The aftershave: my initial post-electric shaver experience


Exactly one week ago, I decided that I was going to buy myself an electric shaver. I picked it up on a Friday night and since then I’ve been a member of the electric shaver club. I picked myself up the Philips AT750 because – according to what I read online, a rotary shaver would be better for my needs (infrequent shaving, longer facial hair). I got the AT750 because it can be used wet or dry – since I had no idea if I would be using it wet or dry more.

Anyway, life with an electric shaver has been pretty good since then. Because it is so much faster than shaving with disposable razors, I’ve been able to shave more often. My face isn’t too sensitive, so I’ve also been able to do dry shaves.

I’ve only shaved wet with the AT750 once – my first shave, since I didn’t know how my face would handle it. I used the shaving cream which came free with the shaver and got rid of all my facial hair. It felt alright, except for my mustache which stung a little probably because it was quite long (in case you didn’t know, electric shavers pull the hairs on your face before cutting them off).

I haven’t had to charge the shaver yet since it has a 40 minute battery life and my shaves last only 1-2 minutes. It does take 8 hours to charge though – so I may or may not have issues with that in the future.

Regardless, after almost a week of using it, I don’t have any complaints and can wholly recommend it to anybody who feels that shaving takes too long to with analog shavers. Sure, it doesn’t cut as close as a regular blade but I feel that it does a good enough job. I’ll probably report back in a month or two if I have anything else to say but I doubt it’s going to be anything negative!

BTW this isn’t a sponsored post/advertorial. In case you guys were wondering if I turned into a shill of some sort. I’m just writing about my initial experiences with an electric shaver.

Automated Teller Machine Machine

You know how when you’re in a rush, there’s always someone in your way? Like when you have to be somewhere, you’ll be stuck behind a driver that’s not paying attention to the traffic light. Or you’ll be behind people who don’t know that the right lane on the escalator is for people to walk. Or there will be people taking their time to pay for their tickets at the ticket machine.

But one thing I’ve encountered more than any other situation is people taking their sweet, sweet time at the ATM. It doesn’t matter if I’m in a rush or not but for some reason, there’s always somebody there before me. And he or she will take their time admiring their account balance or constantly try transactions over and over again despite failing the past three times.

I don’t get it – if you’re using a public facility and someone is behind you, shouldn’t you do your best to finish your task as soon as possible?

And why do people take so long to do their tasks at ATMs anyway? There’s not a whole lot of things you can do, and if you’re not there to just withdraw cash, you’re doing it wrong like I used to. There have been times when I knew that I had a lot of transactions to do (this was before I discovered the wonders of online banking), and I would always let the people behind me use the machine before I hogged it for myself.

Now that almost everything else can be accomplished online, there’s really no reason to use an ATM unless you need the bills. Anyway, I can’t wait until we can go fully cashless in this country or stores start letting you withdraw money when you use your card. That would be rad.

In other news, Public Bank recently upgraded their ATM/debit cards – I can now use Paywave with my debit card. I guess it’ll make it easier to accidentally pay for stuff in the future (yes, it happened to me before, topkek mate).

Life as a 30 year old boy

So I’ve been 30 for eight days now and it’s not very different. I don’t know what I expected. But welp, I’ve successfully lived three decades. I guess I must be doing something right with my life.

It’s Christmas day and the year ends in a week. I guess now would be a go,od time to write down about what I’ve learnt over the past year.

2015 has been an interesting year for me. I got into a relationship. I got a new job. Resumed gigging. Wrote new tunes. Decided to pursue video games development. Completed a few online courses. Gained experience working 12+ hour shifts at the Big Bad Wolf Sale. Learnt how to deal with people. Gained new skills. And probably a whole load of other things I can’t recall for now.

It’s been trying and rewarding at the same time. I’ve discovered how smart, stupid, nice and all sorts of other objectives of how people can be. I’ve made new friends, colleagues, and bosses. Not sure if I made any new enemies but I wouldn’t cancel that out.

I’ve discovered new music. I’ve rediscovered old music. I’ve discovered new artists. Writers.

All in all, it’s been a pretty satisfying year. Not sure if it’s the best one I’ve had – I wish I had records of how good each year has been, but this year has been mostly ups.

Anyway, years are just arbitrary values we assign to time. Just like how we assigned months, days, hours, minutes and seconds to it. I can’t imagine a world where there is no concept of time though it would be interesting to see.

Since lists are all the rage this year, I’ll end the post with some.

Favorite movies this year: The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Lobster, Mad Max, The Martian.

Favorite musicians this year: Allison Weiss, No Devotion, Lil Dicky.

Favorite video games this year: Dota 2 (every year without a doubt), Hotline Miami 2

Things I learnt during the Big Bad Wolf Sale: people can’t read signs (or they choose to ignore them), people think I look 22, 12 hour shifts are long as hell, The Mines isn’t that far from my home, I probably need to learn Mandarin sometime, college kids are friendly people, my colleagues are awesome.

Misc: Spanish is a hard language to learn. Blogging everyday is a good way to practice writing. I still haven’t gotten rid of my procrastination habits. I’m sad that vaping might be banned in KL. I really think it’s a better alternative to smoking, not to mention it’s much cheaper. I’m so bad at covering songs, I think I should stop doing them until I get better. I have two nephews now. I’m considering buying an old ass sports car once I’m done paying for my Myvi (October 2016, I can’t wait). Kek.

Not sure what the following year has in store for me, but it should be interesting nevertheless! Happy 2016 everybody.