Have a safe flight!

Today as I wished my buddy Kon Chao have a safe flight! I realized the redundancy of such a statement.
Firstly, my friend is not the pilot of the plane. He has no control over how fast or how high the plane will be flying.
Secondly, he has no control over the pilot’s state of mind. For all we know, the pilot could have been dumped just before he got on the flight. Depending on how upset he is over it, it could affect his piloting skills.
Thirdly, he has no control over the weather. Will it be stormy? Clear blue skies? Let’s not even talk about the condition of the plane, and the random terrorist hijacking or the occasional chance of a freak accident occurring (50% btw). Think of a flight as a random walk through some grass in a Japanese RPG. Sometimes you don’t encounter any enemies in one stretch, but at other times, you encounter monsters every 4 steps. Unless you have some repel on. Haha.

Why do people say inconsequential things? I guess we’ve been conditioned. Like how we reluctantly say hi or invite someone we don’t like to an event just because of courtesy. Or how we say no to that cup of vodka we drink anyway just to give face to the person who bought the bottle. And I shall end this post here just because I can.

Gig #43, Gig #44, Mini-Movie reviews

EDIT: I’ll be playing tonight at Lepaq cafe, Kelana Jaya (27th). 9PM. If you have any problems getting there, just google it or shoot me a message. See you guys tonight!

I got a message from my friend Rina this morning asking me if I would like to open for her upcoming gig at Lepaq cafe. I agreed! And so I’ll be opening for her. The gig is scheduled to be on this Wednesday night, but she’s trying to push to the last week of February. So it’ll be in two days or the following week. When I’ve gotten the date confirmed, I’ll post it up here or on Twitter. If you haven’t heard Rina before, you haven’t heard music. Listen to her stuff online here. Hope to see you guys there!

My next confirmed gig will be on the following weekend.
Doppelganger Penang
Date: Sunday 21 Feb 2010
Time: 3pm-6pm
Venue: Bangkok Lane, Pulau Tikus (exact house tbc)
Refreshments will be served.

It’s gonna be my first gig ever in another state, so that’s a pretty big deal to me 😀 Let’s hope my music isn’t offensive to Penang ears. Haha. I really have no idea what to expect. Anyways, hope to see you guys there as well!

Universal Soldier : is a shit fest. Don’t bother. Seriously.
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief : now that is a movie worth watching. Fucking awesome. Plot is predictable, but stay for the ride cos it’s one hell of a fun movie from start to finish.
Avatar : good movie, but movie of the year? Nah. That one belongs to-
Sherlock Holmes : I’ve seen this movie twice and I still plan to watch it again. Brilliant script, direction and great acting from the whole cast. Side splitting jokes, and Rachel McAdam. Mmhmm. I’m already itching for a sequel. My favorite movie of 2009, followed closely behind by Inglorious Basterds.

Hair. Birds. Batteries.

People have asked me why do I want to keep my hair long? Well I figured since I have hair now I might as well keep it. When I’m 50 (if I ever reach that age lol) and balding, then it’s time for my hair to go. For now, I’ll keep it as long as I want!

What do birds think about when they shit on cars?
“Oh hey! That car looks clean! Let’s shit on it!”

Why do batteries miraculously come to life when you take them out and put them back in again? Remote not working? Take out the battery and put it back in, viola! It’s good for some more clicks.