Simpler times/time allocation, (time)

I had an idea to write a post about how there isn’t enough time to do what I want to do these days and then realized that it was just because of my shitty time management skills. I did a simple calculation and realized that I should have about 6-8 hours a day of free time to do whatever I like. But it never works out that way. I always seem to never have enough time. Turns out, I spend way too much time playing computer games. End of story.

I do miss my high school days sometimes. Like, all I did was read story books, play computer games, and study occasionally for exams. Life was worry-free. Sure, I didn’t do very well in my exams. But when I graduated and entered college, I discovered that what I learnt in high school didn’t really mean shit. The cycle repeated itself in college, and when I started working, I realized that what I learnt in college also didn’t mean shit. Once you start working, you learn so much in such a short amount of time. You realize that the week/month-long deadlines you got in college were a luxury, no matter how short they seemed back then. I guess that’s just life. Each stage gets comparatively harder. Until you’re on your deathbed.

I finally replaced the battery on my G-Shock. It had been dead for a few years before that and I never remembered to bring it to a watch shop. I managed to take it out from my room one day and left it in my car. There it stayed for a few months until a few weeks ago, where I brought it to a watch shop in Pavilion and got a new battery for it. You may ask, why did I take so long to replace the battery? If I left it un-powered for so long, surely I must not care about it very much. Then why did I bother replacing its battery at all? I have no idea. But it’s one of the very first gadgets I bought for myself (well, it was money from my parents). I bought it off my best friend, Seng Yip, when he first joined my school. I don’t know why he sold it, or why I wanted it. But I’m happy I still have it – and that it still works. Just like our friendship <3
I remember during one of my school camps, there was a kid who had an alarm clock set to ring every morning. There was one morning where the guy didn’t hear his alarm clock ring, and it woke the whole dorm. This triggered another dude (who was known to be a bully) to get up, grab the clock from the sleeping guy’s bed and throw it onto the floor. He went back to bed and everybody else secretly cheered because there was no more ringing. Sleeping guy finally woke up, found out that his clock had been smashed and cried (for real), saying that his clock had sentimental value. Fun times.

A friend told me about his experiences living on a farm in the middle of nowhere. He mentioned that nobody used their phones or clocks there. They had roosters crowing in the morning to wake them up. When he woke up, he would make himself a cup of coffee, head out to the front porch, smoke a cigarette and watch all the other animals slowly get up. He’d also get a nice view of the sunrise. That sounded fantastic. I definitely want to spend some time living on a farm someday. However, he told me that he had to learn to kill snakes. So it’s gotta be a farm where I don’t have to deal with such creatures. Maybe just a resort of some sort.

People don’t really need watches in this day and age – we all have the time on our phones. But not having to power on the phone every time you want to check the time helps you save your phone battery for more important shit like playing Pixel Dungeon. However, watches are also fashion statements for a lot of people. It also signifies wealth and status. Sometimes maturity as well. Then again, can we and should we judge people by their watches? It’s not something I’ve done due to my limited knowledge of watches but I’m sure people out there do it.

Farewell to Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10

For those of you not in the know – Microsoft recently announced that they will be ending support for older versions of Internet Explorer (8, 9, and 10). IE 11 will still be supported, as well as Edge which is actually pretty good, but I’m too much of a Google user to give up Chrome. Last year, I upgraded to Windows 10 and used Edge for the first time – to download Chrome. And I haven’t used it since. But my experience with Edge wasn’t bad – it didn’t stop me from downloading Chrome. That would’ve been funny/annoying.

Anyway, for most people, this won’t mean a thing – and to people who are still on those old versions of IE, it probably won’t mean a thing to them either since they haven’t bothered to upgrade till now. I doubt any modern businesses are still running on those browsers either, so it’s not as big of a deal as its been made out to be.

I haven’t used Internet Explorer in a long time. I remembered it used to be the go to browser way back when Netscape was still a thing. I was on Netscape Navigator 3 or 4, I can’t remember, when there was a talk in school and they handed us CDs with IE on them. I remember getting all excited and pumped, installing a brand new web browser on my home computer (via a CD-ROM!). I think it was on that day I signed up for my Hotmail account as well (which remains active till this day).

IE was faster than Netscape (believe it or not). It was my browser of choice for the longest time. I can’t remember when or what it was that made me switch back to Netscape. I think I used Opera for a while, and then Firefox for a few years until Chrome came along.

I remember reading the newspapers at the time – Microsoft was labelled unfair and was using its position as the no.1 operating system provider to spread Internet Explorer by bundling the browser with Windows. Microsoft had to face antitrust lawsuits and shit. While Windows is still popular, IE isn’t anymore (though it’s probably still one of the most used browsers worldwide) and Windows Phone is barely staying afloat (correct me if I’m wrong). Oh how times have changed.

Anyway, I think Microsoft will probably kill of Internet Explorer 11 once they’ve developed Edge enough. I don’t see any reason why they would want to continue working on two browsers unless they both have very different uses.

But for all the years of surfing IE has enabled me to partake in – thank you. Welcome to browser heaven.


Wow! Look at all those kids playing in the park. Golly, I wish I had feet – then I would join them in the grass. We’d run around, kick balls and chase each other until we got tired and collapsed on the grass. That would be great. I wonder if my owner would ever take me to the park. Speaking of my owner, I hear him coming.
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I believe that traffic lights are good enough for the work they do – controlling traffic. There has never been a point in my life where I felt that the job of traffic lights could be better handled by policemen. However, every time I’m caught in traffic on a road when there’s usually no traffic – there’s always a traffic cop controlling the traffic flow. Every time it happens, I make sure to ask myself why? Or grumble to whoever is in the passenger seat that traffic cops make things worse.

Why don’t they just leave the job to traffic lights, which, if configured properly, are supposed to do the job properly? And if the lights aren’t configured properly, why not fix them? Instead of putting some poor dude in the middle of speeding cars and motorbikes? Under the hot sun. In their long sleeves, helmets and gloves? It’s stupid. No wonder they don’t make the best decisions.

Maybe traffic cops are only there because they’re being punished. And if they’re being punished, of course they’re not going to do a good job. They’ll want to fuck with everyone else on the road, since they have nothing to lose anyway. And they can gain some pleasure out of all the motorists’ frustrations. A least I know that’s what I’d do if I was being punished.

If they’re not being punished, then why do they do such a bad job of controlling traffic? Maybe it’s just me generalizing my experiences with traffic cops and I’m being unfair to the good ones who are actually making things better.

What about cops or ambulance drivers who use their sirens to skip traffic jams? Are they considered assholes too? Because every time there’s a shitty jam, there’s bound to be these guys around. And if they’re skipping traffic, why do I always read about them showing up late at emergencies? I can’t recall the last time I heard a siren when traffic was good. Everyone should just ride bicycles instead. Then we’d have no jams, we’d save the environment, and everybody would be fitter.

A tiny spark to set it off, ignite the dark and live it up

Four Year Strong – when these guys appeared on my radar, they pretty much changed my whole pop punk listening experience. Before discovering this band, I didn’t know about ‘easycore’ (though these guys probably helped put it on the map) and was blown away. How can such heavy music have catchy lyrics and melodies? It was a match made in heaven. Let’s not forget the TBS dual-vocal style from the two vocalists which was icing on the cake.
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