Gig #34

This afternoon I received a last minute call to perform at Mardi Gras, 1Utama tomorrow for Syok Shock. Since I never say ‘no’ to a gig, I said ‘yes’, and so I’ll be playing tomorrow night! Time to get back into the groove. I’ve been stagnant for too long! Anyway, if you guys are free to drop by, do attend the gig and show some love 😀 Here’s the facebook event page. The gig is supposed to start at 930pm. Entry is free, and booze is cheaper than normal nights. So, make your way there!

Gig #32, Gig #33 and Twitter.

As most of you guys know, I entered ‘Library’s Got Talent’ and I’ll be playing at the first heats on the First of November. At the rehearsal I’ve seen who I’m up against, and I really have no chance at the RM30,000 grand prize. But I figured, ah what the heck- it never hurts to try, and I’m glad for the exposure/publicity I’ll be (hopefully) getting. So anyway, it’s gonna be on a Sunday night, 8pm.

The next gig I have will be some cocktail party event that my little sister had to organize with a group for her assignment. Anyway it will be at some hotel somewhere, I don’t even know the final details about it yet, and I’m not sure if it’s open to public either (I think it should be). So I’ll have to keep you guys posted on that.

In other news, I’m on twitter! Haha. I don’t use it that much, but I will definitely use it to post short blogs/gig news etc. I’ll get the widget up on this blog, In the mean time you can follow me:

Paperback observations.

Why do authors write books with pen names if they reveal their real names in the book itself? I really don’t get it! Sometimes you don’t even have to flip open the book to find out that it was written under a pen name- you can read it on the cover itself! I don’t know why, but it bothers me.

Why do women on trains wrap up their romance novels? Seriously, I’ve seen countless women on trains reading novels that have their covers wrapped with some fancy wrapping paper. They can’t fool me!

I just thought to myself- what do covers of romance novels look like? A half-naked man standing with their sculpted bodies glistening in the sunlight and a women (sometimes topless with her long hair draped over her nipples) all over him. Now I realize why women wrap up their novels.

But fantasy books have similar covers too- you get big breasted half naked women fighting dragons, but you don’t see them covering their books. I guess fantasy readers are proud to be caught reading such books. Haha.

I started (well, to be more accurate I tried) reading Shakespeare the other day, and man it was HARD! More than half the time I was referring to a dictionary to look up the meaning of some words, and most of the time I’m looking up the meaning of obsolete words which aren’t even used anymore in modern English. I thought it could help inspire me with my writing or something, but it feels like it’s more trouble than its worth. But I’m not giving up.. yet! Who knows? I might get the hang of it soon.

Gig #31

I’ll be performing at Mardi Gras, 1Utama this Thursday. 9.30pm. Come show your love and sing along 😀

I’ll be playing my new song for the first time everrrrrrr! haha

Event link here.