Back from Sandakan, Gig #48

So I’m sure most of you know, I’ve just returned from a teaching stint in Sabah. To be more precise, Sandakan. And man, that place is HOT! The weather over there is insane. It makes KL feel like Mines Wonderland by comparison. Either way, it was a blast teaching the kids over there. It’s always fun to share your knowledge with children! Here’s to hoping they make it to the finals and smash some face in with awesome cartoons 😀

And I’m performing this afternoon at PWTC!

Gig Doppelganger @ Youth Malaysia
Date 5/29/2010
Venue PWTC

1500 Angie Lynn
1515 George Wong
1530 AiQa
1540 Kyoto Protocol
1600 Sausage Named Bob
1620 Revuforte
1630 Handle with Care
1640 Megat the Beatboxer
1655 Figure of Speech

More info here.
Hope to see you guys today! It’s gonna be fawesome 😀

My age.

Not that I give a shit about my age (maybe I will in 5 years time, or when they finally let me into 21/Velvet lol), but it annoys me when people try to correct me when I tell them my age. Let’s get some facts straight. A year is 365 days long (365 and 1/4 days if you want to be anal). You turn a year older 365 days after your birthday. It doesn’t matter what year you are born in, the same rule applies to all birthdays.

So when I tell people that I am 24 now, they all assume I was born in 1986. When I tell them I was born in 1985, they say ‘then you must be 25 now!’

Just because I am 25 this year (in December), it does not mean that I am 25 now. Yeah I will be 25 later this year, but as of now I am not! If my age increased just because the year changed, I would only be 24 for 14 days. Which is stupid.

Oh wow, I have indirectly written about my birthday. I’m expecting a shit load of presents now, considering I get 100 hits a day on this blog. LOL.

Have a safe flight!

Today as I wished my buddy Kon Chao have a safe flight! I realized the redundancy of such a statement.
Firstly, my friend is not the pilot of the plane. He has no control over how fast or how high the plane will be flying.
Secondly, he has no control over the pilot’s state of mind. For all we know, the pilot could have been dumped just before he got on the flight. Depending on how upset he is over it, it could affect his piloting skills.
Thirdly, he has no control over the weather. Will it be stormy? Clear blue skies? Let’s not even talk about the condition of the plane, and the random terrorist hijacking or the occasional chance of a freak accident occurring (50% btw). Think of a flight as a random walk through some grass in a Japanese RPG. Sometimes you don’t encounter any enemies in one stretch, but at other times, you encounter monsters every 4 steps. Unless you have some repel on. Haha.

Why do people say inconsequential things? I guess we’ve been conditioned. Like how we reluctantly say hi or invite someone we don’t like to an event just because of courtesy. Or how we say no to that cup of vodka we drink anyway just to give face to the person who bought the bottle. And I shall end this post here just because I can.

Hair. Birds. Batteries.

People have asked me why do I want to keep my hair long? Well I figured since I have hair now I might as well keep it. When I’m 50 (if I ever reach that age lol) and balding, then it’s time for my hair to go. For now, I’ll keep it as long as I want!

What do birds think about when they shit on cars?
“Oh hey! That car looks clean! Let’s shit on it!”

Why do batteries miraculously come to life when you take them out and put them back in again? Remote not working? Take out the battery and put it back in, viola! It’s good for some more clicks.

Set Your Dreams/ Live Your Goals

Why do people say ‘live your dreams’ when sometimes dreams are so easily achieved or stupid?

Like the other night I dreamt that I drove a car into a bunch of cops sitting on a table at a mamak. I see it all the time (cops at mamaks), and I could easily ‘live my dream’ if I wanted to. Would doing so give me a sense of accomplishment? Maybe. But it would definitely give me a life time in jail or a death sentence. Either way, it’s not something you want to do.

Half the time dreams don’t make sense.

Like a few years ago, I had this dream of being kidnapped by a hot girl and we were making out in the backseat of her car while I was tied up. I mean, sure that was hot as hell but how do I get myself kidnapped? Let alone by a hot girl?! I’m of no value (at least in the monetary sense) so nobody would benefit from kidnapping me. Maybe that dream meant that I should work hard until I become rich enough (or of some value) to be kidnapped. I guess one could interpret it in that way.

What if someone dreamt about murdering their parents? And they did it. Would they say ‘my dream came true!’ ‘I lived the dream!’

So in this fucked up world where everybody takes things to literally, I think the right word should be ‘live your goals’. Unless your goal is to become a serial killer.

Thursday Thoughts/ Toll Tales

So I fucked up my plan for this week :/ I didn’t draw on Monday, didn’t write on Tuesday, but I did play a gig on Wednesday. So I get 1/3. Figured I could right the wrong and make it 2/3 today. Hence me writing on a Thursday!

So, here’s another installment on thoughts on toll booths. I don’t know why I find them so fascinating. Maybe I’ll work in one someday just to get the experience! Anyway I was thinking to myself the other day- do toll booth workers get toilet breaks? And what if they need to use the toilet during peak hours? I figured someone would come and take their place for awhile while they were gone. But let’s say they were at the furthest end from the control center (which is where I assume the subs should be resting)- they would have to wait for the sub to get out of the center, then make his way through the lanes (waiting to make sure the barrier is down before crossing) and then swap with the worker in need. Then that person would have to go all the way to the command center as well, while hoping they can hold their shit in. Imagine being scared by a truck/car while crossing the path. You shit in your pants right in the middle of the road. Hilarious.

Then I thought to myself, maybe they don’t have to go so far- maybe they have a potty in their booth. Maybe what they are sitting on is a toilet bowl! And they actually have their pants down or no pants on at all! So they can go whenever they want to. So each toll booth is actually an air conditioned toilet. With a window. And a gate. Awesome. Imagine if your toilet was broken? The flush wasn’t working. Then the stench of shit would be in your toll booth the whole day. Not so awesome. So I went back to thinking again- maybe the toilet isn’t so far away and maybe it isn’t in their own booth. Maybe the toilets are in the Smart TAG/Touch n Go booths! I mean, those things have booths with nobody in them! Perfect places to put toilets. Nobody’s gonna go in them, and if the flush was broken, it wouldn’t really affect anybody!

I think I really need some toll booth worker to share with me what life is like working in one.

Toll booth chicks gone wild! I have no idea why I have this line saved in my phone. I think I must have thought about toll booth chicks flashing their tits when cars drive by. So wrong, I know.

I’ve seen a couple of pretty toll booth girls before. Yeah and by couple I mean 2. Maybe 3. Not a lot. I wonder why there aren’t many hot chicks working in toll booths? I think if Taylor Swift worked at a toll booth, I would purposely use that toll at a certain time, and if possible, make a U-Turn to use that toll again just to see her. More money for the highway companies. I’m happy, they’re happy, everybody’s happy, and the world is a better place!

Plastic Bags/Girls.

Have you ever wondered why a lot of plastic bags are pink/red/orange? You know, those thin bags that can be easily poked through with a finger. They come in the most horrible colors. Especially those you get from most mini marts or when you take away food from mamaks or hawker stalls.

Do you ever wonder what goes through the plastic bag manufacturer’s mind when they make these bags? “Yes, these bags are gonna look awesome in shitty pink!” I mean what color are the bags naturally? (oh the irony) I’m assuming they are clear. So do they dye those bags? I mean how do they get those colors onto the bags?

Then what about clear bags? Are they cheaper or more expensive to make? And why do clear bags seem to be stronger than colored bags most of the time? Does coloring the bag weaken the plastic? Does it matter? No. But I’ve always thought about these sorts of things. Is there a reason to everything?

Why do girls move on so easily? Is it because they don’t care as much? Why do they find it easier to let go? Do they frame their minds to perceive that guys are assholes who deserve what they get no matter what happened? Because no matter how hard I try, I can call a girl a bitch, and try to mean it but I’ll never feel that way. Like I know that it’s a lie (even though it may be true) that I can’t believe. Are girls naturally designed to move on without a second thought?

Is forever just a seven letter word?

The Plan/ The Tuesday Text/ The Gig #37(?)

Since time is of the essence and I don’t have that much free time during weekdays, and I have so many things I want to do, I decided that I should split my time up wisely. And stick to my plans.

On Monday I’ll be working on pictures. This includes drawing/painting and whatever. Basically stuff I can post up on DA.
On Tuesday, I’ll be writing! Be it blog posts or song lyrics, anything to do with text.
And Wednesdays will be for the guitar. I won’t go online and just spend time practising, or writing new music.

And the rest of the week is up to me to do whatever I want. Yeah. I’ve been following my plan since yesterday, so hopefully I’ll see it through (til at least the end of the year) and hopefully it makes me a better person. Haha. So, expect weekly updates on this blog on Tuesdays! Or if I’m not blogging, at least you know I’m busy writing a new song.

And so for today’s post!
*digs up saved message on phone*

One thing I don’t like about movies is how the bad guys always manage to call up the good guys on the phone. Seriously. And not only that, they manage to call the house phone! It’s like they expect them to sit around at home all day to wait for their call.

I mean, how realistic is that? And it’s the same vice versa (if the good guys manage to get hold of the bad guy’s number). This happens in countless of movies, especially when there’s a kidnapping going on and the bad guys are calling to demand a ransom.

I guess it would be stupid if the bad guy called and nobody answered. What would happen then? Kill the hostage? If the bad guys kill their hostage, they don’t get to demand anything. They went through the trouble of kidnapping someone just to kill them and not gain anything in the process. Nice. Then again, waiting around for them to pick up the phone doesn’t progress the story either.

This needs to change!

Another random observation I made. In Sungei Wang, the Chinese girls want to dress up like Japanese girls, the Malay girls want to dress up like Chinese girls, and all the Japanese girls are nowhere to be found in Sungei Wang. What a confusing place to be.

And tomorrow I might be performing at Artista @ Tropicana City Mall again (depending on what time I get off from work). I’ll keep my twitter updated 😀

Date: Wednesday, 18 November 2009
Time: 9.30pm til late
Venue: Artista @ Tropicana City Mall

Either way if I’m not playing, come check out the other awesome acts. I only know An Honest Mistake, haven’t heard of the rest of them before haha. But it’s free indie music. So yeah, come check it out if you have nothing better to do 😀