Damn Dumb Ideas: Paying people for not committing crimes

Another random thought which I had sometime ago. I had woken up from a dream where I saw police apprehending a man for committing a crime and I thought to myself, “what if we got paid for not committing crimes?” I woke up with that thought in my head, saved it on my phone and tooday I decided that it should be the topic for my blog.

Would people be less inclined to do something bad if they were paid to not do it? Just think about it for a moment.
Crimes are usually committed by people who can’t obtain what they want through legal means. What do people usually need? Money. Now I know it’s not that simple, and not all people commit crimes for money – but it does target the group of criminals who do need money, and will thus reduce the amount of crime we face in society. If they have money they won’t commit any more crimes right?
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Thoughts about weather

I’m not known for thinking of ways to improve Malaysia (my friends can attest to that) but there’s one thing I think that would make this country a better place: cool weather.

This thought popped into my head earlier this year when I was in Melbourne for about a week. The weather there was the best thing about it. No, it wasn’t the coffee, but that’s a story for another day.
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Life Tax

Sometimes life hits you hard.
Then you take the blow like Dorothy Gale.
And fly away.
End up somewhere magical.
Or plummet to the ground.
RIP in peace old wheels and savings.
It’s time to rebuild.

We will fuck with consequence

He sat relatively still, typing away on his laptop. In between paragraphs, he took deep breaths from the cigarette resting between his lips.

Typing a few words, and then backspacing, and then typing them again, he looked busy even though he hadn’t written many words in the past ten minutes.

He was reflecting on his life, trying to put down in words how he felt at the moment. It was a mixture of ups and downs. Things weren’t going particularly well, and things weren’t going bad. Things were ‘fine’. How are you doing? Oh, just fine. Fine.
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The night is early, our eyes lock from across the dance floor. God damn she is beautiful. I can’t hold her gaze for more than a few seconds. I quickly avert my eyes and pretend I didn’t notice her looking my way. A few minutes later, I look her way once more and our eyes meet again. This time she follows up with a smile.

I feel my cheeks burning as I blush and suddenly feel self-conscious. How can this gorgeous girl be interested in me? I’m not even brave enough to speak to her even though I really want to inside. Was she even looking at me? Or someone else in the club? I feel butterflies in my tummy. Gosh, I might have a crush on her.


I’m smashed and very sick in my stomach. I think I might puke. I feel stares from everyone around me, like I did something terrible. I know they’re all looking at me, judging me. I talk to everyone around me, but my words are incomprehensible. I’m slurring as I speak. “Hey, you look cute, what’s your number?” are the words I think I say as I stumble through the crowd looking for the washroom.

I see her again and from the look on her face, I guess she isn’t very impressed by me any more. My cheeks are burning. No wait, not just my cheeks, my whole body is burning from the alcohol. Oh no, are my rashes flaring up again? I thought they wouldn’t appear if I had less than ten drinks. Wait, how many drinks did I have?

I bump into everybody on the dance floor. Somehow I managed to stumble around the dance floor one full circle and I come face to face with her again. In one brief moment highlighted by the flashing strobe lights, I managed to catch her gaze. This time, she looked away, not me. She definitely wasn’t impressed with me any more.

There was no more smile on her face. Just a sneer of disgust as though she was saying, “ugh, how can someone be that drunk?” Wait, is that the same girl as before? Everybody’s faces are blurring together, they all look the same to me.

Finally, I manage to find my way to the washroom and puke my guts out. I stumble to the sink and look at myself in the mirror. God damn, I look like a train wreck. I look at my watch, and the night is far from young.

Alcohol changes everything, I think to myself just before I hit the floor.