taking a downhill turn recently, so nothing too interesting to write about. I guess things can only get better.