Boy problems, who’s got ’em?

Just a short post to let you guys know that I’ll be heading to Malacca later this week for another Big Bad Wolf Sale, so I won’t have time to blog again. Should be back in a couple of weeks – feel free to go through my archives or check out the (non-dead) links on my blogroll kek.

Also, go listen to Carly Rae Jepsen’s Emotion album if you haven’t already. It’s been my jam of late. Boy problems is so damn catchy.

See you guys soon.

Pavlov’s Coffee

I’ve unknowingly conditioned myself to work better when I’m out of my home, drinking coffee and smoking.

It all started a couple of years ago, when i left work early and decided to do some work at a cafe instead of heading back home. At the cafe, I ordered a cup of long black and drank while I slaved away at my laptop. Little did I know, this was just the beginning.

When I was done with my work later that evening, I realized that I finished a lot of work in such a short time span. My mind told me, ‘it must have been the coffee, keeping me awake and focused!’ Plus when I’m not home, I actually have a reason to focus on work, since I can’t do anything else. At home, I’d just be distracted by my computer games, guitar or my bed.

After that day, I continued doing the same thing whenever I had the opportunity. Cup of coffee, cigarette and laptop open. In fact, tonight, I’m doing the same thing.

I didn’t really think about it until about 10 minutes ago when I was thinking about excuses, and why people use them and realized that I’ve been using excuses myself. Sure, I’m away from my distractions when I’m not at home – but I know people who can work from home just fine. They know how to compartmentalize their time well. Why can’t I?

I’m probably just not trying hard enough, and now, I’m a victim of conditioning. I can’t work at home at all and I take every opportunity to get out of the house if I want to work. Sure, I get my shit done, but I’m also running away from the problem of self-discipline instead of fixing it.

Just some food for thought on a Friday night.

That Darn Cat

He sat and waited in his car, but she didn’t show up. Her car was home but she was nowhere to be found. There was no answer when he called her phone, he thought to himself, ‘she must be busy’. He waited for another five minutes before he left. He had everything he wanted to tell her all planned out and rehearsed in his head. ‘I guess I’ll try again another day.’ He felt his heart sinking and fought back tears as he drove home.

Oh man, he’ll be so disappointed
hope he doesn’t think I avoided
him on purpose! I can’t believe that
I’m stuck in this car ‘cos of my cat.

I fell in trying to get him out
of my trunk, clunk! was what I heard
before I blacked out – my vision was blurred

I passed out and I lost track of time
Before I woke and started to yell
Get me out before I lose my mind!
I didn’t want to die, can’t you tell?

Sure enough, I heard his car pull up
It idled for a while then he gave up
Guess he’ll never know what happened
I found myself fading

Writing Prompt from Reddit: Write two sides to the same story, one in Verse, one in Prose.

The Sunk Cost Fallacy is real

The Sunk Cost Fallacy – I know it’s nothing special, everybody experiences it, but it was only recently I discovered its name. It’s basically a name for when you keep doing something you don’t have to or shouldn’t do because you are already invested in it.

Anyway, I noticed that it’s something I’ve been going through a lot recently. I spent a lot of money on games on Steam – and even though they were cheap (I only ever buy games on discount or in bundles), I felt the need to complete them because I had already spent money to buy them. However, not all these games are good and when I play bad games, I end up wasting my time (which could be spent playing Dota 2 instead kek). While this doesn’t happen all the time, I do finish some of these bad games, which is often a mistake. I don’t get my money back when I play them, so I have literally no reason to play a game to completion if I don’t have fun doing it.

Now I’m not saying it’s a good thing to waste money, but all this could have been avoided by being careful with my money in the first place. I’ve learnt to cut off a lot of things in life due to the limited amount of free time I have. Life’s too short to waste – so make sure you do what makes you happy.