Twitter Widget and (Gig #41)

Yay! I officially microblog now. My Twitter posts are now up on my blog (look to the sidebar on the right). You can also follow me @goodnewsgeorge on Twitter.

I will be performing my last show of the year:

Date: Wednesday, 30 December 2009
Time: 9.30pm til late
Venue: Artista @ Tropicana City Mall

Provided there are any open mic slots left at the gig. Haha. I know, I’m so last minute and all that, but I didn’t know if I was going to be attending the gig at all. So if I don’t get to perform then my gig last week was my last one 😛 I’ll keep you guys posted on Twitter.

Happy New Year everyone! I will write something meaningful on this blog before this year ends. I’ll hold myself to it.

Gig #40

Date: Wednesday, 23 December 2009
Time: 9.30pm til late
Venue: Artista @ Tropicana City Mall

What else is new? Haha. It might be the last gig I play this year (as 2storeyheart *gasp*). Come, watch and support!

Gig #39

Just a short post:
I’ll be playing the open mic at Artista again!

Date: Wednesday, 16 December 2009
Time: 9.30pm til late
Venue: Artista @ Tropicana City Mall

Just a short update on my EP- no it is not dead, I just haven’t found the time to work on it until recently. On Monday, I completed the vocals for 1 song, which leaves 1 more to go! You guys will be in for a treat when it’s complete 🙂 Stay tuned!

Thursday Thoughts/ Toll Tales

So I fucked up my plan for this week :/ I didn’t draw on Monday, didn’t write on Tuesday, but I did play a gig on Wednesday. So I get 1/3. Figured I could right the wrong and make it 2/3 today. Hence me writing on a Thursday!

So, here’s another installment on thoughts on toll booths. I don’t know why I find them so fascinating. Maybe I’ll work in one someday just to get the experience! Anyway I was thinking to myself the other day- do toll booth workers get toilet breaks? And what if they need to use the toilet during peak hours? I figured someone would come and take their place for awhile while they were gone. But let’s say they were at the furthest end from the control center (which is where I assume the subs should be resting)- they would have to wait for the sub to get out of the center, then make his way through the lanes (waiting to make sure the barrier is down before crossing) and then swap with the worker in need. Then that person would have to go all the way to the command center as well, while hoping they can hold their shit in. Imagine being scared by a truck/car while crossing the path. You shit in your pants right in the middle of the road. Hilarious.

Then I thought to myself, maybe they don’t have to go so far- maybe they have a potty in their booth. Maybe what they are sitting on is a toilet bowl! And they actually have their pants down or no pants on at all! So they can go whenever they want to. So each toll booth is actually an air conditioned toilet. With a window. And a gate. Awesome. Imagine if your toilet was broken? The flush wasn’t working. Then the stench of shit would be in your toll booth the whole day. Not so awesome. So I went back to thinking again- maybe the toilet isn’t so far away and maybe it isn’t in their own booth. Maybe the toilets are in the Smart TAG/Touch n Go booths! I mean, those things have booths with nobody in them! Perfect places to put toilets. Nobody’s gonna go in them, and if the flush was broken, it wouldn’t really affect anybody!

I think I really need some toll booth worker to share with me what life is like working in one.

Toll booth chicks gone wild! I have no idea why I have this line saved in my phone. I think I must have thought about toll booth chicks flashing their tits when cars drive by. So wrong, I know.

I’ve seen a couple of pretty toll booth girls before. Yeah and by couple I mean 2. Maybe 3. Not a lot. I wonder why there aren’t many hot chicks working in toll booths? I think if Taylor Swift worked at a toll booth, I would purposely use that toll at a certain time, and if possible, make a U-Turn to use that toll again just to see her. More money for the highway companies. I’m happy, they’re happy, everybody’s happy, and the world is a better place!

Gig #37, Gig #38

I’ll be performing at the Library tonight (Cineleisure). The event starts at 8pm. Hopefully the judges won’t kick my ass this time around! Haha. Anyway hope to see you guys there!

My next gig will be on the following week:

Laila’s Café & Lounge
Date: 9th Dec 2009
Performance Time: 9pm

I’ll be playing a full set- 30 minutes! It’s been awhile since I’ve had one of those, so I hope to see you guys there! 😀 Laila’s Cafe is a new place (I think) and I’ve never even been there before. I’ll give you guys a treat and play some old songs I haven’t played in years. If my memory doesn’t fail me. Haha.

Here is a map to the place for those unfamiliar with it (click to enlarge):

Plastic Bags/Girls.

Have you ever wondered why a lot of plastic bags are pink/red/orange? You know, those thin bags that can be easily poked through with a finger. They come in the most horrible colors. Especially those you get from most mini marts or when you take away food from mamaks or hawker stalls.

Do you ever wonder what goes through the plastic bag manufacturer’s mind when they make these bags? “Yes, these bags are gonna look awesome in shitty pink!” I mean what color are the bags naturally? (oh the irony) I’m assuming they are clear. So do they dye those bags? I mean how do they get those colors onto the bags?

Then what about clear bags? Are they cheaper or more expensive to make? And why do clear bags seem to be stronger than colored bags most of the time? Does coloring the bag weaken the plastic? Does it matter? No. But I’ve always thought about these sorts of things. Is there a reason to everything?

Why do girls move on so easily? Is it because they don’t care as much? Why do they find it easier to let go? Do they frame their minds to perceive that guys are assholes who deserve what they get no matter what happened? Because no matter how hard I try, I can call a girl a bitch, and try to mean it but I’ll never feel that way. Like I know that it’s a lie (even though it may be true) that I can’t believe. Are girls naturally designed to move on without a second thought?

Is forever just a seven letter word?