A brief hiatus

Hello all, just writing in to let you guys know I’ll be on a short blogging break for about 3 weeks. Reason being: I’m working at the Big Bad Wolf Sale taking place from 4th – 14th December, so I’ll be tied up at work. Doing 12 hour shifts is probably going to drain me, so I decided that I’ll take a break from blogging until the event is over. This will also give me a chance to fill my mind with ideas of things to write about.

In other news, I’ve got something to announce – I’ll be organizing my second gig ever – Gig #93 which will be happening at Barlai on the 18th of December. It’s my favorite coffee place, so I couldn’t be happier to have a gig elsewhere. Anyway – more details will be released in the coming weeks.

Just enough to get my feet wet but not enough to let me drown

Despite having such a common name, Jim was amused that the cashier got it right. J-I-M she had scribbled onto his cup. This was probably the first time he experienced a coffee place getting his name right on the first try.

“Is that all?” she asked him with a cute smile that was accentuated by her slightly crooked teeth.
“Uh, yes.” he replied, trying hard not to blush.
“I was kidding, you’ve ordered plenty for one person,” she said. “This is all for you, right?”

How the hell did you know? He looked down at his tray. Two sandwiches, two donuts, two cookies, a bag of crisps and a slice of cheese cake. He had to collect his coffee from the other counter. He smiled sheepishly. Oh.

“Yeah, you got me.”
“On Christmas eve? Hope you’re not planning to hibernate or anything,” she asked.
“You’re real funny, you know that?”
“You’re real cute.”

It’s been a while since Jim experienced being hit on. Especially by a girl this attractive. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t want to tell her that he was feeling down. However, Jim couldn’t contain his sadness and began tearing up instead of responding to her compliment with words.

The cashier noticed and said, “please don’t cry! I didn’t mean to offend you.”
“No, you didn’t! It’s not your fault!” he replied as his eyeballs were sweating and the sobs began.
“My friends always told me I was too forward. This is why I spend every Christmas alone. Netflix and chill. By myself. Fuck, I shouldn’t have told you that.”

Jim started to laugh in between his sobs. “I’m just going through a miserable patch in my life right now.”

She passed him some serviettes. “Here, please wipe your tears. You look ugly when you cry.”

“Thanks,” he replied. He wiped his eyes and looked at the cashier.
“This is the part where you ask me out,” she leaned in and whispered.
“Oh. What time do you get off work today?”
“Depends on what time you want to get me off,” she replied.
“Depends on what time you want to pick me up,” she said a little louder.
“Oh, I misheard.. never mind. Let’s go out for dinner tonight. So we won’t have to spend Christmas alone.”
“You mean it?”
“Yeah, you can write your number on my cup.”
“Do you still want all this?” she motioned to all the food on the tray in front of her.

He laughed. “You can give it to your staff. It’s on me. I’ll just grab my coffee. I need it. See you at six?”
“Be sharp, I don’t want to have to stay here any longer than I have to! And please put on a shirt you didn’t sleep in.”
“You’re pretty demanding.”
She winked at him. “See you later, Jim.”
He smiled, turned and exited the café, waving at her through the glass as he walked out onto the snowy road.

Video games don’t make murderers

I think video games get way too much flak for being negative influences on people. When there’s someone who shoots up a school? “I bet he plays Doom/Quake/Call Of Duty.” Kid runs over someone? “I bet he plays GTA.” Kid lands a plane? “I bet he plays flight simulator.

It’s like saying, “this guy used Facebook and killed people. Facebook must be a negative influence on him!” It’s stupid. Playing video games isn’t some top-secret, super-underground pastime for social recluses. Everybody plays video games these days. Even athletes like Jeremy Lin have professed their love for gaming. It’s become part of mainstream culture for some time now.

Non-criminals play video games too. I play ultra-violent video games and I enjoy them. But I haven’t shot up a school, and neither have I any intentions to.

If a video game can convince someone to shoot up a school, they’ve probably had a few screws in their head loose to begin with and would’ve been convinced to do it by anything or anyone. Voices in their head, something they saw on TV, a passage from a book they read or just dares from their peers – it doesn’t matter what gave them the ‘instructions’ – they would have done it regardless.

However, I do believe that video games, like any other pastime or hobby can be detrimental to a person’s life if they become addicted to it and let it overtake them. This can be said about other activities like smoking, bingeing, doing drugs and so on. The only difference is that, it’s easier to obtain video games than the former. And video games usually aren’t illegal. Maybe that’s why we hear so much about them.

Why don’t we ever read news about successful town planners were driven to become one because of their love for Sim City, or successful doctors who were inspired by Surgeon Simulator or Theme Hospital? I’m sure there are some of those people who exist somewhere.


It was happening. I couldn’t believe it. Just like the crazy guy down the street predicted. The world was going to end. What was that word those young kids use these days? Apothecary? Apollo? Oh wait, apocalypse. Heh. The name of one of my favorite comic characters. I remember reading X-Men comics as a kid. Those were good times. I enjoyed watching the TV show as well. Gambit’s voice actor was great. After watching the cartoon, I always heard his voice read his lines when reading the comics. That distinctive southern drawl (even though at that time, I didn’t know where he was from) was what drew me to him. And his red iris and black sclera. Oh, and his chill attitude. He was cool. I always wondered why he was never more popular. He and his fancy card tricks. Like Tyler, my old buddy. He was great at card tricks. I remember going over to his house while he was still learning, and he’d amaze me by doing crazy shit like making a card stick on the opposite side of a glass door. We’d spend so much time together, just hanging out. If we weren’t chilling at home, we’d be out looking for the best cup of coffee. I can’t remember how many different cafés we tried. But he never agreed with me on what a good cup of coffee should taste like. That didn’t matter. The best friends are the ones who complement you right? They don’t have to agree with everything you say. I liked good coffee, and he liked the shitty ones. God bless his soul. It’s been awhile since I paid him a visit, but I guess we’ll see each other soon enough. And a whole lot of other people. It’s going to be one big congregation up there. Or down there. I always knew I’d be going to hell. After all, I had no restraint when it came to jokes and making fun of things. The more offensive, the better. I guess I was just apathetic by nature and never really learned how to empathize. A flaw. One of my many. Too many to think about, but it’s okay, I no longer have to worry about it. The drinking, the smoking, the chronic masturbation – all of that isn’t going to matter where I’m going. Or when I cease to exist. Which is it? I’ll find out soon enough.


I turned towards the sound and was surprised to see my wife standing at the doorway.

“Are you lost in your thoughts again? Why are you still sitting on the toilet?”

Confused, I pinched the bridge of my nose, blinked and looked at my wife again.

“Ah, it doesn’t matter. We’re all going to die today anyway. I didn’t take my meds either,” she laughed.
“You’re going to die today. I’m going to die today. In any case – it was nice knowing you.”

I nodded and managed a smile.

“I love you.”


Writing Prompt from Reddit: Take some dice – just whatever you have lying around. Roll them all and add up the total. Your character is that old when the apocalypse occurs. (I rolled two dice twice to get two digits: 6 and 7 for 67)

Blacker than Black

Never thought I’d blog about a Kickstarter here, but since I’ve been running out of words these days, I thought it’d be a nice change of pace. What I’d like to share about today is the Viperblack.

I came across this project while browsing through my Twitter feed when it caught my eye. “The first blacker than black t-shirt.” Now you must be wondering, what the hell is that supposed to be? You’re right, which is why I clicked on the link.

Anyway, these folks in Germany figured out a way to come up with a T-shirt which is ultra black in color. While it’s not the darkest material ever created (that title belongs to carbon nanotubes – which are apparently not suitable for skin), it’s supposedly pretty damn close. Now I’m not one to ask why anybody would want such a thing (I smoke – why the hell would anyone do that? I know right?!) but because the Kickstarter has been successfully funded, we know that people do want ultra black T-shirts.

So here I am, trying to think of reasons why people would wear a shirt like this. The best reason I can think of is to have a conversation opener at gatherings (did you know the shirt I’m wearing is blacker than your t-shirt?). Maybe it could be used to revive ninjas (they’d need to fashion shoes and pants with the same material though – it would look weird if they were in different shades of black). Then again, who says they need to be revived? They could be around and just really good at hiding.

Cyclists will avoid this unless they intend to get hit by motorists. I have a wardrobe full of black T-shirts so I don’t need another one. Maybe it’s good for people who live in cold countries? Maybe one day when ultra black shirts become common, I’ll find out.

Around the track they drove/ Gig #92

You should listen to this song before you read this post:

Ray Peterson – Tell Laura I Love Her

In today’s installment of ‘Songs you didn’t know were sad’, we have the famous song from the 60s – Tell Laura I Love Her. If any of you were like me and never paid attention to the song when you first heard it, you probably brushed it off as just another a cheesy love song. I can’t remember when it was when I paid attention to the words Ray Peterson was singing but when I did I realized how sad and depressing it was.
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Is there a point to owning a home?

A while ago, this interesting topic came up in a discussion between me and my friends.

I said that there’s no point in owning a home – unless you want to secure a home for your future generation. And for guys like me who don’t want kids – there’s really no point. You die, your home gets reclaimed if there’s nobody else to take it. Right?

Sure you may get kicked out of a house if the landlord decides to kick you out – you just find a new one.

Anyway, back to owning a home – there are advantages to owning one. You get to do whatever you want to it (renovations etc), nobody can kick you out, and the peace of mind you will have knowing that you and your family will always have a place to call home (as long as you pay off the mortgage at the end of the day).

But if you don’t care about customizing it, if you don’t have a family, and you don’t own tons of possessions, renting a place is the way to go. You can move to a new place as often as you like – that means a change of scenery if you get bored with one place, you won’t have to deal with the hassles of home ownership, you don’t have to spend so much money.

Then I realized what a hypocrite I was because I am currently paying off a mortgage for my house. Yes that’s right, I have a house in my name. Well, to be fair, if given a choice, I probably wouldn’t be in such a position. But long story short, due to circumstances out of my control, I have a home which I’ll be paying off for the next 14 years (topkek).

I don’t know, maybe I’m just undervaluing what it means to own a home because I didn’t ask for it. Or I’m not the kind of guy who sees himself staying in one place for long periods of time. Also, I didn’t do any research before writing this post, so feel free to school me if you think I’m ignorant.

Adblock is a good idea

This is gonna be a shitty post, feel free to ignore it. You have been warned.

I’ve written about adblocking before, so this isn’t a completely new topic. But I came across this thread on Reddit today and after reading it, I noticed there were some interesting points being raised in the comments. Most of the comments were in support for adblockers, with uBlock Origin being the most recommended one (I use it too).

Anyway, there were arguments about how advertisements shouldn’t be a thing at all, and if sites want money to continue running, they can charge their readers. After all, if a reader thinks something is worth reading, he/she would fork out money for it.

I thought that was a valid viewpoint – however, it will only work for sites that have content of similar quality unavailable elsewhere. I mean, we all know how cheap human beings usually are – if there’s a free alternative, they’ll usually take it unless its quality is sub-par.

But I was just thinking to myself – internet access isn’t free. At least not for me. I pay almost RM200 a month for my internet connection. Shouldn’t I deserve access to content online? Of course, I do. I think?

Then I thought harder, and realized it was a stupid idea.

Conclusion? Sites can remain the same in terms of displaying adverts. They’ll still make money off the people who don’t use adblock, which is supposedly the majority of people on the internet. People like me can choose to use adblock if I want an ad-free experience. Everybody wins. I think.

Until using adblock becomes illegal like vaping in some countries because the government needs to make money off cigarette sales. Wait, what am I saying?

Anyway, while we’ve eliminated a lot of ads via adblock, some ads can’t be blocked (at least for now). These include: sponsored posts on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram – ads which appear as ‘normal’ posts to adblockers, so you can’t really filter them. We still can’t block ads on radio or TV, good thing I don’t bother wasting time with those mediums. kek.

Year One

Just like everything in life, not everything goes according to plan.

We almost didn’t meet. You had to cancel Saturday but we both happened to be free on Friday, so we met a day earlier instead. Boy, we were both glad we did.

You surprised me with your cheery attitude. Right off the bat, you started our first date with a nice, big hug. You had this smile that somehow made me smile along with you. It was something I found myself looking forward to.

Conversation was great. You were chatty, I had a penchant for listening. I liked the sound of your voice. And your hilarious fake accents. We both spoke about ourselves, our previous experiences using ‘light’ and work.

At the end of the night, I walked you to your car, you dropped me off at mine.

And like our eyes did to begin the night, our lips met to end the night.

I think I said ‘I’ll see you around.’

Just like everything in life, not everything goes according to plan. Sometimes things turn out for the better.

Here’s to our first year.

Writing Prompt from Reddit: Write a modern day love letter without using the words love, kiss, or any pet names.

Paused Thoughts/Gig #91

It’s been about three months since I started blogging on a daily basis (well more like 5 posts a week) and I usually have no issues putting my thoughts down into words. Today is the first time I’m having trouble thinking of what to write about.

So I decided to write a post about not having anything to write about. I wonder why that happens. It’s not like your mind ever goes blank. There are infinite things to think about. There is no way you can ever finish thinking. Even when you die, you don’t finish thinking about things – you just stop. Maybe if you’re brain damaged, you might have reduced capacity to think of things. But even then, it’s unlikely you’ll finish thinking about every single thing.

But then why do we encounter writer’s block? If it’s because writing is hard and requires physical effort? What about having nothing to say when out on a date or trying to mingle at a party? It’s not that hard to think of things to say.

Sometimes we don’t say things because it won’t be appropriate it. Other people might find it offensive. Or weird. Or stupid. And then you wish that you hadn’t said anything at all. Maybe that’s why we keep quiet. Or refuse to put words down onto a page. Because we’re afraid of what other people think.

Or maybe I’ve just been writing way too much and need to take a break.

I’ll think about it.

Also, I wanna announce that I’ll be performing at Grind 22 in Bangsar again this Sunday. It’s going to be an afternoon gig (4-7pm) so do drop by if you have the time! Other performers include: Brendan, Fikri, Hilmi, and Endee. See you guys there <3.