Not sure if any of you use Pushbullet but I recently discovered this app and I’ve fallen in love with it. Not a day goes by where I don’t use it – and speaking as someone who had no idea it existed until a few weeks ago, that’s saying something. For starters, Pushbullet is a handy tool that lets you push text and files from your phone to your computer (or other devices) and vice versa.
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Changing Times

There’s one thing I can say about technology – it always changes. One of the most notable changes is the User Interface (UI) of a program or website we use. Many popular changes include Facebook’s Timeline UI, Windows 8’s radical Metro UI (now called Modern, I think), and most recently – Dota 2: Reborn (which I love BTW).

Regardless of what changed, one thing is for certain – there’s always going to be the vocal majority who absolutely hate the new design. Remember when people were creating petitions to ask Facebook to switch back to the old UI? Yeah, I remember.
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Atonement: rebuilding my video game library

I remember when my family got our first computer, the dude who sold us the computer had a bag full of CDs for us to choose from. In the collection, he had maybe a hundred games we could choose from. My eyes lit up as I went over the collection. When I noticed the titles which I recognized (due to my school mates talking about them), I selected them. One of those games was the very first Command & Conquer.
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My Android phone

So, a couple of weeks ago, I spoke about Android devices and its unrivaled customizability. I didn’t really elaborate much about it and so today, I figured I’d give you guys an idea of how I customize it as well as the essential apps I use on a daily basis.

Let’s start with the technical details. For starters, I’m using a Motorola Moto G (first gen), so it’s a pretty old device. However, I’m running on Cyanogenmod 12 (CM), which means I don’t have any Moto bloatware and I have extra features not found on the stock phone. However, most of what I use can be achieved on any Android phone with the right apps.
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The boy who loved technology

I love technology. I can’t explain why. I don’t even know when this affinity started. Just that as long as I can remember it being a part of my life, I’ve loved it. Maybe it’s from the countless hours of enjoyment I get from playing video games. Or the many times it has helped me get through boring car and train rides. Or the convenience it brings to people like me who hate lining up to do shit.

Which brings me to my next point. I always get asked, “how do you know how to do this or that? Why are you so good with computers?”

Trust me, I’m not great – just competent. And as to how I ‘got’ computers, it’s simple – trial and error. A lot of trial and error.
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A (wordy) smartphone debate

When someone I know wants to buy a new smartphone, I am always given the same question – should I get an iPhone or an Android? (Windows or BlackBerry is never part of the question for some reason). Many years ago, I used to be able to give an answer rightaway. Depending on how tech savvy they were, I’d recommend either Android or iOS. Not to say that iOS users are dumb and don’t know anything, but because of how easy it was to use based on own experiences and what I’ve heard from other people. I have never heard anybody complain about an iPhone being hard to use.
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