addressing the lack of updates

And so, I haven’t written anything new here in ages. The occasional gig update here and there, and random post once in awhile. I’ve just been busy doing so many things I haven’t felt like sitting down in front of the computer and putting my thoughts down into words. Anyway, this blog isn’t dead.. not yet anyway, but I’m going to spend less time (than I’ve already been doing haha) on it- I’ll still keep it updated with gig info (there’s always facebook for that as well if you don’t check this blog regularly). And when I do start posting.. well I will start posting. My blog isn’t my biggest priority in life right now. Got loads of shit going on, as well as loads of fun to be had.

In other news, I won the acoustic showdown at urban attic, and I won a free song recording. I recorded A Million Different Weddings, and I have uploaded it onto myspace. It should be downloadable there. If you can’t get it, just ask me to email it to you. I’ll upload it onto a file sharing site as well, soon. Finally, a studio recorded song available for download! It’s kinda raw, but it’s of good enough quality for your listening pleasure. Spread the word, share it with all your friends! I’ll try to get the song out on radio etc. Hopefully it’s good enough to be picked up 😀

Gig #28

Thanks to everyone who came and supported me on Wednesday 😀 you guys were awesome. I love you all!!!
Anyway, as you know, the winners of the showdown will get to perform a full 45 minute set this coming Wednesday (10th of June) at 10pm, Urban Attic, Cap Square KL. Hope to see you guys there!

And for those who’ve never heard 2storeyheart before, or if you wanna introduce someone to my music, come for the show! Bring your friends! and family! I’ll be doing quite a number of songs on the night! I haven’t finalized my set list yet, and I’m open to suggestions. If you wanna see me play a song, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to include it in the set list (if it isn’t already there).

The facebook invite for the event is here. On Monday I’ll be heading to the Wasp studios to get a song recorded 😀 I’m not sure how many songs I’m gonna be doing, but I’m pretty pumped to do it!

And thanks to Vanessa for recording this video of me:

Be early/on time

According to the organizers, the acoustic showdown event will be starting on time. Which means 10pm.
I’ll be there 6+ for sound check and all so if you’re afraid you come to early and you’ll be all alone, don’t fret, I’ll be there, heck all the finalists will be there 🙂

Once again, cap square kl, urban attic.

for every rm10 you spend, you get 2 votes- one for a solo act, and one for a band. I’ll be playing for the solo category, so if you are supporting me that’s where you should write my name :p

hope to see all you lovely people tonight!

2storeyheart on tv omg!

Apparently I was on for my new year’s eve performance I did earlier this year (I heard my embarrassing interview was screened too haha) but I didn’t manage to catch it- I wasn’t even aware of the screening times. But today! (Monday)
I will be on NTV7 at 9am. The breakfast show I think.

I will be interviewed and I’ll probably get to play a clip of a song. It’s all for promoting the acoustic showdown finals- getting more people to come to the show and hopefully get me more votes 😀

So, if you happen to be awake at 9am or have tv in your office this morning, then flip on to ntv7 to catch me! record it if you can, and post it on youtube haha. I’d like to see how I look on tv.

Again, I’m performing this Wednesday at Urban attic, do show your lovely faces! And drink to vote! XD