Swords, Sorcery and Sex- Whorecraft.

Update 2019: I still see this post being viewed, so I’m guessing people are looking for the show. Fortunately for you I have links. You can watch the first episode here (NSFW obviously) and XNXX has a whole playlist of them. Images were broken when I recreated my blog after the whole hacking incident, but I may or may not try to fix them in the future.

Awhile ago I stumbled onto a site called Whores of Warcraft. Being the curious little boy I am I decided to check it out. Turned out to be a porn site with a twist- the characters were from the Warcraft universe!

So the other day as I was downloading some songs, I remembered ‘WoW’ and decided to check it out. And I was in for a shock. WoW has got to be the funniest porn I have ever watched! There were so many LOL moments from the references to the game that I would consider it more as a comedy with a sexual theme more than a porn film.

Try picturing this- a green skinned girl with two tusks on her cheeks who says ‘Ya man!’ in a Jamaican accent after every few lines of dialogue, and ‘Ya man!’ once again after climaxing when she played with herself. You can’t? Me neither..

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