Ohio Is For Lovers

I first discovered Hawthorne Heights through a Victory Records CD sampler which came with a Taking Back Sunday CD. They had just signed onto the label and put out their first single through them, “Ohio is for lovers”. It was run of the mill early 2000s screamo, but I really enjoyed the track and got into their whole album. However, it wasn’t until their second album, “If Only You Were Lonely” where their hooks sank into me. That album was an outstanding effort – straight out the door with the banging track “This is Who We Are” all the way until the somber closer, “Decembers”. I loved the album and it was the soundtrack for my long drives to and from Cyberjaya during my college days.

Ohio Is For Lovers

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What I’ve learnt over the past month…

…is that I still have a lot to learn to consider myself truly proficient in English, especially when it comes to writing.

Being raised by English-speaking parents, going to an English school and an appetite for reading played a huge role the cultivation of my English skills – but I didn’t learn most of it by following rules. I just went with what “sounded” correct (which is not a bad thing to do but probably not the best method either). Over the past few weeks of the Write101x course, learning the rules of verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives etc have opened up my eyes to how the English language works.
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My Android phone

So, a couple of weeks ago, I spoke about Android devices and its unrivaled customizability. I didn’t really elaborate much about it and so today, I figured I’d give you guys an idea of how I customize it as well as the essential apps I use on a daily basis.

Let’s start with the technical details. For starters, I’m using a Motorola Moto G (first gen), so it’s a pretty old device. However, I’m running on Cyanogenmod 12 (CM), which means I don’t have any Moto bloatware and I have extra features not found on the stock phone. However, most of what I use can be achieved on any Android phone with the right apps.
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Peddling Words

I never understood why kids were still into these things. I grew up without ever reading and I got by just fine. They all told me it was about the high you got from it – a feeling that couldn’t be recreated by film or computer games. I just shrugged off their opinions – after all, why spend days reading a novel when you can watch a movie adaptation in two hours?

Before my time – a long time ago – I heard that these things were legal. You could buy them anywhere and sometimes they were even mandatory. There were even public areas called libraries where people could read books without paying a single cent!

People read in public – on busses, in restaurants, at the side of the street – it was a completely different world back then. They could even claim for them in their taxes returns. People were encouraged to read.
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Why I perform…Gig #84 and #85

My first performance ever was probably during my college days. When I got a few friends together to play as a band in the Taylor’s Battle of the Bands competition. We didn’t even make it through the first stage, but we had tons of fun. And it was then I discovered my passion for performing.

We did manage to secure a couple of gigs after the band competition experience, playing for a couple of schools and one college event. But man, getting on stage, rocking out, yelling till I had no voice – those were great times. But the best part was hearing the yells and applause from the audience. I don’t know what it is about being applauded which makes it feel great, but it does and I loved every bit of it.
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You’re a classic disaster, with a knack for losing your exterior

Today’s band is probably not going to be everybody’s cup of tea, but after reading news about their reunion and hearing their guitarist on the Break It Down podcast, I figured there wouldn’t be a better time than now to share about them.

I first got into them when I was in college and was introduced to them by a friend of mine. At that point in time, I was already hooked into “screamo” bands of that era – Thursday, The Used, Thrice and so on – so adding another band into my playlist wasn’t a big deal. Brutal screams, catchy hooks and melodies, and intense drumming – are some of their defining characteristics. One thing that stood out to me was the way the clean vocalist sounded and I was also impressed that he was the drummer for the band.
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Damn Dumb Ideas: Paying people for not committing crimes

Another random thought which I had sometime ago. I had woken up from a dream where I saw police apprehending a man for committing a crime and I thought to myself, “what if we got paid for not committing crimes?” I woke up with that thought in my head, saved it on my phone and tooday I decided that it should be the topic for my blog.

Would people be less inclined to do something bad if they were paid to not do it? Just think about it for a moment.
Crimes are usually committed by people who can’t obtain what they want through legal means. What do people usually need? Money. Now I know it’s not that simple, and not all people commit crimes for money – but it does target the group of criminals who do need money, and will thus reduce the amount of crime we face in society. If they have money they won’t commit any more crimes right?
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The boy who loved technology

I love technology. I can’t explain why. I don’t even know when this affinity started. Just that as long as I can remember it being a part of my life, I’ve loved it. Maybe it’s from the countless hours of enjoyment I get from playing video games. Or the many times it has helped me get through boring car and train rides. Or the convenience it brings to people like me who hate lining up to do shit.

Which brings me to my next point. I always get asked, “how do you know how to do this or that? Why are you so good with computers?”

Trust me, I’m not great – just competent. And as to how I ‘got’ computers, it’s simple – trial and error. A lot of trial and error.
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What a lovely night to be lonely

I turned on the TV and it was still on her favorite channel, The Food Network, which we were watching during dinner earlier. An Iron Chef rerun episode was playing. I never understood the fascination she had with watching people cook, but I decided to watch it for a moment. It didn’t hold my attention for more than 30 seconds. I could only guess why she enjoyed it.

She was always up for something new and I’m pretty sure some of the meals she’s cooked for us had come from the countless hours she spent watching the channel. But this evening was special. She didn’t cook us dinner. I had texted her earlier in the day that she was in for a surprise when she returned from work. I was the one who made us dinner tonight.
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Thoughts about weather

I’m not known for thinking of ways to improve Malaysia (my friends can attest to that) but there’s one thing I think that would make this country a better place: cool weather.

This thought popped into my head earlier this year when I was in Melbourne for about a week. The weather there was the best thing about it. No, it wasn’t the coffee, but that’s a story for another day.
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