Online data and me

As you can already tell, I’m a huge proponent of the internet because of the convenience it brings me. I love the fact that I can sign in to Chrome on a new computer, and all my favorite sites, bookmarks, logins are synced and ready to be used. I love the fact that when I’m searching for something, the search results are tailored for me based on my past searches. I enjoy having reminders for any upcoming events automatically appearing on my phone even though I didn’t add them to my calendar manually. I love that Google tells me how long it’s going to take for me to get to work based on the usual route I drive everyday. It’s great. This convenience is awesome.
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Forty keks for Tom

It was a hot and sunny day. Tom put on his cap and strapped his backpack on tight. Despite wearing his lucky socks and shoes today, nothing prepared him for what was going to happen.

“Mom!” he yelled. There was no response.
“Mom!!” he yelled again. Silence.
“Whatever!” he muttered to himself.
“Ya’ll is wack! I’m standing out here by meself, all alone, no supervision, and ya’ll not coming out to say goodbye to yo young ‘un? Alright! Imma go to school now!”

Tom stepped out of his home’s average-sized front porch and began walking towards his school.


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Nobody likes adverts; Malaysian time

I dislike adverts. Sure, I know, they’re a necessary evil which lets us have things for free but that doesn’t mean I can’t dislike them. I don’t mind stuff like billboards and posters put up – but when they’re in your face and unavoidable i.e. popping up during a TV show or in between songs on the radio – they’re terrible. I made the conscious decision to not run any ads on this blog (not that I would have the traffic to generate revenue anyway), I don’t put ads on the (very few) YouTube videos I have and I install adblock on all my devices. I don’t watch TV or listen to the radio anymore, so I never have to sit through the rubbish they spew.

However, there’s one place I can’t avoid advertisements and that place is the cinema. It is also something I don’t get. Mind you, I’m not complaining about the trailers they show (if they show any at all, seriously, one to two trailers per film? what’s wrong with you guys, GSC?) – if anything, we need trailers more than shitty advertisements.
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Gig #88: Coffee + Chords


In case you were wondering what happened to gig #87, I played a show last week at Barlai. Anyway tomorrow (or later today), I’ll be playing at Grind 22’s Coffee + Chords event. I haven’t played in a cafe in awhile, so it’s gonna be interesting.

Anyway, I’m getting a full set (30 mins), if you want to see me play (it’s also been a looooooong ass time since I’ve played in Bangsar), do drop by. Event details are as follow:

Venue: Grind 22, Bangsar
Time: 8-11pm
Date: 28 October 2015

8:30pm Razak
9:00pm Fikri
9:30pm George
10:00 Ian Tai

Anyway, I hope to see you guys there <3

The end (of the year) is here

How time flies. In a couple of weeks we’ll be in the second last month of the year. And I guess it should be time to look back at what I’ve done and lay down plans for the upcoming year. Then again, why do people need to do these sorts of things at the end/beginning of the year. It’s such an arbitrary date – I feel that anything can be done anytime, it’s just a matter of doing it when you want to/can. People use future dates (I’ll start next week!) because they are procrastinators. I am a shining example of such a person. I won’t go into details, but yeah – I aim to eliminate procrastination from my life. Fingers crossed.
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Now go forth, and create!

If there’s one thing great about this digital age, it’s that it enables pretty much everybody to create content as well as grant everybody access to it. It has significantly changed the way we consume media. These days we’re linking YouTube videos or torrent links to each other – back then, we had to tell our friends to catch something on TV or record it on video tapes to share.

Back then we had photo albums we had to meet up in person to share. Sometimes we even developed multiple copies of the same roll of film so we could keep them! These days it’s just a click or two to upload your photographs to Facebook or Flickr and another button to share.

Other examples include – waiting for the radio to play your favorite song vs. on-demand streaming services, buying CDs vs. downloading MP3s, snail mail vs. email and more.

While all that is great, there’s another side of the internet which greatly benefits certain people – content creators. Artists, actors, singers – everyone with something to share. It’s never been easier than now.

Have a story to tell? No problem, put it on a blog or publish an e-book. Have a film to show? Upload it to Vimeo and watch the hits roll in. How about a song? There’s Soundcloud, Bandcamp and a million other sites to choose from. Heck, you can even put your stuff up on iTunes or Spotify if you wanted. Want to make your own video game for people to play? You have the tools in your hands. If you’re unsure how, there are plenty of tutorials online! I learnt how to tie a tie through YouTube.

We’ve never been so connected before – it’s a good time to be alive. For those of you with an idea brewing in your head, I think there’s no better time to put it out. Before artificial intelligence gets too advanced and enslaves us all.

The Ride

“Don’t worry, I know how to ride!”
‘course you do. I thought to myself.
I watched him climb onto the bike.
I climbed on myself and held him.
“Alright, don’t let go!” he warned me.
He started the engine and sped off.
Despite oncoming lights, I didn’t let go.

Writing Prompt from Reddit: Tell a story in seven sentences, with each sentence consisting of no more than seven words.

‘Fragile’ stickers

What’s the point of ‘fragile’ stickers on luggage or packages? Shouldn’t everything be handled with care? If baggage handlers/delivery men don’t see a ‘fragile’ label on something, do they toss it around like a ball? Do they play soccer with it?

This isn’t a rant about those working in the service industry, I just find it strange there is even a need for such stickers. You see, even when packages are labelled fragile they aren’t handled properly:

So why do we need ‘fragile’ stickers again? If anything, we should have ‘sturdy’ stickers instead for things that can be thrown around and everything else be delivered and stored properly.

The Birthday Song

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed from all my years working in offices – the birthday song is usually one of the most cringe inducing activities the company participates in. I’ve always wondered why, and it turns out there’s a number of factors nobody gets it right.

Usually, there’s no accompanying music, so everybody sings the song in whatever key is in their head. Even if there was accompanying music, not everybody sings in key.

Because we have no music and director, everybody sings it at a different speed. Some go fast, some slow. Again, everybody is singing it like how they hear it in their own heads.

Once in a while, all the voices somehow meet in the middle and compensate – in both tempo and key. But then, along comes the octave jump at the end and everybody is caught off guard again.

Oh, let’s not forget messing up the names of the people we sing for. Sometimes people use nicknames, sometimes we get the names which are on the cake, sometimes it’s their full name – I don’t think I’ve ever sang a birthday song where everybody was 100% on the ball.

So what’s a problem without a solution? I propose that before we start singing, we pass to the singers cards with the following details:

Name to sing:
Key (a pitch pipe would also suffice for those who don’t know their notes):

That should solve all birthday song related problems.

Also, I’d like to wish my mother and my best friend Happy Birthday – thanks for being two very wonderful people in my life. I love you guys <3.