..I still don’t have internet. Big surprise. Haha
Blogging at my cousin’s place, just so you guys know that I’m still alive. Happy New Year to everyone, whether you’re chinese or not. Work starts tomorrow, another week to go by.

How I’ve been spending my time internetless:
Sleeping more
Going out more
Playing DOTA
Playing Guitar (new song in the works! yay!)

I recently got a new guitar 😀 and I’ll be checking out the recording studio soon, I wanna get my EP done. But I’ve been thinking of including my newer songs in my EP since they’re more ‘fresh’ but the would be out of line with the theme idea I had for my EP.. but we’ll see how things go. Anyways, I have something planned in the upcoming weeks for you 2storeyheart fans (lol all 3 of you) on my blog, so stick around 🙂 (hopefully my internet will be back soon, I’m gonna give tm yet another call tomorrow)

Still no internet at home.. I’m blogging at the office (it’s after 6 :p)

Anyway, just a reminder about my gig at No Black Tie- it’s tomorrow! And you can get tickets cheaper (RM10) if you go to the timeout kl website and print out the online coupon!

I’ll be playing some new material, so those of you (already) bored of my old songs, there’s a reason for you to go! lol. The event starts at 9, and I’ll be there to soundcheck at 7, so if you’re there earlier and have nobody to talk to, don’t be afraid to come up and say hi! Musicians are friendly people :p

For more details on the gig, scroll down a bit, or check me out on facebook or use google! I hope to see you guys there 😀

Finally, a new song

but it was nice to meet you (working title)

center stage, the stars are aligned, a special night, a special moment
23 candles to signify the start
two kids, who had a connection, one spark, divine intervention
and great conversation

i know it was brief, but you made an impression

new year’s eve, we shared our first kiss, it was awkward, and i knew that i missed
i messed up the chapter of this fairy tale
you were my princess, was i your prince? did you need saving? could you save me?
your signals were confusing

i know it was brief, but you made an impression

now you’ve packed, and you’re ready to go, on a plane, all on your own
wish i could be there to see you off
but i aim to be more than a thought, not a memory that you forgot
this song should last longer than me

i know it was brief, but you made an impression

breaking into school, laying under stars
fingers intertwined, kisses on the lips
sharing couple seats, girlfriend for a day
head pressed on my cheek, hearts beating in time

i know it was brief, but you made an impression

and I want
to be the boy that you miss
when you’re thousands of miles away
and you’re thinking of home

and I hope
that everything you do
reminds you of me and everything that we’ve done
this song is for you

I woke up this morning inspired, and wrote and did a rough recording of this song, you can check it out on myspace.

Gig #19, #20

EDIT: I’ll be performing at Youth Malaysia at PWTC tomorrow! (Saturday, 10th Jan 2009). My set will bet at 6pm, the Creative Mafia Alley (wherever that is haha). More details here. Official Youth Malaysia site. See you guys there!!

This Saturday, I’ll be playing at Youth Malaysia, PWTC. I’m not sure about the time yet, but when I get the info, I’ll update this post and facebook (George Wong if you don’t have me yet :P)


Time Out: On the Up

Wed Jan 21, 2009
Wed Jan 21, 2009
No Black Tie, 17 Jalan Mesui, Off Jalan Nagasari, Off Jalan Raja Chulan, KL.
03 2142 3737, call after 5pm
Contact Us
Entry Fees:
RM20. RM10 with the Time Out KL voucher
Advance Booking:

This will be my first gig ever at No Black Tie (w00t!), and the line up is awesome- Izzy Mohamed, Secret Love Affair, Brokenscar and yours truly, 2storeyheart! What a way to kick off the new year 😀 I know NBT is a bit pricey, but I’ll make it worth your while! haha

Spread the word! Bring everyone you know! Hope to see you guys there!

And yes, my internet still isn’t working. TM promises the 14th. Let’s hope they deliver -__-