Gig #3

I’ll be playing for the open mic at doppelganger again!
It’ll be this Sunday, 1st of June, 9pm, Marketplace KL
Like previously, it’s rm20 cover charge which gets you one drink
Benchmarx and Yuri Wong will be the main acts. For more info head over to the Doppelganger site.

I’ll be playing 3 songs on that night 😀
come, come, come! tell all your friends, spread the word!

It’s happening! (catchphrase of the year)

So recently I’ve been sketching people on LRTs, trying to improve my figure drawing skills (or lack of). Anyways, I’ve noticed one thing that happens almost everytime someone notices I’m drawing them. They give me this ‘Fuck you asshole!’ glare. Like I’m some sort of criminal. I mean come on! why are people so unfriendly looking when they know that I’m drawing them? It’s not like I’m taking their virginity!

In my mind I’m like, “just continue doing what you were doing before you noticed me, and ignore me! It’s not that hard!”

I’ve only been drawing figures, trying to get my proportions and body expressions right, I haven’t been doing any faces, so it’s not like I’m taking photographs of them, I’m only using their bodies as a reference!

So anyways, due to what I’ve been doing, I’ve observed new things about people that I didn’t really notice before. Here’s a couple of them that I saved in my phone to be blogged.

If you can’t tell how old someone is by their face, you can tell someone’s age by how their hands look. Hands don’t fool anyone, unless they’re wearing gloves. But then again, some people might just have ugly hands.

I think that’s pretty true. Old people have old hands and young people have young hands. Don’t think you can really change the appearance of your hands. I’ve seen loads of pretty, young looking women, but when I look at their hands, I notice how wrinkly and old they are. So the face can be pretty deceiving if you’re gonna use it as a measure of one’s age.

As you grow older your pants go higher.

This is something that I’ve discussed with Seng Yip before, but yeah, it seems that the older a man is (once he’s past his 30s), the higher they seem to wear their pants. Old men wear their belts under their nipples or something. If they could wear it around their necks, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Seriously.

Oh, and I got myself a deviantart account. Nothing new posted there yet, but you guys can add me as a friend 😀

So today I managed to get onto the train.

Ever get annoyed with the carriages being full in the morning? Well, have no fear, George is here!

Today I have discovered (and yet to perfect) this new technique for getting onto a crowded train. And here I am, sharing my secrets with you! Fully illustrated with easy to follow instructions that even a toddler will have no problems understanding it!

Got a tip to contribute? Want to thank me for this ingenious guide? Leave a comment!

LRT : I ride the train

As most of you know, I’ve given up on driving.. to work that is. I am now an official commuter of the LRT trains. Which means no more traffic jams for me, which means I get to save on money on petrol.. and a whole load of things. Anyway, the following email pretty much summarizes my transport situation:

From: George []
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 3:51 PM
To: ‘Jason’
Subject: RE:

LRT – 135/month = ~5 a day
petrol would probably be

This will serve as an introduction to the LRT stories I will be posting in the future.

Postal Postal Service

So I was chatting with Jason and he mentioned that his free DVD that was supposed to come with his magazine subscription was missing. So he started going on about he would kick the postman’s ass if he ever came back to return the disc. haha

Then I started thinking to myself- if i was a postman, my residents won’t be getting their mails!
I mean seriously, what does it take to be a postman? Do you have to sign some sort of trust/honesty agreement?

I mean, think of all the cool shit you can get as a postman! Everything gets sent by mail! Love letters, blackmail, money, magazines, bills, bank statements, CDs..everything!

Of course you would have to deal with the random mail bombs, anthrax packages and whatnot.. but I’m pretty sure all the good stuff you get outweighs the bad!

Alright, I’m adding working as a postman to my ‘things to do before I die’ list.

I guess I somehow knew that being a post man would be a cool job when I wanted to be one when I was a kid :p

Gig #2

Groove Junction, Sri Hartamas
Monday, 12th May
RM 15 cover charge including one drink
There will be another band performing as well

This will be the first time I’ll be playing a full set at a gig!
Bring yourself, bring your friends! Spread the word!

For more info you can contact me at: msn/facebook: or hp: 0123616973

See you guys there 🙂

I’m supposed to be the very best at what I do.

So it’s that time of the year again. Well not really. It happens more often than not.
Clearing out the saved messages on my phone!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this and my phone is clogging up. So here we go:

“Kinky prostitutes come over for great sex”

The other day when I wrote this, I guess I must have been thinking about high school. When Ian came up with this mnemonic for remembering how to sort out living things in bio. In case you don’t know/remember, it goes:

Kingdom | Kinky
Phylum | Prostitutes
Class | Come
Order | Over
Family | For
Genus | Great
Species | Sex

Good to know that I haven’t forgotten it yet!

“People who piss me off- waiters who are too damn cocky or lazy to write orders down. Or serve you the wrong food despite confirming your order with you.”

So I’m sure everyone’s experienced this before. I mean seriously, if you’re having trouble remembering things, write them down! It takes 2 seconds and saves all the trouble you go through later! I don’t know what’s wrong with these people. It’s not illegal to carry pen and paper in a restaurant! And it’s better to admit you have bad memory by jotting stuff down instead of pretending you got everything when actually you don’t.

“Man spits into helmet face guard”

Its just something funny I thought of. Imagine a motorcyclist spits out phlegm onto his face guard instead, cos its so clean he doesn’t realize it’s there. haha

“Why don’t bad guys fight among side their hench men?”

Ever watch a movie where a bad guy sends his whole army after the hero, only to see them almost killing the good guy, but not quite, then get decimated? Then the bad guy is left all alone with the hero. Again, the bad guy almost, just almost kills the hero. But he fails, and gets his ass kicked. Now imagine this- instead of just sending his goons, why doesn’t the bad guy join the fight in the first place? He’s gonna end up fighting the hero eventually, so he might as well join in when he has advantage and a higher chance of winning! (Hollywood) movies are flawed!

“I was so afraid to wake up cos I dreamt there was a roach in my room and didn’t want it to be true. Car spoiler stolen!”

That was one bizarre dream I had with 2 separate incidents. No explanation needed I guess. Unless you didn’t know I have a fear of roaches. Well, you do now!

“What drives you mad- keep on pissing someone off till they kill someone”

Haha. I think it’s an idea for a story of some sort. Kinda twisted if you ask me. Too much for my taste :p

“This evening when I was sitting by the stairs near the klcc fountain I overheard 2 men on my left talking about malaysia- ‘they can’t even manage a bus company and they want to send a man off to space’ haha!”

One of the best lines I’ve heard whilst eaves dropping.

* * * * *

Oh and my performance on Sunday was alright. I was the first open mic on stage and nervous as hell! Did alright with ‘Car Crash Hearts..’ but screwed up the ‘myspace’ song. It was a fun night nevertheless 🙂 Thanks to my roadie Jason for being the only one showing up. LOL

Looking forward to the next gig!

First gig of ’08!

And so, tomorrow will be the first time I’ll be performing this year :p I can’t wait!

Marketplace KL (visit their site for a map)
featuring SingleTrackMind, Jerome Kugan, Oh Chentaku! and other open mic acts
its rm20 cover charge which gets you 1 drink
for more info you can call the number on the flyer, or me at 0123616973. I’ll be doing only one song due to time constraints, but do stay for the other acts!

If you can’t make it to this one (or don’t feel like coming cos i’m only playing one song :p) I have an upcoming gig after next week, where i’ll be the ‘main act’ with a 15 minute set.

See you guys there!

Breaking Barriers

As I was having dinner with my colleagues yesterday, my mind wandered off for a moment. I got lost in all the multiple threads going on at once. Everyone was speaking in either Cantonese or English.

My friend asked me, “do you understand what they are saying?”
“A little here and there..” I replied.

Over the past year working in Inspidea, my skills in non-English language have tremendously improved. I am now able to pick out the main words and key phrases from Cantonese and Malay sentences and decipher the meaning of the whole line. Communicating with my colleagues isn’t much of a problem now.

Language has never been my strongest point. People shit on me for having a bad command of Malay and Chinese/Cantonese. So how come people think its wrong for me to shit on other people who have a bad command of English? What kind of one way street is that? Not that I do it anyways. The only time I ever rag on people with bad English is when they bring it up first. I’m pretty tolerant towards non-English speakers, I know just how they feel whenever I try to speak in Malay/Cantonese to them.

But I hate the fact how the alot of people think that locals who speak English as their main language, and by English I don’t mean Manglish, (as opposed to speaking in Malay/Canto) are snobbish, disrespectful, and uncultured people. Those people aren’t snobbish- they just happen to communicate better in English! If you’re gonna criticize anybody for speaking a ‘foreign’ language well, I think you should start pointing fingers at yourself for being so narrow-minded in the first place. Who knows why they don’t speak with their mother tongue.

It wasn’t a choice to choose what school you attend or the people you mixed with. You couldn’t choose what language your family used to communicate with each other. Its not like you purposely chose not to speak the local language. These things can’t be decided by you. Why don’t people look at it the other way instead- “I was unfortunate I did not get the chance to learn our local tongue” instead of “I’m too good to speak other languages besides English”.

I was born and raised by an English speaking family. I didn’t grow up on Hong Kong movies or TVB serials. Neither did I watch the locally dubbed cartoons. Does that make me any worse or better off? No it doesn’t.

And despite speaking only English, I was never really good at it. I was in the top English class for year 7, then going down to group 2 in year 8, group 4 in year 9 (i think there were 6-7 groups then), and the group 4/4 in year 10 and 11 (the lowest non-ESL group). I was in the last Malay class as well. For my IGCSEs, I didn’t get any As for English Language, Literature or Malay.

So I know my place, and I don’t act like I’m some bigshot just because I speak English. I am who I am because of everything that’s happened to me, and the result of my actions.

I’m grateful that I went to a prestigious school and met the people whom I know as my friends today. If not for this life, things might have turned out differently.

The very same night I had that conversation, I bumped into an Ah Beng in a petrol station. From the way he looked to the way he talked and walked, this dude was the real deal. And when he got into his car and sped off (you know how ridiculous cars move in real life when they’re driven by people who think they’re the stunt driver for the next Jason Bourne movie)- it was how I expected it to be. Now it was probably wrong of me to judge someone by their cover. But from what I observed, it was like skimming through his book, I had him figured out. I wonder if everyone else looks at me and stereotypes me the same way as I did to them? Of course they do.

“thick framed hair..t-shirt and jeans..this kid must listen to Taking Back Sunday..”

The encounter with the Ah Beng made me think about my past. Imagine if I was brought up in another school (no I’m not saying that kids in non-international schools turn out to be delinquents, this is just an example), and I mixed with Ah Bengs and ‘gangsters’. I could be a pedlar parading the mamaks of kl selling dvds and vcds or even pushing drugs. I might be ‘pimping’ out my Wira with unnecessary spoilers, headlights and chrome rims. Life would’ve turned out very differently for me.

So if I got the chance to do everything again, like most people would say, I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s the very same reason why I am where I am right now. It might not be where I want to be or what I hoped or wished for. But who I am is who I am now, and the only way is forward. Sure we can regret things that we did in our past, but don’t dwell on them. Just because you did something wrong in the past doesn’t mean that if you did it right back then, things would be better now. Life is unpredictable. And change is the only constant.