Set Your Dreams/ Live Your Goals

Why do people say ‘live your dreams’ when sometimes dreams are so easily achieved or stupid?

Like the other night I dreamt that I drove a car into a bunch of cops sitting on a table at a mamak. I see it all the time (cops at mamaks), and I could easily ‘live my dream’ if I wanted to. Would doing so give me a sense of accomplishment? Maybe. But it would definitely give me a life time in jail or a death sentence. Either way, it’s not something you want to do.

Half the time dreams don’t make sense.

Like a few years ago, I had this dream of being kidnapped by a hot girl and we were making out in the backseat of her car while I was tied up. I mean, sure that was hot as hell but how do I get myself kidnapped? Let alone by a hot girl?! I’m of no value (at least in the monetary sense) so nobody would benefit from kidnapping me. Maybe that dream meant that I should work hard until I become rich enough (or of some value) to be kidnapped. I guess one could interpret it in that way.

What if someone dreamt about murdering their parents? And they did it. Would they say ‘my dream came true!’ ‘I lived the dream!’

So in this fucked up world where everybody takes things to literally, I think the right word should be ‘live your goals’. Unless your goal is to become a serial killer.

Thursday Thoughts/ Toll Tales

So I fucked up my plan for this week :/ I didn’t draw on Monday, didn’t write on Tuesday, but I did play a gig on Wednesday. So I get 1/3. Figured I could right the wrong and make it 2/3 today. Hence me writing on a Thursday!

So, here’s another installment on thoughts on toll booths. I don’t know why I find them so fascinating. Maybe I’ll work in one someday just to get the experience! Anyway I was thinking to myself the other day- do toll booth workers get toilet breaks? And what if they need to use the toilet during peak hours? I figured someone would come and take their place for awhile while they were gone. But let’s say they were at the furthest end from the control center (which is where I assume the subs should be resting)- they would have to wait for the sub to get out of the center, then make his way through the lanes (waiting to make sure the barrier is down before crossing) and then swap with the worker in need. Then that person would have to go all the way to the command center as well, while hoping they can hold their shit in. Imagine being scared by a truck/car while crossing the path. You shit in your pants right in the middle of the road. Hilarious.

Then I thought to myself, maybe they don’t have to go so far- maybe they have a potty in their booth. Maybe what they are sitting on is a toilet bowl! And they actually have their pants down or no pants on at all! So they can go whenever they want to. So each toll booth is actually an air conditioned toilet. With a window. And a gate. Awesome. Imagine if your toilet was broken? The flush wasn’t working. Then the stench of shit would be in your toll booth the whole day. Not so awesome. So I went back to thinking again- maybe the toilet isn’t so far away and maybe it isn’t in their own booth. Maybe the toilets are in the Smart TAG/Touch n Go booths! I mean, those things have booths with nobody in them! Perfect places to put toilets. Nobody’s gonna go in them, and if the flush was broken, it wouldn’t really affect anybody!

I think I really need some toll booth worker to share with me what life is like working in one.

Toll booth chicks gone wild! I have no idea why I have this line saved in my phone. I think I must have thought about toll booth chicks flashing their tits when cars drive by. So wrong, I know.

I’ve seen a couple of pretty toll booth girls before. Yeah and by couple I mean 2. Maybe 3. Not a lot. I wonder why there aren’t many hot chicks working in toll booths? I think if Taylor Swift worked at a toll booth, I would purposely use that toll at a certain time, and if possible, make a U-Turn to use that toll again just to see her. More money for the highway companies. I’m happy, they’re happy, everybody’s happy, and the world is a better place!

Plastic Bags/Girls.

Have you ever wondered why a lot of plastic bags are pink/red/orange? You know, those thin bags that can be easily poked through with a finger. They come in the most horrible colors. Especially those you get from most mini marts or when you take away food from mamaks or hawker stalls.

Do you ever wonder what goes through the plastic bag manufacturer’s mind when they make these bags? “Yes, these bags are gonna look awesome in shitty pink!” I mean what color are the bags naturally? (oh the irony) I’m assuming they are clear. So do they dye those bags? I mean how do they get those colors onto the bags?

Then what about clear bags? Are they cheaper or more expensive to make? And why do clear bags seem to be stronger than colored bags most of the time? Does coloring the bag weaken the plastic? Does it matter? No. But I’ve always thought about these sorts of things. Is there a reason to everything?

Why do girls move on so easily? Is it because they don’t care as much? Why do they find it easier to let go? Do they frame their minds to perceive that guys are assholes who deserve what they get no matter what happened? Because no matter how hard I try, I can call a girl a bitch, and try to mean it but I’ll never feel that way. Like I know that it’s a lie (even though it may be true) that I can’t believe. Are girls naturally designed to move on without a second thought?

Is forever just a seven letter word?

The Plan/ The Tuesday Text/ The Gig #37(?)

Since time is of the essence and I don’t have that much free time during weekdays, and I have so many things I want to do, I decided that I should split my time up wisely. And stick to my plans.

On Monday I’ll be working on pictures. This includes drawing/painting and whatever. Basically stuff I can post up on DA.
On Tuesday, I’ll be writing! Be it blog posts or song lyrics, anything to do with text.
And Wednesdays will be for the guitar. I won’t go online and just spend time practising, or writing new music.

And the rest of the week is up to me to do whatever I want. Yeah. I’ve been following my plan since yesterday, so hopefully I’ll see it through (til at least the end of the year) and hopefully it makes me a better person. Haha. So, expect weekly updates on this blog on Tuesdays! Or if I’m not blogging, at least you know I’m busy writing a new song.

And so for today’s post!
*digs up saved message on phone*

One thing I don’t like about movies is how the bad guys always manage to call up the good guys on the phone. Seriously. And not only that, they manage to call the house phone! It’s like they expect them to sit around at home all day to wait for their call.

I mean, how realistic is that? And it’s the same vice versa (if the good guys manage to get hold of the bad guy’s number). This happens in countless of movies, especially when there’s a kidnapping going on and the bad guys are calling to demand a ransom.

I guess it would be stupid if the bad guy called and nobody answered. What would happen then? Kill the hostage? If the bad guys kill their hostage, they don’t get to demand anything. They went through the trouble of kidnapping someone just to kill them and not gain anything in the process. Nice. Then again, waiting around for them to pick up the phone doesn’t progress the story either.

This needs to change!

Another random observation I made. In Sungei Wang, the Chinese girls want to dress up like Japanese girls, the Malay girls want to dress up like Chinese girls, and all the Japanese girls are nowhere to be found in Sungei Wang. What a confusing place to be.

And tomorrow I might be performing at Artista @ Tropicana City Mall again (depending on what time I get off from work). I’ll keep my twitter updated 😀

Date: Wednesday, 18 November 2009
Time: 9.30pm til late
Venue: Artista @ Tropicana City Mall

Either way if I’m not playing, come check out the other awesome acts. I only know An Honest Mistake, haven’t heard of the rest of them before haha. But it’s free indie music. So yeah, come check it out if you have nothing better to do 😀

Paperback observations.

Why do authors write books with pen names if they reveal their real names in the book itself? I really don’t get it! Sometimes you don’t even have to flip open the book to find out that it was written under a pen name- you can read it on the cover itself! I don’t know why, but it bothers me.

Why do women on trains wrap up their romance novels? Seriously, I’ve seen countless women on trains reading novels that have their covers wrapped with some fancy wrapping paper. They can’t fool me!

I just thought to myself- what do covers of romance novels look like? A half-naked man standing with their sculpted bodies glistening in the sunlight and a women (sometimes topless with her long hair draped over her nipples) all over him. Now I realize why women wrap up their novels.

But fantasy books have similar covers too- you get big breasted half naked women fighting dragons, but you don’t see them covering their books. I guess fantasy readers are proud to be caught reading such books. Haha.

I started (well, to be more accurate I tried) reading Shakespeare the other day, and man it was HARD! More than half the time I was referring to a dictionary to look up the meaning of some words, and most of the time I’m looking up the meaning of obsolete words which aren’t even used anymore in modern English. I thought it could help inspire me with my writing or something, but it feels like it’s more trouble than its worth. But I’m not giving up.. yet! Who knows? I might get the hang of it soon.

Random handphone notes.

You know what, I think there’s a nudist inside me. When I know I’m home alone, I walk around the house naked before I enter the shower. I have no idea why I do it, but I do.

Fuel is too cheap in Malaysia. What? Yes that’s right. Why do I say such things? Look at how many mat rempits there are on the road. Imagine if fuel cost rm10/liter. Would people still be throwing money away like that? Exactly.They wouldn’t even be able to afford it. We’d see less souped up Protons on the streets. It would rid KL of at least half it’s eye/ear sores inducing pollution. Leave racing to people in super cars with money, and on the race track.

People who get off elevators on the wrong floor are funny. Today, I was waiting for the lift to go down to the first floor, when it arrived and out rushed a lady. She took a few steps, looked left and realized she was on the wrong floor and came back in. I mean come on, she traveled down maybe two floors (I assumed she came in about two floors above me, cos the lights indicated a pause on that floor) and rushed out. If an elevator went that fast I’d be afraid.

I checked my blog stats (haven’t done that in awhile) and I noticed I still get the same amount of hits on my blog even though I don’t update as frequent as before. Who are these people?! Checking out my blog everyday for updates -_- I will try to write more. It helps keep my English in check as well. I think.

Still alive and kicking.

I haven’t written anything here in ages. Since I got a few minutes before the next DotA match starts, I decided to write something here. Anyway, I’ve been busy with work, going out and moving homes.

I think I got a gig coming up next week at urban attic at the acoustic showdown finals. Haha. Apparently last season’s winners are supposed to play so.. I should be there! Haha. I’ll keep my facebook updated.

Semalat Malam

So I took a cab home from the LRT station last night(my car’s still at the workshop) and I decided to strike up a conversation with the cab driver. For lack of something better to do. I figured the worst thing that could happen is I learn some new malay words right?

He was a nice driver and we talked about a few different topics on the short drive back. One thing I learnt from him was that running on gas saves alot of money. He told me that RM8 of gas could get him to LCCT airport and back to kl. I had no idea you saved that much. Spend 3-3.5k, get NGV installed in your car and you won’t regret it! (He spoke in malay of course).

When I reached my condo (safely), I paid him and as I got out of the car, I thought I’d wish him a goodnight, and so I said ‘Semalat Malam’. I think he didn’t hear me properly, but he returned the greeting and I got out of the car. After walking a few meters I realized what I had said to him. Semalat Malam. HAHA.

I chuckled to myself and walked up the stairs to my unit.

Don’t make this easy, I want you to mean it.. Jasey

Do you ever notice that when somebody tells you- “don’t think about it”, you almost instantly think about it? Telling someone to not think about something has the opposite effect.

Do you notice when people tell you to think about something, you rarely do?

The mind works in funny ways.

A license to drive is as good as a license to kill. Seriously, sitting behind the wheel of a car, you can decide the fate of other people around you. Inside and outside your car.

Whoever said our lives were dictated by lines on the road?


After almost 2 months, my internet is finally working again!

Spent the last few nights just downloading stuff and playing dota and basically abusing my internet haha. Finally I’m taking the time to sit down and blog. And my hand phone is running out of space to store messages, so I shall start by writing those.

I just realized that local movies can’t show couples cheating. lol

I don’t know how true this is, but I’m pretty sure local movies with muslim characters can’t be shown cheating cos its wrong? Like how you can’t show them eating pork or drinking.. I don’t know. Just a random thought. haha

I realized how flawed the statement “You weren’t hungry a minute ago!” is

You know when you guys are on a long journey and a few people decide to eat at a rest stop, and you don’t eat cos you’re not hungry. But then about 10 minutes after you leave, you feel hungry, and people say that to you? And then you feel bad cos you think to yourself “I should have eaten with them!”. Think about it again- how do you know when you are going to get hungry or how long you’ll stay full? There’s no meter or gauge that you can read to tell you the status of your stomach! And what if ‘a minute ago’ was the point just before you turned hungry again? Exactly.

Today the lrt said bangsar just before we reached kl central (lrt was going towards kelana jaya, so central was first). I don’t know how often these errors happen, but it was pretty cool. When it was going to bangsar from kl central, it didn’t say anything, and it went back on track after bangsar. Maybe I experienced a once in a life time thing. Or maybe it was a warning from God, and that I should have gotten off one stop earlier.

Maybe I missed the turning point of my life. What is the turning point in someone’s life anyway? Isn’t every decision someone makes a turning point in their life? Every single decision from the tiniest ones like putting out a cigarette properly to big ones like deciding to drive after drinking alot of alcohol- it all affects your life. In the short or long run, everything has consequences.

How has life been? Well, besides the usual (work etc) I’ve been pretty much annoying everyone in the office to death playing my new song on the guitar everyday for the past week. I’m still working on the lyrics and music..will probably try it out at my next performance (don’t know when that is yet). And I can’t wait for you guys to hear it 😀 as for the EP, I’ll probably have to delay it til next month or later (due to financial issues..any sponsors out there? lol). In the meantime I’m still doing shows (anybody needs an acoustic solo act who does originals, please contact me!) and writing.

Anyways, its great to be back online 😀