The Wishing: Gig #01

OMG. The day is finally here. This Sunday will mark the debut of The Wishing performing together as a full band for the first time.

I don’t really have much else to say except that we’re really excited and nervous at the same time. It’ll be my first time performing with a full band in a long time. The last time I played in a band was before 2storeyheart, when dreamingtosleep was still around. 2003? I don’t remember. But it was a long ass time ago.

Anyway, I would love it if all you guys came for the show. It’s always great to see familiar faces when you’re doing something new, and The Wishing as a full band is definitely something new.

The Artistic Series Presents: Sunday Night @Artista
Sunday: 9:00pm
Artista Bar & Restaurant
Lot G-13,Tropicana City Mall Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 47400

Point 0 Nine
Searching Pluto
The Wishing
The Experibels

Hope to see you guys there! <3

Gig #70

It’s going to be one of Artista’s final shows (the place is gonna be sold off I heard), so I couldn’t say no to participating in the farewell gig this Sunday. I haven’t gotten confirmation on when my slot will be, but the gig starts at 5pm and is scheduled to last until 9pm.

Here is the line up for The Artistic Series Presents Sunday Matinee (Final)

Terri Woon
Priscillia Xavier

I’ve never really heard the other acts before but I’m pretty sure they’ll be worth your Sunday night out. The Wishing has got a gig this month as well, stay tuned for the upcoming announcement 🙂

Songs on Repeat

Yes, as if blogging on wasn’t enough, I’m also writing for a new blog with Seng Yip, Ferhan and Jason. It’s called Songs on Repeat, and it will be a blog that’s focused on music (who would’ve thought?). And no, I won’t be writing 30/day there, but you can expect something from me at least once a week. In fact, I’ve just written my first post for the blog today and you can check it out here.

Add us to your favorites, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! We’ve only just started but hopefully it turns out to be something great. And yes, this blog will still be around for me to write stuff about my own life.

In other news, The Wishing had a great jam session today, and we’re feeling good enough to play our first show. We’ve got loads of stuff to share and we can’t wait to play to you guys live for the first time. Stay tuned!