Gig #27

If you don’t already know, I made it through the heats of the urban attic acoustic showdown (thanks to everyone who came and supported me! couldn’t have done it without you).

I’ll be playing in the finals on the 3rd of June. That’s Wednesday night. It’ll be at 10pm, Urban Attic, Cap Square kl.

Same voting as the heats- winner is determined by the number of votes received. For every rm10 you spend, you get one vote for the band category, and one vote for solo (which I’m competing in). Bring all your friends! Vote for me! I really want to win this so badly! First prize is 1k in cash and I get to do a couple of recordings with this new studio. It would help me financially and it would also help me get my music out there!

In other news, I’ve been busy writing some new tunes, and I have some new material (incomplete), so expect some new demos soon 🙂

This came in the mail.. (Gig #26)

Dear Musicians,

Thanks a lot for being a part of the upcoming “Fête de la musique” oragnized by Alliance Française in Bangsar on June 21st 2009. This year we are glad to have “TIME OUT KL” as media sponsor! The TSB stage will be named “Time Out KL stage”. Actually La Bodega stage will sound classical, traditional, accoustic and R’n’B, and TSB will be local Pop/rock/metal.
Our venues sponsors Lounge La Bodega and Telawi Street Bistro will offer a complementary soft drink to all musicians !

More than 20 bands/artists will be performing from 6pm in TSB and La Bodega Lounge.

6pm: Jaya
6:40pm: Doppleganger/Jasmine
7:50pm: Aksana Yusupova
8:10pm: Maria Raiz
8:40pm: The Snow Symphony
9:10pm Kelantan boys
9:40pm: Chandar Prakash
10:10pm: 2storeyheart
10:40pm: Cent M

6pm: Bus Company
6:30pm: Bluestankers
7:00pm: An honest mistake
7:40pm: Army of Three
8:10pm: Unexpected Mercy
8:40pm: Under Headlights
9:10pm: Pasca Tragedy
9:40pm: Andri’s Band
10:10pm: The Padangs
10:40pm: The Text Box
11:10pm: Mustard

Since our schedule will be sharp, I would ask you to respect the timing I have made (according to your wishes as much as possible).
Time of arrival at the venue should be 1 hour before your slot… please;)

The concept of the event “spontaneous performance” and open mic, so please kindly understand we can not organized a sound check and rehearsal in the venue before the show. But a maximun 10 minutes gap between each bands is plan to let your enough time to set up your instrument on the stage.

Thanks a lot for your participation,
Best Regards

PS: I will be back next week if you need to contact me.

Jennifer Deschamps
Cultural Events Coordinator
Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur
+60 (0)3 26 94 78 80
15, Lorong Gurney
54100 Kuala Lumpur
visit us:

I received this email a few days ago. I’ll be playing for the french world music festival at the la bodega stage. It’s a free gig, and there’s gonna be loads of other acts. I’ll be playing a 30 minute set, so if you haven’t seen me before, here’s your chance for the full 2sh experience! (hahaha)

Oh and last night was the first time I got recognized in public. I was in a club looking for my friends when suddenly this guy starts staring at me as if he knew me. When I got closer he approached me and said something like ‘Hey! I’ve seen you before!’.
I was like ‘You have?’.
‘You played at urban attic the other night right? I was there supporting my friends- theory of change. You sang the friendster song! Great stuff man!’
I got a pat on the back or something, and we parted. That was a funny, weird moment. haha

Gig #25

To everyone who came to support me on wednesday night, thank you very much. I love you all <3 I made it to the finals, so see you guys on June 3rd! Tonight (saturday) at 11pm, Urban Attic, Capsquare KL I'll be performing again. Luna, the organizer, sent me a message saying that they were going to promote the finalists by letting them play 3 songs and get interviewed. So yeah, if you happen to be in the area tomorrow or you have nothing to do, just drop by! I'll promise I'll do my best to put on a good show 😀

Train of Love

You know you’ve been on the LRT for much too long when you see relationships grow. I started taking the train to work about a year back? Maybe even longer, I don’t remember. When I first started taking the train there was this girl and guy who got one at different stops (one after the other) and they got off at the same stop as me.

When I first saw them, they weren’t really close. They mostly stood against the wall of the train, engrossed in their story books they would bring. When they got off the train, they would sit/stand next to each other waiting for the bus or taxi. And when they got on the bus/taxi they would sit next to each other, but they would hardly say a word to each other.

As time passed I saw them talking to each other more. And soon they weren’t reading books anymore, but chatting instead. At this point I stopped taking the LRT for awhile (cos of the landslide, I wasn’t staying at my place in ampang) and drove to work instead. Fast forward to early this year.. I think February/March, when I started taking the train again, I noticed the both of them again. But this time, they were holding hands and cuddling with each other!

It felt special. It was like watching a little bud bloom into a pretty flower.

2storey(bad)news/Gig #24

Alright, I have some bad news.

I’m not going to be releasing my EP anytime soon. Nope. The reason due to the sudden outburst of bullshit all over my life recently, I don’t have the money to finish recording all my songs- not anytime soon anyway. But not all is lost- I’m going to finish recording at least 1 or 2 songs, and release them as singles. Probably through radio stations (if they pick them up), the internet and maybe CDs at shows.

So in the meantime, I’ll concentrate on performing (hopefully getting more paid gigs) and demoing/writing new songs. It wasn’t my choice, I know I’ve been hyping and talking a lot about my upcoming EP, but I didn’t ask for shit to happen and so here I am just dealing with it.

Which brings me to my next point-

Gig #24
Urban Attic’s Acoustic Showdown
Urban Attic, Cap Square KL
10pm onwards

I’ll be playing on the 20th of May (heats), so bring all your friends and buy loads of drinks and vote for me! (even if I play badly!)
There’s a grand prize of 1k (solo act), so if I win that, that would be awesome. I can buy you back the drink that you bought to vote for me. But if I don’t win.. oh well 😛 Anyway, hope to see you guys there!

It’s been ages since I’ve played. I’m gonna try get as many shows as I can. If you guys have any contacts or want me to play for a show, just hit me up on facebook (oh I have an official facebook page now!) or drop me a comment here, or send me an email-

btw regular blogging will resume soon. I’m pretty sure most of you guys are tired of just reading song lyrics by now haha. I have loads of things to share, my phone is filled with random thoughts 😀