Alive and well,

I am.

Been spending the past few days as a traveler. Or a nomad as I like to call myself (it sounds way cooler).
The car should be ready in a few days. Then I can cruise around inviting more reckless people to drive into my vehicle πŸ˜€

No I’m just kidding. I like cars with symmetrical bumpers. Yes Andre, despite what you think, I do.

I facebook alot on my mobile phone now! It’s pretty entertaining if you have nothing better to do while taking a dump. So if you leave me messages or write on my wall- I can reply! Haha.

Ever wonder why it seems like everybody is born in October? I guess the new year really puts parents in the mood for lovemaking.

5.40am, and I’m still awake, rereading old entries on my old blog.

just the thought of her alone sends my heart beat racing..i wish this night could last forever/ her palm pressed against mine..fingers intertwined/ i could go on driving forever, just me and her..just me and her

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Dreams are fucking amazing.

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  1. James Tan says:

    hugs not drugs…

    take it easy geo!! get some sleep my brother from another mother!

  2. moy says:

    what happen to you george?

    well if you are sick, i hope u will get well soon..

  3. Gerald says:

    my birthday is this month! LOL!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    who did u dream of?

  5. jsze says:

    aha, i’ve been facebooking using the ipod touch πŸ˜› so cool wasn’t into it at all before Gerald purchased one :p ahahaha..lucky yr phone can go online la..mine πŸ™ *sulkz*


  6. Chung Sin says:

    damn was hoping tat u get killed or run over by a car or being raped by win yew..haha

  7. George says:

    James Tan : *hugs*

    moy : I’m forever sick πŸ™‚

    Gerald : exactly!

    Anonymous : nobody, it was just a quote I came up with. cos, well, dreams are fucking amazing.

    jsze : haha.. your phone should be able to facebook! have fun at black eyed peas and mcr :'(

    Chung Sin : I am immortal! haha