Leaving the one oh eight.

A new 2storeyheart song! Listen to it on myspace! Or download it here. I spent a few hours this evening at home recording this song, the guitar was a bitch to play. Haha. Anyway have a listen and leave your feedback! 😀

Leaving the one oh eight

So I’ve made up my mind
I’m packing my stuff
I’m letting it go
I’ll leave it behind

I know that you know that
It wasn’t an easy
Decision to make yeah
But it’s for the best

It’s gonna be a long road
And I won’t have you
You won’t have me either
You’ll find someone new

And so must I..
At least I’ll try..

I’m starting to picture
All our memories
All the times shared
With you surrounding me

I’ll miss all these four walls
I’ll miss the TV
I’ll miss all the times
You were there for me

The hour long journeys
To get to your door
And all of the storms
That I had to brave

You never asked for more..
You never asked for more..

And I’m leaving the one oh eight in shambles
Empty like a shell
That’s been abandoned, left for something better
Four blank grey stained walls

As I put the last box in my car
I closed the door, I turned and looked
At the windows looking back at me
The lights are off like faded memories
Disappearing in the dark
Every single moment that we shared together
Will forever Be part of my life

And it’s just so hard to let go
When you’re heading down on that road
Leaving what you loved behind
In hopes that you will find
It’s just so hard to let go
When you’re heading down on that road
Leaving what you loved behind
In hopes that you will find another

Random handphone notes.

You know what, I think there’s a nudist inside me. When I know I’m home alone, I walk around the house naked before I enter the shower. I have no idea why I do it, but I do.

Fuel is too cheap in Malaysia. What? Yes that’s right. Why do I say such things? Look at how many mat rempits there are on the road. Imagine if fuel cost rm10/liter. Would people still be throwing money away like that? Exactly.They wouldn’t even be able to afford it. We’d see less souped up Protons on the streets. It would rid KL of at least half it’s eye/ear sores inducing pollution. Leave racing to people in super cars with money, and on the race track.

People who get off elevators on the wrong floor are funny. Today, I was waiting for the lift to go down to the first floor, when it arrived and out rushed a lady. She took a few steps, looked left and realized she was on the wrong floor and came back in. I mean come on, she traveled down maybe two floors (I assumed she came in about two floors above me, cos the lights indicated a pause on that floor) and rushed out. If an elevator went that fast I’d be afraid.

I checked my blog stats (haven’t done that in awhile) and I noticed I still get the same amount of hits on my blog even though I don’t update as frequent as before. Who are these people?! Checking out my blog everyday for updates -_- I will try to write more. It helps keep my English in check as well. I think.

Elevator Stories.

Since I don’t live on the first floor anymore, I have to take the elevators up eight floors whenever I go out or back home (I guess I’m just too lazy to walk up and down eight flights of stairs haha.) Anyway, I noticed a few things.

People stare at the floor indicators. I think almost everyone I’ve been in the elevator with (if they aren’t engaged in conversation with someone else) just stands in their place and tilts their head back up to look at the blinking lights which indicate what floor they are on. I don’t know why people do it, but people just do it, and sometimes when I’m alone in the elevator I find myself doing it to. There must be an explanation for it! I guess maybe there’s nothing else to look at. Unless there are mirrors in the elevators or it is a glass elevator (usually not the case in condominiums).

Whenever you are in a rush, the lift is never there, ready and waiting for you to step in as soon as you call for it. Nope, never. And if it is, it probably is going in the wrong direction. One of the reasons why I prefer stairs (especially when I’m late for a movie in mega mall, stairs ftw!).

It is weird getting off the same floor as someone. Especially when it is at an ungodly hour. Every time I go in the elevator and see that my floor is already pressed, I feel like some kind of stalker. I usually make sure I exit the lift first so people don’t think I’m following them! One time, I got out from the lift with 2 other people on my floor, and they turned out to be my neighbors- one opposite me, and one next door. I had never seen them before in my life. Haha.

Well, I’ve only been here about three weeks, and I’m pretty sure I have many more years of elevator stories to come from living here. So, till the next part in elevator stories.. enjoy your vertical rides with strangers!

Life reconnected/ virgin coconuts.

So, some of you might have noticed my blog was down. But it’s okay, cos it’s now back up, and I finally have internet at home! Wheee. Anyway, I’ve moved away from landslide hill to the area where I got mugged on Valentine’s day. Haha. Such fond memories of this place I have. I’m gonna miss the old home, but we all gotta move on. I even wrote a song about it, though it’s not complete yet. Expect some new rough recordings soon 😀

In other news, work on my EP has resumed, I have 2 tracks left for vocal recording and after that it’s mixing! I will have my EP out this year 🙂 Gigging has slowed down for me, due to the lack of open mics and invitations to perform. Haha. But my little sister showed me an ad for ‘Syok Shock Student night’ at Mardi Gras 1 Utama, and apparently there are weekly open mics. So I’ll try my luck playing there.

Been playing quite a lot of DotA lately (I still suck though). But it’s real good fun. And a great way to relieve some tension after work and it is cheaper than clubbing. Haha.

So the other time I was out someplace and they had coconuts which were labeled ‘virgin coconuts’. So I was thinking to myself ‘When is a coconut not ever a virgin? Do people fuck coconuts? Then why are there labels stating it?’ If it was possible to fuck a coconut, and I saw a coconut with a hole in it, I’m pretty sure I’d stay away from it. Whether it was fucked or not. I mean come on, I’m pretty sure there are better ways to market a coconut. I think someone could call a coconut ‘trendy’ and that would be a more suitable adjective than virgin. How about immaculate coconuts? Or perfect coconuts? Hell yeah, that sounds awesome. Next time I sell coconuts in stores, I’m gonna label them perfect coconuts. And they would sell like hot cakes. Not that I’ve seen hot cakes being sold really quickly. Maybe in cold countries, or Cameron Highlands.

Wow, it’s 7am and the sun is shining brightly through the windows. And I am wide awake. Now it is time for me to go to bed.