There’s a first time for everything..

Remember the first time you stayed over night at your office cos you had work to do?

Neither have I.
Its 2.11 AM and here I am at the internet terminal in the office blogging about staying over night in the office.

Good thing I had some spare cushions in the car. Hope I won’t wake up with a back ache.

Boy, do deadlines suck or what?

Pet Brother.

A pet brother is a guy who gets himself stuck in the ‘friends zone’ after unsuccessfully hitting on a girl. Seeing as he has no more chance with her, he hangs on to the few last strands of hope and allows himself to be the next best thing (in his head)- a pet brother.

A ‘pet brother’ is above a ‘normal friend’ in terms of the friendship level. But there is a reason its called a ‘pet friendship’. Because while there might be genuine friendship going on, a pet will never be an equal with its master. Hence they are called pets. Being a pet brother to some girl doesn’t make her your pet sister- pets don’t have pets, pets have masters. In this case, mistresses.

A pet brother will tell his mistress that the guy she likes sucks. ‘Oh I’m so much better than him, what can he do that I can’t? You shouldn’t get together with him!’ and subtly hint to her that he should be the one.

He’ll get excited whenever they go out- to the girl it’s just some normal outing with a friend (pet) but to him, it’ll be the most magical evening they’ll ever spend, each one better than the last. Because in his mind its a date, but the truth is nobody else was free enough chauffeur her out that evening.

Oh yes, he’ll come all the way from the other side of town to pick her up. In his car will be a CD that he burnt- full of songs she loves (that he’s forced himself to love as well). He’ll memorize some lyrics so that they can sing along together. Just because.

He drives an automatic, but he still leaves his hand on the gear stick. He conveniently leaves his hand there. Because he’s secretly hoping. Just hoping, that she will place her hand over his, and grip his hand tightly while he drives. But he keeps it all inside, because he knows that if he says anything more, it would ruin this special ‘friendship’ they share.

All this while, the girl probably notices what’s going on (I heard that girls are pretty perceptive about these things) but she acts nonchalantly about it, because she doesn’t want to ruin this ‘mastery’ that she has over her pet. She’s already got someone else or someone else on her mind. And it is not him. But pet brother has a car and is willing to drive great distances and so she likes keeping him around.

Pet brothers realize this maybe a few years later, and kick themselves for being such tools. Sometimes they’ve become so domesticated, they can’t survive out in the wild, so they continue being pets (sometimes to other mistresses). Sometimes they learn, and move on. Even mastering techniques to make themselves masters, and girls their pets.

Being let go is a better fate than staying a pet for life. Most of the time, it’s worth taking the risk to reveal to your mistress your true intentions.

Just one minute.

Could have made a difference.

If only I drove even slower than I usually do.

It could have all been different.

I was like 5 minutes away from dropping Raelene home when I got involved in a car accident. Fortunately nobody was hurt.
Some dude rammed my car from behind when I stopped at a junction. I had no idea why, but it just happened. I wasn’t even moving. I was stationary! I didn’t suddenly hit the brakes. The car behind me wasn’t close to hitting me, I didn’t see why the car from another lane had to hit my rear bumper.

Anyways, I stopped by the side of the road, and got out of the car, then suddenly out of nowhere, 3 Chinese dudes appeared. They were all tattooed up and carrying walkie talkies, dressed in Ah Beng fashion with Ah Beng hairstyles (they were Ah Bengs). So anyways, they started conversing with us (Raelene was with me), he said that the car had hit another car previously, and they even gave me that car’s plate number to report it. Then one of them gave us his business card- it was a auto repair shop.

Anyways, I went off, sent Raelene home and came back to my home. The whole way back I just kept thinking about it.

Bah, I don’t even know what to say anymore.

What the fuck is wrong with this world?

EDIT: Sorry for the stupid all over the place post. I just didn’t know what to say. My car got hit, 3 guys approached me, turns out they wanted to ‘help’, I go back home. End of story.

The whole thing could’ve turned out differently though. I don’t even know why I stopped.
I mean, when I got out of the car, I could’ve been mugged by those 3 guys, my car stolen and Raelene kidnapped. Thank heavens that didn’t happen. Or what if I chased after the car that hit me and confronted the driver? A road rage incident could’ve happened (not me raging of course lol). Or he could’ve have said ‘sorry’ and offered to fix my car. It could’ve been an honest incident (not likely cos of those 3 bengs) But life is strange. It throws you twists and fucking turns. You never know what’s gonna happen next.

Anyways, just to end this, hope you people who drive, drive carefully, and be alert for these kinds of things.

So you don’t have to end up with dents and scratches on your car like these:

Stories from the driver’s seat

People question me whenever I tell them I like to drive slowly. ‘Why?’ they ask.
‘Why not?’

I have a few reasons for driving slowly. Firstly, I’ve seen enough accidents in my lifetime to know that I don’t want to get involved in any. I know serious accidents can happen even though I drive responsibly, there are always external factors to take into consideration (drunk drivers, bad weather, earthquakes, floods, fires and tornadoes, earth elementals suddenly breaking out of the ground in front of my car) so there’s no reason to go looking for more trouble.

Now you’re all gonna say ‘oh! you say that cos you suck at driving George! Everyone knows that slow drivers suck!’
Well I know shitty drivers speed too.

Another reason- I don’t need traffic summons for speeding. I don’t want to be faced with the dilemma of bribing a cop.

I drive slowly so that I can spend more time in the car listening to my favorite songs. What better way to enjoy music than to listen to it? Every time I drive my mom’s car (it has no CD player) I tend to drive faster because I seriously don’t enjoy radio. Maybe out of every 15 songs, I can enjoy 2 or 3 of them, and maybe even sing along.

The state of radio is horrible. The only decent channel would be light & easy, as old music can’t really annoy you. After being listening to my favorite music ever since I got my own mp3 player and then started driving with a CD player in my car, I doubt I could go back to waiting for my favorite song on radio- since they don’t play the songs I listen to, and I love the repeat function of the CD player way too much. Waaay too much to give it up for boring songs, time-wasting ads, and unnecessary DJs.

I like the fact how Akon talks about not taking drugs on radio. That’s like George Bush talking about not invading Iraq for oil- its bullshit! Akon probably shoots coke every other weekend when he’s not recording ‘community service’ messages for And what about the other one about how his football team was gonna whoop our local teams asses? What’s wrong with not supporting our (bad) local teams anyway? (not that I support any football team in the first place– football is for pussies, go play basketball.. or WoW.. lol) and the other advert where that dude puts on a fake English accent is just as annoying. I can’t believe I actually listened to radio. Sometimes I’d rather listen to static, or the wind rushing by when I wind the car windows down.

Having a license a car to drive is a huge responsibility. We could easily run someone over or hit another car. We could drive on the wrong side of the road or drive off a cliff. We could drive into a wall. We could drive in into a school and run over little children. But we don’t do that. Because we are responsible people.

Whenever I pay the toll person, I make it a habit to say ‘thank you’ to the person in the booth. Sometimes I even say their name. Makes them smile, makes me smile. I wonder if toll booth collectors have blogs. Maybe they have an entry about a boy in a black car greeting them by their name. “Today I had the strangest customer! He said ‘Terima kasih Kareena to me!”

Our air sucks. Seriously.
I’ve been driving around with my windows down long enough to know our air is bad shit. Once I was driving behind a lorry, and the air smelt like sausages! But I usually drive early in the morning or late at night, so when I wind the windows down, it’s cool enough without me needing to turn on the air conditioning (cos I can’t stand it when its too cold). So for quite sometime I had been having this really bad flu/running nose/cold/cough/respiratory sickness, little did I know it was because of the air coming from outside the car. About a week ago, my car’s driver side window got stuck (it does this occasionally) so I stopped driving with my windows down. As the days went by, my sickness seemed to disappear, and right now I’m like 10000 times better than I was before. Its funny how misfortune (stuck window) changes into something good (I’m getting better). My window hasn’t been down since then (because its still stuck).

Photoshop abuse.

I know people have the right to do whatever they want with their pictures and photographs, but if there’s one thing that irks me more than auto playing (of shitty) songs on their blogs, especially when they don’t put a fucking ‘stop (this shitty music)’ button, it is the abuse of (probably the best program ever) Adobe Photoshop. Now, if you think I’m talking about you, don’t worry- I won’t be using any real examples here, but if you’ve been browsing the internet enough you should know what I mean. Photographs horribly photoshopped on blogs and friendster.

I think there should be licenses for people to use Photoshop. You’d need to pass some quiz before you can use the program. You’d have to go through a color test, a layout test..oh who am I kidding, people would find some way to circumvent the test anyway- like how people crack their pirated versions of Photoshop. Because anyone willing to fork out $999 (USD mind you) on a program should be a genius at his or her craft or an idiot with a lot of money to spend.

Here are the most common photoshopping atrocities which annoy me-
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